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Comment 09 Jan 2017

Looks like Adam Schefter is confirming the hire now:

Any thoughts Browns fan?

Comment 04 Jan 2017

11Ws reported it. Davis has had a staff position as a "defensive analyst" for the past year, and is not being promoted onto the coaching staff. It hasn't been announced what role he is officially filling, but he has an extensive background as an NFL LB coach and defensive coordinator. Based on Urban's tweet about Kerry Coombs, I'm assuming that Coombs is going to take over as co-DC/CB coach, while Davis takes over as LB coach.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

 does not make an improbable improvement for a 5th year senior

Well, JT definitely won't progress with the same QB coach that made Cardale Jones, Taylor Martinez, Tommy Armstrong, and JT Barrett regress every season... That's the biggest complaint from me personally, we have a QB coach that has no history of developing a solid QB.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

On Zach Smith - 

Does anyone know if transitioning him to "recruiting coordinator" will take up one of the 9 allotted asst. coaching positions? I remember that was the position Chris Partridge played for Michigan last season before getting promoted to "ST coordinator/LB coach." I'm also pretty sure that was Luke Fickell first full-time staff position for Jim Tressel.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

It took Tom Herman almost 2 seasons to fully develop into the OC that he was in 2014. So what I am saying is that a bright, young mind might want to go to a place where he believes he can develop his coaching acumen further without having to constantly worry about getting fired.

Comment 01 Jan 2017

No reason to sell out hope on 2017 yet. Yes, JT Barrett has regressed as a passer, but his experience as a starter is immeasurable. Also, Urban will probably shake things up with the coaching staff, and hopefully JT will be under the tutelage of a different QB coach come 2017.

In my dream scenario, Tim Beck is hired on somewhere else, and Ed Warriner is moved back to coaching OL. As for who replaces Beck, it has to be someone with recruiting ties to Texas, so... maybe former Oklahoma OC/Indiana HC Kevin Wilson?

Comment 21 Dec 2016

Depending on what happened at Indiana, it could be pretty sweet to see Kevin Wilson as OC, and Tim Beck demoted to an analyst role like Tim Hinton.

Comment 20 Dec 2016

Fair point, I'll edit the title. They aren't horrid at recruiting, but they aren't good either. If just expected a coach that has 65 wins in a 7 season span, and who has sent star players like Cousins and Bell in the NFL to recruit better.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Brady Hoke's 2013 7-6 squad was also a 2-pt conversion away from beating Ohio State. All that shows me is that on any given a Saturday, a coach can hype up his players to play out of their minds for the biggest game on the schedule, but it doesn't make them a successful team.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

It's not one or the other, you can get a class with high-performing 5* (Vonn Bell, Raekwon McMillian, Nick Bosa, Adolphus Washington, Braxton Miller), and mix them in with coachable 3* (Darron Lee, Mike Thomas, Tyvis Powell, Devin Smith, Pat Elflein, Malik Hooker).

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Nationally, a top-25 class is nothing to sneeze at, but given MSU's level of success in recent years, I would expect them to be able to beat out teams like Arizona State, South Carolina, Mississippi State and UCLA in the recruiting rankings. Last year's class at 17th overall (top-15 to 20) is where I would have pegged a program like Michigan State to be at consistently, not outside the top-20.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Yes and no. Solid coaching, and player development can mask a weaker recruiting class, but it can also lead to quick drop-offs. It has been shown time and time again that teams that recruit the best, consistently produce at a higher level.

Finding diamonds-in-the-rough like Le'Veon Bell, Jack Allen, Jack Conklin, Kirk Cousins, and Connor Cook and developing them into NFL-caliber players will elevate any middling team to above-average to great. However, you're not going to be hitting at 100% on those types of recruit every year, and the result is a 3-9 MSU. Once they lost all the players they spent so much time coaching up, they were left with other 3* or lower recruits that didn't quite pan out as well (especially on their OL and QB positions).

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Yes, Dantonio is an old-fashioned hardass-style coach, but he's not the only one. By all accounts Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher, and a lot of other successful recruiters are hardasses. Yet, recruits still flock there because they are successful coaches with proven track records and solid player development.

Comment 19 Dec 2016

Eh... Jim Tressel has said himself that he hasn't kept up with all the offensive developments in the past 5 years. If the man wanted to take a coaching job, he'd have to give himself ~6 months to delve into research and update his playbook from the ground up.

Comment 17 Dec 2016

You are correct. Marcus Freeman was part of Hazell's staff at Purdue, and was even promoted to co-DC/LB coach this past January. It looks like Fickell has asked Freeman to join his staff already at an unknown capacity, but I would assume it is as a DC/LB coach as well.

Comment 13 Dec 2016

If DPJ's mother prefers Ohio State, it would make sense why Urban, Coombs and Smith would make the last minute trip in a snow storm to see him. Mama Peoples probably knew that her son had decided on Michigan, and wanted to give OSU's coaching staff one last crack to change his mind. I honestly don't see this one happening folks, but boy would it be sweet.

As other's have said, if this was close, we would have probably heard more news after DPJ's last OV. It also doesn't bode well that there are ~4 high-profile recruits that Michigan is favored to land all announcing this week in Tarik Black (12/14), DPJ (12/15), Isaiah Wilson (12/16), and Cesar Ruiz (12/18). It fits Harbaugh's MO of being an attention monger by bunching several commitments together to make a bigger media splash/coverage.