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Comment 07 Oct 2015

I have gone my entire life without a championship in Cleveland and it may never happen.  I am going to enjoy OSU's national championship to the fullest and not worry about every game and every season, just enjoy the last one.

Comment 04 Oct 2015
Thank you zenshade for a reasonable take. Most pro-jt people "know" that jt would have been better than dale. At least you admit its an opinion and don't state it as fact.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
Pac 12 is really taking it on the chin. Everyone was thinking they could challenge the sec and it doesn't look good so far. B1G is in decent shape but I don't believe in Franklin, Cryst or Riley. Would be interesting to see if Chip Kelly comes back to ncaa and maybe somewhere in the b1g.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
Hate Dinich. She prefaces everything with I'm a big ten alum, then rips b1g constantly. Its like she is trying to convince herself that she isn't biased.
Comment 04 Oct 2015
What is with all the conspiracy theories that urban is lying and jt really beat out Cardale. Get the tin foil hats out.
Comment 03 Oct 2015
Wait its not possible to know what the first couple games would have been like if jt started? A lot of people here apparently know exactly what would have happened.