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Comment 20 hours ago

BuckeyeMondo: The long pass is completed for a TD for OSU instead of the INT being converted for a TD for Minnesota, and the Fumble into the end zone is recovered by OSU instead of turning into a Minnesota TDand that is a 28-point swing in Ohio State's favor.  If the punt is not muffed and instead becomes an OSU TD drive as well then that is an additional 14-point swing, for a total point swing on turnovers of 42 points.  That kind of margin, which could easily have occured, would have most likely left a good Minnesota team outside the top-25 for sure.  Would it have been a "less quality" win? No, but the perception would have been different nonetheless.  

Comment 19 Nov 2014

This young man wanted to be a Buckeye since he was much younger.  There is a picture out there of him and Tress shaking hands at an OSU football camp when he was junior high school age, I believe.  It is nice to see him realize his dream of coming to OSU and even nicer to see him have the character to deal with early adversity and come back strong.  Here's to much continued success for Mr. Eli Apple!

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Coming out of high school, Mark Dantonio was a solid football player.  OSU and Woody Hayes never recruited him out of Zanesville (Ohio) High School.  He ended up playing in the SEC at South Carolina.   He is an Ohio guy (moved here before he was age two from Texas), and I believe he would have played at OSU had he gotten the chance.  I know he can develop players to their maximum talent, and he has developed an impressive coaching resume over the years.  A top notch coach and a top notch person as far as I know.  

Comment 17 Nov 2014

"Because while those errors didn’t cost Ohio State against the Gophers, they threaten to undercut a team that’s making its final push for a spot in the playoffs."

Not sure it didn't cost us some scoring margin which equates to style points.  If the margin is 21 points or even 28 points then maybe we are a slot higher in the poll and maybe the committee gives consideration as well for a higher ranking.  What is done is done though, and OSU won the game.  I hate it that style points matter, but everyone knows that they do.  

I remember when Eddie George put a few fumbles on the ground as an underclassman against Illinois.  That day doesn't define Eddie's career, and this day at Minnesota won't define Marshall's career either.  

Comment 17 Nov 2014

That was a surprise that the player said that, but Narduzzi's comment about JT being more accurate than they thought is a shock.  Was he even watching film on JT at all?  

Comment 16 Nov 2014

If he doesn't know how to succeed in school, he will be at a loss on the academic side of the NFL.  There are lots of players with NFL-level physical skill.  What allows someone to stay in the league is how well they study and learn.  

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I loved Cam Johnston's tweet.  I remember playing football in our neighborhood growing up and when it got cold enough, the ball was like a rock, especially when kicking it.  Cam clearly was dealing with that for the first time.  He should practice some outside this week at the WHAC to help him be prepared for future cold games.  

I can guess what Jim Tressel's Least Favorite Moment will be from this weeks game.  

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Football is different than working steadily outside in the cold.  Football is a few seconds of intense activity followed by longer periods of preparation for the next play.  Additionally, at this level no one plays both offense and defense, so even if they get special team action there is still a lot of time on the sidelines trying to stay warm and loose. When you work out in the cold you can set your own rhythm most of the time, and take a cold break when you need it.  

I once read a stat that showed the actual game only has less than 5 minutes of true action with the ball being live.  The rest is whatever goes on in-between plays.  

I appreciate those who work out in the cold in the winter and heat of summer.  Stay safe.  

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I agree with what you've said. It is true that against the better quality teams that mistakes can make the difference in game outcome.  Minnesota is a better than average team and our mistakes kept them close enough to have a shot at the end, which never should have happened.  Wisconsin is better than Minnesota and there won't be as much margin for error then.  Whether we make the Playoff or just play in a bowl, the opposition will be at least as good or better than the B1GCG, and therefore the margin of error slimmer still.  

Ironically, I was just watching a YouTube of Ted Ginn's OSU highlights the other day.  A guy like him doesn't come along every day.  Still makes me smile.  

Comment 16 Nov 2014

Exactly.  The way OSU is tackling Gordon would have a chance to set the record again.  Even Bosa whiffed on the one TD.  A championship team tackles well, no way around it.