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Comment 08 Jul 2014

Chicago is pretty dangerous in general, but obviously all neighborhoods are not the same.  Lincoln square may be safer than austin but the crime is not completely isolated by neighborhood.  A drug deal went bad and someone got shot in Lincoln square only a couple of months ago.  Someone just got shot at Montrose beach a few weeks ago.  The crime spills over into other communities, look at the flash mobs in Mag MIle.  I agree that most crime occurs in the bad neighborhoods, but its not like there is a fence confining these criminals.  Shootings at Navy Pier, Montrose beach, etc are good examples of crime in bad neighborhoods spreading to others.  It is difficult to compare what cities are most dangerous and to compare a major city to a state makes no sense, but to pretend that things on the south and west sides don't affect you is wrong.  It is probably the reason why things are so slow to change.

Comment 08 Jul 2014

It is so hard to say what cities are the most dangerous when all of the statistics are altered or measured differently.   I live in Chicago and it is pretty dangerous, but most major cities are to be honest.  It is so sad to say that Chicago is not dangerous when there are constantly shootings.  Just because you have never been shot or your neighborhood is mostly safe doesn't make things ok.  There is still a lot of violent crime in bad and nice neighborhoods in Chicago.  Something has to change, look at all the outrage from citizens of Chicago.

Comment 26 Jun 2014

I am starting to warm up to this idea of trade down and draft embiid, but stop hating on Wiggins.  He is still very raw and needs some development, but he did average over 17 ppg as a Freshman including a 40 pt performance.  Wiggins can also play defense and is still improving in that department.  I am ok with taking him no. 1.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

I agree with your first point, best chance is Ghana-Portugal tie, but I don't think Germany will be playing very aggressive.  They have to be careful to not get exposed on the counter attack by US and lose the game.  The winner of the group will have to play belgium and the 2nd place team will likely play algeria or russia.  Germany does not want to play Belgium, may be looking for a tie and take chances when they are available.

Comment 24 Jun 2014
Hopefully d wade takes his option and forces the heat to try and sign people for less than they r worth. If james signs max deal and wade takes option, they will essentially be out of money.