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Comment 27 Jul 2014

I like these trips down memory lane... I remember leaving the TV at halftime for the Minny game.

I think it would be interesting to come up with a list of heartbreaking comebacks that fell short.  

You would probably need to put up some qualifiers, for instance... OSU needed to be trailing the entire game or down 10 points entering the 4th... whatever.

I would put the 1988 Michigan up there.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

The '87 victory forged many life lessons for me, among them:

- Earle may have gotten mediocre results, but he showed what a true leader is when his players showed their undying love.  Can you imagine that kind of public support happening today?  The closet thing we have - where a coach was let go for dubious reasons and players publicly showed solidarity - might be Tressel at the celebration of the 10-year anniversary for the NC team, or maybe Ed Orgeron at USC when he is was passed over in favor of Sarkisian.

- Everyone who lives in Michigan and roots for them is an evil spy.  I was in 7th grade and living just south of Detroit (having relocated from Akron) at the time of this game.  We had a party for The Game with our neighbors.  One of my friends from school who was not particularly interested in Michigan football came over.  He started the game out by cheering for Ohio State... even wore one of my Ohio State sweatshirts.  When Michigan went up at halftime he decided to change allegiances and started cheering for them!  Now you might chalk this up to mere immaturity and fickleness of a 7th grader... not me, it was pure treachery.  I was dumbfounded.  Never again would I trust anyone who had any connection to TSUN.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

If you're going to do an alternate uniform, at least attempt to get a "timeless" quality about them (e.g. Ohio State's chrome helmets).  In 5-10 years so many of these uniforms (looking at you Maryland) are going to feel like those zebra stripe pants from the 90's... "What were we thinking!?"

As an aside (I know this is a post about UCLA, but's it's a B1G blog), I think Maryland would do better to feature the Terrapin rather than the Maryland state flag.  I mean if Nike can make a duck cool, then Under Armor can do something with a turtle.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

I've had AT&T U-Verse at 2 different locations... it's expensive, but reliable.  Never have issues with cable or internet connection.

Comment 26 May 2014

It's cool.  I agree with everything you said.  I was making 3 independent points (1. Institutional support is present, 2. Success in one place doesn't guarantee a fit someplace else, 3.  Beckman is a decent coach, in the MAC.) that did not necessarily relate to one another.

Comment 26 May 2014

I believe it's the track & field next to McKinley HS, not sure if it includes the entire complex (w/ the adjacent baseball field).  

McKinley has a sign posted you can see from the highway when traveling south.  

Competed in my final HS varsity event there... always knew the name of the field... and always wondered who he was.

Don Scott - the memory of your character and sacrifice lives on.

Comment 22 May 2014

Beckman can't complain the institution is not supporting him... The Illini were 2nd (2011), 2nd (2012) and 3rd (2013) in amounts spent on recruiting.

As we saw with RRod at TSUN, it's so hard to find a coach that is able to synthesize recruiting, player development, game day coaching and institutional obligations into one magical fit.

Beckman, like so many other MAC coaches before him, was probably a decent coach who could have built a solid, decade long career if he had decided to stay at Toledo.

Comment 20 May 2014

I read Lou's autobiography... it's hard not be impressed with him when you learn about the adversity he had to overcome (mostly poverty) growing up, finding his way to college (Kent St.) and then eventually into coaching.