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Comment 18 Feb 2017

This was not a fluke. Brizee is a talented athlete who played four sports — baseball, soccer, golf and bowling — at Brush High School in suburban Cleveland.

Has never been in a Pressure Kick situation, even in high school football.  One thing to nail a 55-yarder with only Chipotle on the line, a whole different thing to nail one for a walk-off win, or to tie for overtime.  Maybe he can and maybe he can't.   

Comment 10 Feb 2017

It happens.  Ohio State recruited Ben Roethlisberger as a wide receiver, and so did other schools, that's why he went to Miami because they were willing to let him play QB.  Sometimes many people miss the obvious.  

Thomas clearly had the skills to be an above-average NFL receiver, but it worked out well for him because he ended up on a team where his skills fit in well.  Had he been on say, my Browns, it likely would not have been the same for Thomas.  

Comment 05 Feb 2017

I am from Zanesville as well.  Buster Howe proved that he was a great high school football player.  He spent most periods at ZHS in the halls and wasn't prepared to do college work in the classroom, so as a student-athlete he was overhyped.  We will never know if his skills would have made him a football success at the college level, but if he could not succeed in the classroom at Ohio State, there is no reason to assume that he could have picked up the football scheme at Ohio State either.  He may have been able to or he may not have been able to.  If I recall correctly, ZHS ran the single-wing when Howe was there, so he would have had to learn and run the Pro-I which was the base offense at Ohio State at that time. If you can't deliver then you are overhyped in my view.  He was a great high school player though.  

Comment 05 Feb 2017

Stxbuck:  We will never know about Buster Howe in football at Ohio State because he could not do what is necessary for a student-athlete i.e. make the grade in school.  Would his skills have translated into college level success on the football field? Maybe.  Did he have the ability to win in the classroom like every other player must do to play in college? A resounding no.  Therefore, as a student-athlete, he was overhyped.  Frankly, if he could not make the grade in college then there is no way that he could have ever moved on the the NFL, where brains are as important as physical ability.

I know a little bit about Howe's background.  He was enabled to get through his academics in high school without doing all the work, and so he was not prepared to make the grade at Ohio State even with the support given to student-athletes.