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Comment 2 hours ago

Anyone in any job should be evaluated on their merits and accomplishments.  Anything else weakens the organization that they are part of. This applies to coaches, players, and anyone in any job anywhere. Is this how it is in the real world?  Not always. In the most successful organizations it is this way, though. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Granted there were problems that day, mostly created by Clemson.  I still would have brought Burrow in to see if he could have been an effective change of pace.  I would assume that the coaches on their way out would be professional during the game, but you may be correct in saying that would have been a factor.  We will never know now.  I still would have brought Burrow in for a couple of series to see what he could do, if it were my choice.  

A few oil  Clemson will never live that down.  

Comment 4 hours ago

Both are in the top-level all-time of college coaches.  Saban tried the NFL and did not do well.  Meyer may never want to try the NFL so we will likely never know how well he would do at that level.  No question that they both are above average by far in college coaching though, truly peers in a very small group.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Good points.  When the most recent game is one of those that "Cleanse the soul" as Woody Hayes is quoted as saying, then starting over with a clean slate is a good thing.  Let everyone know now, in January, and start watching their focus on preparation now as part of the evaluation process.

Everyone has a lot of work to do, though.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

I saw him in person during the playoffs this past season.  He had multiple long breakaway runs, never caught from behind.  I saw some film where guys had pursuit angles on him and ran him out of bounds or tackled him.  That's not the same as being run down from behind at all.  I've heard this comment that you made from others, but it wasn't what I saw in real life. This included a couple of 80+ yard breakaway runs against the eventual state champion, St. X.  

Comment 16 Jan 2017

It's like the staff was in the press box playing plinko to determine the next call.

Excellent use of words.   

Neither team tried to force the ball into a player's hands just because he hadn't touched it in a while, they put their best players in his respective comfort zone and asked them simply to "ball out."

Simply the best way to be effective.  Well said, again.  

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Next year's team could once again be the youngest in America, and the loss to Clemson means almost every position will be up for grabs.

What the "Youngest Team" again also means that this excuse for not winning is not valid because with the current pattern of turnover, OSU will be the youngest team on a regular basis going forward.  A way to win with the youngest players must be found.  Getting blown out because of young players is not acceptable, and should not be acceptable.  Every position up for grabs is a good start, but I am not holding my breath that this will actually happen as it doesn't even happen in the course of games where a player who is underperforming should be replaced but isn't replaced.  Talent level is rated really high, and we will see if those ratings are justified or not, as it will show on the field very quickly.  I am optimistic but cautiously so...

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I would say that might be the case, but my suspicion is that Gibson has enough talent that if he has the correct cast around him then an upset would be possible.  A lot of ifs in that, including if Gibson can avoid further off-field issues.  I disagree that there is zero chance for UC to pull off an upset, though.  Gibson appears to be a rare talent that could make plays that could win a game for his team all by himself.

As far as Gibson not being able to crack the QB room, well if he isn't really a good enough QB to do that in our current room then he is overrated; I think that he is likely not overrated, and that he was good enough but didn't want to wait in line.  We will see how, and if, things play out on the field for him.  From recent activity, it looks like the QB room at Ohio State wasn't managed as well as it could have been, though.

No offense taken at all.  Different opinions and points of view are what make life interesting.  I would rather bandy ideas back and forth than throw up a DV and move on.  Thanks for engaging. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

After watching him play, I think he has B1G talent.  

I know St. X wasn't the fastest State Champ ever this year but he broke away against them after coming through traffic in pretty impressive fashion as seen on the video above.  Almost all of the plays where he was tackled downfield were from guys who had the angle on him, save for the one where the safety wrapped his ankles from behind. Not track-athlete speed but big and strong and fast enough.  I have seen a few D-1 players play in high school and he looks like he is in that talent range.  If he does play at Ohio he will be dominant in the MAC.

Interesting about his SPARQ score. Thanks for sharing.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

I am still amazed at how many quality athletes come out of Pick Town.

As another Picktown Fan (Central is my flavor) I agree that there are a lot of top-notch athletes who have come through there.  There is a certain tailback that might just be able to play for Ohio State that was discussed in yesterday's Hurry-Up that I would like to see play at Ohio State as well.  

Comment 13 Jan 2017

That said, let's hope he's gone before Cincinnati comes to Columbus in 2019. Pretty sure Gibson spearheading the first in-state upset of the Buckeyes since 1921 would melt our servers into extinction.

It would not be as bad as say, losing to Appalachian State, but it would likely melt the servers, yes.

Gunner Kiel was competitive, so a Gibson-led upset would not be out of the question, actually. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

If so, they would likely have to sit out next season, unlike Gibson who will be eligible next season.

(If anyone does not believe me about Gibson then read the OP article above.  If anyone does do that then they would be more knowledgeable than the minority of commenters in this thread apparently are).

Comment 12 Jan 2017

I watched him play this year for Pick Central in more than one game.  I never saw him get run down from behind, but if you have seen it then I don't doubt you.  I have never seen a HS D-back that could bring him down from behind even if they caught up to him, but if there are any then OSU needs to recruit those guys too.  I know the eventual D-1 state champion, St. X, can tell you about his power and breakaway speed, because I saw that game myself.  If he isn't fully recovered from his injuries, and he may not be, then he will play on Sundays no matter where he plays in college.