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Comment 25 Apr 2017

What would've been fun would have been to break out an "O-H" and get and "I-O" back from someone on the other end of the park.  I know that this has happened in Paris before, so why not Rome?

Comment 23 Apr 2017

All government entities are funded by tax dollars.  The pay for coaching and support staff would be supplemental contracts for something like spring football.  It would add to budget expenditures and so yes, the taxpayer burden would increase necessarily in order to fund expanded budgets.  That is a good point that I had overlooked in my thinking about this topic.  As a taxpayer I appreciate that you brought it up.

Comment 23 Apr 2017

For big high schools like Colerain and St. X and St. Ed's and St. Ignatius and so on, spring football would not affect the other spring sports as much as it would in the smaller schools.  The local government school here where I live simply does not have enough players to have spring football if they want to have track and baseball as well.  So spring football would help the players at the larger high schools who want to specialize in football.  I am not against spring football in Ohio.  Just saying that the group of people who would benefit are limited.

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Playing a capable opponent will cause what appears to be poor play when in reality the other side was able to do what thy wanted to do, so I give Bama credit for making plays as well.  Yes, Spencer made that play on the onside kick as well, another huge play of his in that game.  Rather than to analyze the game with Bama itself, my point was like some others have made about Saban's perspective in not giving credit to the other team for doing what enabled winning but rather implying that own team was better and they lost it instead of the other team won it.  On the day we are talking about, Ohio State was better and won the game; Bama played well but still lost.  It is fun to remember those big plays, though, isn't it?

Comment 22 Apr 2017

I never got over playing poorly against Ohio State and losing that game late.

If I was the Bama HC making a statement about that game, I would say something like "Ohio State made some big plays to beat us in that game".  Coach Saban apparently can't give credit to the opponent for winning and instead would rather say his team lost it than the other team won it. The fact is, Ohio State needed those big plays to win what was a close game.  I don't recall either team playing poorly even though both made some mistakes, as happens in any game, especially a big one.  Evan Spencer made two huge plays, one a pass and the other a block, and Mike Thomas, and Steve Miller, and I could name a few more who made big plays if I thought about it.  The fact is, Ohio State stepped up and made enough great plays to win that game.  Bama didn't lose it, OSU won it.   

Comment 09 Apr 2017

The O-Line was not at championship caliber last season.  The playoff berth was gained on the outstanding play from other positions and the name of the Head Coach, but the O-line was not playoff level and not playoff ready, and of course that showed.  Yes, the defense was gashed for points against Clemson but the offense did nothing and the defense wore down.  Either the O-line is leaps and bounds ahead of last year or there will be problems this year too.  Not just a "little bit" of improvement is needed.  a lot of improvement is essential.

Comment 08 Apr 2017

LaSalle four-star right end Josh Whyle, who would absolutely have an offer from the Buckeyes if the staff wasn't chasing out-of-state prospects 

...who are more apt to call it "The University of Ohio State" unlike in-state players who understand the traditions because they have grown up here.  What is wrong with a 4 star Ohio player? Nothing IMHO. 

Comment 02 Apr 2017

Eastmoor played in the State Title game while Tanner was there and Ohio State played in the National Title game, so having a job candidate that has been around success and understands what it takes  to succeed is a plus in any field.  I wish the young man much continued success!

Comment 30 Mar 2017

I usually do not usually read the byline right away, even though it is right there at the top on 11W.

I read two paragraphs into the story and I knew who wrote it.

Went back and checked, and sure enough, Ramzy is his name.  

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Ramzy, when you write, I for one am okay with some artistic license in place of restrictive grammar. Only the great ones make it look easy... 

Comment 21 Mar 2017

Women are most insightful.  No doubt that there is truth there in your comment.  

In my experience with Moeller fans, they are also obnoxious as well as primal.