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Comment 21 Mar 2014

Wait...Improve pull up 8-15 footers? He made a living in that range in the last half of the year. Watch some film when teams when to a 2-3 zone. When this team was successful against that defense, Q came to the free throw line, and the offense worked through him, and he hit those jumpers on the reg. If anything he needs to work on his jab step, his ball handling, and one other thing. I watched his "dagger 3" against Arizona last year. Go back and look at it. Look how high he jumps on that three compared to the threes he took against Dayton, and the last half of this year...NO LEGS! I dont know if it was stamina, or just a lapse in technique, but his 3 point shooting percentage needs to go up for him to get drafted

Comment 13 Mar 2014

I'd honestly like to see them sign Steve Smith...Gordon is the big play guy, but a veteran of Smith's caliber would be huge for this team. He can be the guy that when you have to have a first down, you look his way.

Comment 27 Feb 2014

If Sam Thompson can continue to be aggressive, I really like this team's chances to make a deep tournament run. Q is starting to be the consistent scorer that has been needed, and it's not just him shooting three's either. They  have been more aggressive getting to the rim. If Amir keeps playing with intensity, and is a presence on the defensive end, they will continue to beat up on bad teams, and beat some good ones too!

Comment 25 Feb 2014

I thought about Robinson when I was typing, but i thought to myself, nah, the line is good, but you really cant have too many good offensive linemen. I still feel like the Browns need some pass rush. Too many games where QB's had all day to throw in '13

Comment 25 Feb 2014

I dont care as long as its not Manziel. Seriously though, I agree that I don't see any of these QB's worthy of a top 5 pick. Watkins would be an awesome pick. He would be the perfect complement to Gordon's size. Linebacker help would be good too. Hell, what if Clowney is there? I think he would be a great Will in the 3-4.

Comment 22 Feb 2014

Jake Delhomme took a team to a Super Bowl. Weeden was an asshat draft pick. Jason Campbell was brought in as a backup, McCoy a project that didnt work out. The Browns have drafted terrible quarterbacks,and have signed some bad ones in free agency. I for one, would like to see them buck that trend, and I feel Manziel with the 4TH!!!!! pick, is a bad draft pick. If they were going to draft him in the second round or beyond, or even late first round, then we can talk.

Comment 07 Feb 2014

While I'm am not supremely confident that his shots will go in, I am still confident enough with his long range shooting that I want him to shoot when he is open. What gets me is, he is very good at making a shot for himself, which is something this team sorely lacks. But he keeps missing these short shots game after game. I almost want to see him stay behind the 3 point line and be the recipient of a dribble drive pass from craft or scott

Comment 09 Jan 2014

College coaches going to the NFL doesn't work out more times than not, but what Tressel preaches absolutely works in the NFL. He wants a good defense, special teams, and not turn the ball over...last I checked, when the Steelers were at their best, recently, they pounded the ball down your throat, played great defense, and had good kickers that could make field goals and flip the field when needed. I think he would do well in the NFL, and would be ecstatic if the Browns hired him. We all know that won't happen though. It's the Browns, an organization devoid of good decision making

Comment 06 Jan 2014

This game cements for me that Ohio State's defensive scheme is to blame for most of the defensive woes this year. Both defenses are ATTACKING!!!!! We sit back in our pussy zone all day letting teams have their way