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Comment 28 May 2016

I still don't agree.  If many of us OSU fans had Harbaugh's Bully Pulpit we could recite just as much or more OSU-Michigan history.  After all, we have Jack Park as a resource.  

Comment 22 May 2016

I guarantee that Harbaugh has a better understanding of OSU football history any of us fans.

I cannot agree with this statement.  I want to know, though...why do you think that this is true? 

Comment 09 May 2016

His family says Bryant was heading back home from Sugar Daddy's when he was shot in the head.

Sugar Daddy's may be where the dustup started.  I am sorry for the loss that the family feels, and the timing around Mother's Day may mean that day is bittersweet in the future for the family left behind.   I know that I have been places that I should not have been and could have had a result like this myself, so no condemnation on the young man from this point.  I survived my poor choices by God's grace alone.  It is truly tragic that this young man did not.  

Comment 01 May 2016

Never underestimate the ability of the internet to make the ridiculous plausible

      - Albert Einstein

That's funny, because I read the other day where Abe Lincoln said that... 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Zeke is a superstar. Tapper is going to be good. Smith will be good in 2017. Dak Prescott should work well as a backup for Romo. They had a pretty damn good draft and they added a ton of depth around those centerpiece picks. I wouldn't bet against the Cowboys. 

I wouldn't bet against them either, but they have to find a way to pressure the opposing QB. 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Shawn Kemps Kids: There are a lot of you, are there not?  Do you take a vote when commenting and enter the majority opinion, or is it like dinner time where whoever gets there first gets the most? Just wondering...