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Comment 54 minutes ago

I agree.  No way a competitor sacrifices a loss now for a win later.  If Harbaugh has some special plays for OSU and he really needs to use one to make the difference between a win and a loss at some point in the season, he will go for the win.  Understood the special nature of The Game, but I agree SilverState, he won't go that far.  

Comment 1 hour ago

They wouldn't be Our Rival if there wasn't a possibility.  You always, ALWAYS, need to bring the "A" Game for your rival.  The records do not matter.  On that day, the only thing that matters is The Game.  That is what makes it The Game.  

Comment 26 Jul 2015

I voted yes, he could.  Would he have won?  No way to know. In any case, even without Smith in the mix, Ohio State is the real winner with the quality depth at QB along with the quantity of experiences between them as well. 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Spot on PotatoDigger.  These things run in cycles most of the time.  It is really hard to repeat a championship, period.  A lot of things can happen.  Humility and focus are good for players, coaches, AND fans.  

Comment 11 Jul 2015

That definitely was a slip down by Cooper.  

Either that or Owenu has discovered the Joey Bosa Ninja Takedown move, and if that is the case why didn't he use it on those other two reps??? 

Comment 11 Jul 2015

I was at that game and at Skull Session.  St. John was full, I mean SRO, for The Skully that day, probably because the weather was so bad.  

It seems like that was the game that Jayson Gwinn was killed in an automobile accident later that day on Olentangy River Road. Memory isn't totally clear on the details.  A tragedy for sure.  He did play a great game that day against PSU if I recall correctly.  

Comment 11 Jul 2015

FWIW, I didn't DV you.  

The fans had nothing to do with the PSU Scandal but they shouldn't rationalize it or defend it, nor should they defend the coaches and staff who were made aware, and I am just saying that they put themselves in the position of enablers when they do that (just like certain coaches and staff were actual enablers of the abuse).  I would respect PSU fans who admit the facts as facts and move on, but the ones who want to distort the facts I just can't respect.  I will respectfully agree to disagree with you on this one. 

Comment 11 Jul 2015

I was at that TTUN game.  TTUN muffed a punt near the end, and near their own end zone, that the returner recovered, but Steve Tovar was right in front of the returner and could have recovered it with about 10 seconds left in the game and within short field goal range.  Tovar was covering the runner and by the time he reacted to the ball on the ground, the returner had recovered it. So close to having a shot at a last second field goal to win it.  Cooper indeed could not win The Game and I believe that you are correct, he just never "got it" about our rival.  

Comment 07 Jul 2015

“The financial model that we have is not sustainable for the populous populace at large,” Buckeyes athletic director Gene Smith said.

Fixed that for ya'....