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Comment 1 hour ago

 I don't know if, as a player, you would "need" rhythm to be effective, but when a player at any position is in rhythm, in "the zone", they are a more effective player than if not, at least in my experience and observation.  Both CJ and JT have spoken about the rhythm factor here in 11W articles and I have seen other QBs talk about it at other times as well.  

I know when I have coached defense, the goal is to break up the rhythm of the opponent, to keep them off balance, and when my teams have been able to do that our defense has been effective.  

The rhythm of a player in sports is more art than science,I suppose.  I would still say that if the players themselves are bringing it up then it is a significant factor to them.    

Comment 10 hours ago

When you are in a championship game, you put your foot on the neck of your opponent if you can and make sure that you win;  IMHO that shows respect for the opponent, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they could come back from way down.   

Comment 18 Aug 2015

I wonder how big his lecture hall is? Because I can look non-conspicuous if I want to.

IIRC, you can audit any lecture class at Ohio State. 

Comment 16 Aug 2015

I respectfully disagree with the OP.  Gibson will have a leg up on Burrow from being on the field this year, even if he is not at QB (although he could throw a pass or two on select plays this year).  Burrow will most likely redshirt, and if he does not he won't see very much playing time at all.  Gibson will play QB at OSU at some point unless he chooses not to do so.