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Comment 01 May 2016

Never underestimate the ability of the internet to make the ridiculous plausible

      - Albert Einstein

That's funny, because I read the other day where Abe Lincoln said that... 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Zeke is a superstar. Tapper is going to be good. Smith will be good in 2017. Dak Prescott should work well as a backup for Romo. They had a pretty damn good draft and they added a ton of depth around those centerpiece picks. I wouldn't bet against the Cowboys. 

I wouldn't bet against them either, but they have to find a way to pressure the opposing QB. 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Shawn Kemps Kids: There are a lot of you, are there not?  Do you take a vote when commenting and enter the majority opinion, or is it like dinner time where whoever gets there first gets the most? Just wondering... 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

There still could be Marshall and Powell to be drafted as well.  This chart illustrates how much overall talent there was on last season's OSU team, not including the players who did not enter the draft.  Not bad.  I hope they all make it and perform well. 

Comment 30 Apr 2016

The Cowboys don't need a lot for their team. A pass rusher and a backup QB and they'll be good, really good. 

I agree with that.  Why they did not draft Noah Spence is what mystifies me.  The LB from Notre Dame would have been available in the next round and will likely sit out 2016 anyway.   

Comment 30 Apr 2016

He still is considered to be fast by NFL standards, maybe not one of the fastest as of now, but still above average.  Marshall is not in the same league speed-wise, IMHO.  

Comment 13 Apr 2016

The NCAA cares about one thing, and one thing only, and that is money.  They do not, and never have, cared about the athletes on a personal level.  The NCAA is an institutional authority, and the best that can be hoped for from them is not to hinder or damage the student athletes that actually function as the cash cows for the NCAA.  This decision actually harms those student athletes.  How does the NCAA even justify their existence with this type of onerous regulation?  

Comment 06 Apr 2016

The young man is the one who made this public.  If he feels that it should not have gone public then he needs to look in the mirror and ask that man why it went public.  Seems like whoever at UK who is responsible for the public image directed the young man to walk the initial comments back.

Comment 26 Mar 2016

College is a time in life where students seek job prospects.  Interships, externships, co-op programs, and the like are all a form of testing the waters.  This situation without the hiring of an agent is very similar in function, which is identify where you need to improve in order to secure a job.