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Comment 06 Oct 2015

Agreed.  You can't force it to go where you want it to go; you have to take what the defense gives you.  

Comment 06 Oct 2015

The only difference between all those games last year and the ones this year are we already had a bad loss, and thus no one had these crazy expectations each and every game.

Extremely insightful.  Everyone seems to want to identify with a winner, but only if they win the way that they want them to win.   

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Agreed.  I think they are moving in the right direction.  Even if they lose, I'm still going to be an OSU fan.  

Sad to think that 11W beefed up the server capacity just so people could bitch about winning.  

Comment 06 Oct 2015

LET'S TALK GAMBLING. Stop me if you've heard this before: Ohio State is a double-digit favorite this weekend against a Big Ten foe.

Probably a big part of the reason why there is so much butt-hurt among OSU "fans", who are literally getting hurt in their wallets.   

Comment 05 Oct 2015

The Buckeyes aren't playing on near the same level they were when they downed Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon to win the first-ever College Football Playoff in January. But they want you to know that's OK, and they're well aware they're not.

They were not playing at that level at this time last year either.  If they improve steadily each game then I like their chances.  There have been a lot of adversarial things, including injuries and off the field issues, that have happened so far this year and they still have found a way to pull together and win each game so far, which again is better than at this point last year.

Just relax and enjoy.   

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Compare the seasons of the 2002 championship team to that of the 2006 "runner-ups." One of those teams got routinely got pushed to the brink in the regular season, and one was coronated before even taking the championship field. Give me the former season every time.


That is all. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I would love to play 'Bama again.  I just can't see why many people are saying we crushed them.  We were behind for a long time in that game, and had to recover the onside kick at the end to put it away.  A 7 point win over 'Bama was not a crushing victory any more than a 7 point win over Indiana was, although OSU had to make some huge plays to beat Alabama during the course of that game while the Indiana victory that we just experienced was far more pedestrian.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Decent description of the current metamorphosis there; tuneup is evidently in progress.  If they had avoided turnovers against Indiana the margin of victory would have been wider and the negativity much less.  As I stated, as long as the staff and players stay out of panic mode they should be fine; the fans can panic all they want.  

Comment 04 Oct 2015

My guess is that UF is in his ear, pointing out that the touches are limited so far this year and telling him that he could end up in a trap of position-hopping like Samuel is currently going through.  Just anything to sew some doubt in his head.  Being unseasonably chilly for the game at St. Ed's probably helped the doubt take root.  Judson still might make it up to Ohio State.  Long time until 2017.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

That would be hard to imagine.  The undefeated FBS teams as of today are Temple, Memphis, Navy, Houston, Florida State, Clemson, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, TCU, Baylor, Ohio State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Iowa, Toledo, California, Utah, Florida, Texas A&M, and LSU. Ranking Ohio State in the middle of that 20-team pack seems like a stretch, and ranking any team with a loss higher than Ohio State at this time is a stretch as well.  

Bottom line is that if Ohio State looses then they are likely not going to be a playoff team, depending on the circumstances of the loss and the situation in FBS at the time of choosing playoff teams.  If Ohio State wins out, however, they are most likely in the playoff just like FSU was last year. You could argue whether they deserve it or not, just like the argument was made against OSU deserving to be in the playoff last year.