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Comment 6 hours ago

Great video, except for the part where Archie is rockin' the Woodson jersey.  Not feelin' that during the week of The Game.  

Comment 24 Nov 2014

Agreed, Bowen has potential.  

To put Orlando Pace in perspective, look for some high school video of him playing basketball.  He was the starting center for Sandusky and he could really play.  

The Pancake Man in football.  He got downfield for blocks too.  Just in a class of his own.  Humble kid.  Drove an old Oldsmobile Delta 88 while at OSU.  Played for a while in the NFL, and got a Super Bowl ring against Eddie's Titans.  

Somebody show Brandon Bowen some of those Orlando Pace football videos...

Comment 24 Nov 2014

OSU is already in the playoffs starting this week.  Win and advance.  Leave it all on the field and good things will happen.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

This OSU team knows that it is in the playoffs already.  Win and advance or go home.  I still think it is more than two TDs.  Extended forecast says a high temp of 48 for Game Day with a shower or two.  My gut says Bucks put it all together on the 29th.  Even if the other team comes out with "Brady" headbands.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Dead crowds at Ohio Stadium are almost a tradition, a sad demented tradition, but a tradition nonetheless.  People who deem it a status symbol to have tickets, as a place to be seen and not participate, are too many, far too many.  Those of us who would stand and cheer the whole game like the student section does are not well-heeled enough to pay the bounty for season tickets, and even if our ilk gets a single game ticket it really takes the edge off of one's enthusiasm when the people behind you tell you to sit down.  

Comment 23 Nov 2014

GV, I wasn't saying that, and I think those are two different things and not mutually exclusive.  I hope Spence does have a chance to come back and play for OSU, simply because as a fan I want to have a stronger team and I think Spence would make OSU stronger.  What I was saying is that even if Spence doesn't play football again that there is potentially wisdom to be gained from this experience, and if it is indeed gained it could affect Spence himself and also future generations in his family in a good way.  Again, I don't think that learning a lesson and having a chance to succeed are mutually exclusive things. 

Comment 22 Nov 2014

I voted yes.  Late in the season it is harder to blow teams out for several reasons.  Style points were lacking for some other teams today as well.  It is enough style for me to win, especially to come from behind and win.  Voters and/or Committee may not agree, but I refuse to stress out as OSU continues to win.  

Comment 22 Nov 2014

Life lessons are the most important.  They are learned during life, and sometimes sports is a part of a person's life and life lessons can be learned there too.  If Noah Spence can learn a life lesson, maybe something he will be able to teach his children and/or grandchildren as well, then good.  Whether he plays football for OSU again or not.  

Comment 22 Nov 2014

The ironic thing is, even though Jalin definitely redeemed himself on the field, OSU still didn't cover the spread.  That means that the one Hater who was on Jalin because he lost money because OSU didn't cover the spread against Minnesota might have lost money on this game too, depending on if he bet it and how he bet it.  Personally, I hope that is the case, because it would be Poetic Justice.  

Comment 21 Nov 2014

If Noah Spence is reinstated, I can't imagine how much Buckeye Hate that would inspire.  Yeah, it would be great for him if he could overcome his issues and get his life straight, and if he could get an opportunity to use his football talent again then good for him.

His obvious irrelevance aside, Mark May would have a field day with it, though.   

Comment 19 Nov 2014

BuckeyeMondo: The long pass is completed for a TD for OSU instead of the INT being converted for a TD for Minnesota, and the Fumble into the end zone is recovered by OSU instead of turning into a Minnesota TDand that is a 28-point swing in Ohio State's favor.  If the punt is not muffed and instead becomes an OSU TD drive as well then that is an additional 14-point swing, for a total point swing on turnovers of 42 points.  That kind of margin, which could easily have occured, would have most likely left a good Minnesota team outside the top-25 for sure.  Would it have been a "less quality" win? No, but the perception would have been different nonetheless.