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Comment 24 Jul 2015
I think he is saying UW is close to top of b1g academically, which is true. I do think that there is a difference between difficult to get in normally and in the context of football. Just because a school may be more difficult to get in normally than another school, it may be the opposite for athletes.
Comment 23 Jul 2015

I think it does mean that Jalin Marshall will play a more traditional slot receiver. I don't know if it really gives JT or Dale an edge.

Comment 23 Jul 2015
Everyone is going uptempo now: Oregon forums, Auburn forums, even Alabama forums are running uptempo style.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
I used my work location in bronzeville since i was there at the time.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
I heard on the radio that Skip Bayless said 2015 Heat are better than 2015 Cavs on paper. That guy can't possibly believe this stuff.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
Ahh Saturday, are you living in Welles Park? Its right by my house, we can help you out.
Comment 23 Jul 2015
A defensive back from Glenville...
Comment 21 Jul 2015

Wambach has much better goal to cap ratio, actually won FIFA player of the year, ncaa national championship, three time all american and was best player in the world.

Comment 21 Jul 2015
MMA and Boxing is bad, no doubt but football is probably worse. There is no evidence that the severity of the brain injury is linked to cte. It is the repetition of head trauma and football is 16 games and countless contact practices with frequent impact to the head for some positions over the course of a year or career. Fighting and boxing has much less frequent head trauma compared to OL and LB. Fighting and boxing are probably higher risk than maybe QB or WR, i don't know for a fact.
Comment 21 Jul 2015

The reason is money and popularity, as well as access.  Most of the research I came across (Did project on CTE for Nueropsych class; not expert) was mostly or all football players as the sample, sometimes military.  Almost every article cites boxing as the precursor for research, but NFL is funding a lot of the research so it is the focus. More research in other sports will be coming out relatively soon in academia terms (3-4 years).

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Didn't say she is not good, but not nearly the best player in the world, which Messi is clearly at least second if not first.  Just saying she is known because of her looks moreso than her play as evidenced by this forum.