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Comment 06 Dec 2014

The good news reaches NJIT headquarters!

Comment 10 Jan 2012

lol yes.  11w drops the hammer down on his b-day.

= D In seriousness, this article is spot on.  I expect 44 to deliver mega points unless it's on the road against a top Big10 team... or in the round of 16 and beyond.  Sadly though that's when we need him the most.

Comment 12 Dec 2011

Am I 'thinking right' here?

To get these guys Urban must be giving them very good assurance we won't get a bowl ban next year, which means Urban must have pretty good assurance we won't get a bowl ban next year.



Comment 29 Nov 2011

Yep just an FYI article only.  11w has been kick ass for info for me so if I can contribute back in any way I will with future espn insider articles.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

I've been on this site since the horrible news broke about Tatgate up until today.  You've been spot on and I'm happy to say I jumped on the 11w wagon long ago.

I've been educating some fools for over a year that for info they need to add you on twitter, fb and visit this site.  Keep up the good work.

Comment 10 Nov 2011

My main thing has always been recruiting recruitng recruiting.

I don't want future classes hurt by this as much as possible.

A bowl ban THIS season would avoid that (if there's a 1 year bowl ban).  Take our lumps now, write this season off, recruit in the off season and be able to tell the kids 'you come here you can play in the Rose Bowl'.  If there's a bowl ban *next* year then it will continue to hurt.  I'd also like to stay away from losing 15 schollies too.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

I could be wrong but his stance, which I was somewhat buying, was he didn't want to forward or share the info with ANYONE to protect this 'federal investigation'.

However he then nodded he forwarded the email to someone, that kind of defeated his first reply in my book.  = \

Comment 08 Mar 2011

I see JT nodded yes to 'did you forward those emails to anyone' before Gene cut him off.  Eeps.  That would nip the 'I wanted to keep it confidential' excuse right quick.

Comment 08 Mar 2011

Man if they leave 2010 alone + our recruits and Tress keeps his job I'll be thrilled.

Now afterwards if anyone trades a toenail for a tattoo they need to be booted off the team that second.