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Comment 24 Jul 2014

1975 Brutus looks like he is sporting an expression that is similar to one of  W. W. Hayes' expressions.  It is also similar to one of Neutron Man's expressions.  

Just sayin'....

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Marijuana, alcohol, and even tobacco all have medicinal properties when used in that way i.e. for medicinal purposes.  Most often these are used by people to self-medicate instead which in the long run is not conducive to a constructive outcome of their use.  If the emotional level involved whenever these things are debated is taken into account, it is clear that there may be a lot of self-medication going on.  Not passing judgement, just sayin'...

Comment 03 Jun 2014

Even under the sweater Eddie still is rockin' some mean looking pythons.  Athletes like him don't come along every day.  I don't recall any late night headlines from Eddie, just taking care of business when it was time to take care of business.  Coach Cooper used to talk about him being the hardest worker on the team.  Heisman Trophy his Senior year and then, his first two years in the NFL he was Rookie of the Year and then League MVP in his second year.  Oh, and he ran downhill and could run away from the defense as well.  If he approaches the job of husband and father like he did football, I believe he must be deserving of this honor.  One of the best to ever wear the S&G.  

Comment 15 May 2014

My gut feeling is that Braxton Miller will not be an NFL quarterback.  I could be wrong about that and would be glad for him if I was.  If he never makes it in the NFL it will not change the good things that he has done at Ohio State.  

Comment 25 Apr 2014

As the Rule of Law breaks down, and we are seeing the Rule of Law beak down at all levels of government in the United States, there will be more and more cases of abuse of citizens by government authorities.  This is an example of that.  Expect to see it happen more often going forward.  Unfortunately.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

"Meyer called student apperception day “awesome.” He said not many schools could pull off an event of that caliber."


I admit I had to look up the meaning of "apperception".  Is that really what it was called?  I thought it was student appreciation day.  Wait...autocomplete...what???

Comment 19 Mar 2014

Interesting that Craft was compared to Wooden.  If he wasn't going to be a doctor, I'm sure he would likely be an outstanding coach.