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Comment 9 hours ago

Maybe Cincy didn't have a great defense, but not a lot of teams can hang 700 yards on anyone.  Cincy didn't have a long-drive scoring offense either, as the TOP indicated, so we had plenty of chances.  Almost all of our drives ended in scores, though, so the overall efficiency was high.  JT's QB rating has to be pretty good, I would guess.  I know his pass completion percentage is not shabby at all.  

Moving in the right direction. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

The Frosh are okay.  Biggest issue overall is the key pass drops by the older guys because of which some big drives have stalled due to wide open receivers who gator-armed.  Keep those drives going, get some bigger score margin on the board, and the Frosh get more reps overall, at least theoretically.  

Samuel did drop a fumble that, had we finished the drive with a score, cost OSU in the score-margin area as well.  (Eddie George had a multi-fumble game against Illinois early in his OSU career that cost him some playing time, but perseverance brought him back.  Not worried about Samuel in this area.)

Development will come for them; would have been nice to get them some more non-B1G reps toward that end, but that part of the season is history.  

It is obvious there is more team speed due to adding the Freshmen to the mix.  Upside potential is really, really good.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

The talent is there but the experience is not.  I do not think it is a coaching issue primarily, and I do think that facing a big-time talent like Kiel was exactly what they needed.  No team in the B1G has anyone that good at QB, IMHO.  Depending on the bowl opponent we could see a passing attack that formidable again, but by then their experience will have helped them catch up to their talent.  I think there are playmakers back there in the defensive backfield, and I believe that they will be making plays as the season progresses (and their experience level as a unit develops).

On another note, Kiel doesn't have a whole lot of game experience himself.  He has definite potential to play on Sundays.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I'm in the mindset that most of the d Backs are inexperienced and will improve greatly.  The talent level is much better than it has been but the collective experience is lacking.  IF they are willing to spend the study time and learn what to do, this will be an outstanding secondary group.  

Comment 28 Sep 2014

Agreed.  Those type of missed opportunities have hurt us already this year.  That is a fixable problem, and needs to be fixed; for that matter, should have been fixed already.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I really like his statement about the other backs, and I have heard similar from the others in the Running Back Stable.  Something about that attitude bodes well.  

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Agreed.  Just check out the daily news.  People getting their heads cut off and suicide bombers.  Let us hope that nothing like that ever happens on a college football field, but the fact is if someone can run on the field then they could have a knife or a bomb with the intent to cause harm.  The other day, someone jumped the fence at the White House and actually got inside the door before they were stopped. I know that these are extreme examples but as time goes on it seems that almost anything imaginable is possible.

Much, much better to be safe rather than sorry.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

He may file suit against Schlegel but since he was illegally on the field in the first place it may be difficult to win the civil lawsuit.  

They guy will face charges for coming out on the field as well from the criminal side of the law.    

Comment 27 Sep 2014

What is a "facepalm", for example, in football?  

Comment 21 Sep 2014

The downside of that would be that the new coach would be a little further behind in recruiting, so they would have to weigh both sides of that equation.