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Comment 09 Apr 2014

Being overloaded at work, I didn't get a chance visit EW11 this past week and missed the vote. Had I voted, I would have definitely voted for Owens (whom I voted in all previous rounds) and it would have been a tie. And it would have gone to the playoff and the result would be the same.

It was meant to be!

Comment 12 Mar 2014

I like Stevens. His elusiveness, acceleration and throwing on the run really stand out for me, which I would think it is quite hard to defend.  The only thing that made me twinge was his carrying of the ball like a loaf of bread and not tucking it in early enough.

His recruiting being led by Hermann tells me that they see in him a guy that can really open up this offense even more it is now.

Comment 08 Mar 2014

I am optimistic that defense will become the Silver Bullets again. Unfortunately, I believe Fickell will only get most of the blame for any failures and very little credit for the successes - perhaps for recruiting and LB position coaching. This problem is further compounded by the ambiguity of who is really in charge of the defense that is associated with co-DC title. I can hear them now: "Ash fixed the secondary and he was the "real" DC running the defense", "LJS took the D-Line to new level", "Urban had to get involved to fix the D".  The results of last three years will continue to weigh heavily on his capabilities in many people's minds and the rambling comment does not help the perception. If I were advising Luke, and thank God I am not, I would be telling him no matter how much he loves this university if he wants to be tOSU HC he needs to seriously consider making his mark, either as sole DC or as HC, somewhere other than tOSU. Only after a successful career elsewhere will fickle fans know his worth, finally given his due credit and hopefully one day consideration for the HC position at tOSU.


Comment 08 Mar 2014


Great idea! But with so many Ohioans having tremendous success in their endeavors, it would seem to me that you can have a field of 64 for each of the categories. Nonetheless, what I love about this idea is that it gives a chance to say "really, wow, he was an Ohioan!"

Anyway here is my contribution of mainly not so well-known Ohioans:


Gordon Battelle (Philanthropist)

Herbert Henry Dow

Frank Seiberling (Goodyear Rubber)

Harvey Samuel Firestone

William Procter & James Gamble

Michael Joseph Owens & Edward Drummond Libbey  (Owens Glass)

Albert Sabin (Oral Polio Vaccine)

James M. Spangler, (Vacuum Cleaner)

Garrett Morgan (Gas Mask, Traffic Signal)

Frederick McKinley Jones (Thermo King)

Henry Sherwin & Edward Williams

Judith Resnik

Ernest H. Volwiler (Anesthetic Pharmacologist and Abbott Labs CEO)

Willard Harrison Bennett (Radio Frequency Mass Spectrometry - predicted and modeled the Van Allen radiation belts surrounding the earth six years before they were discovered by satellite)

William Merriam Burton (doubled the yield of gasoline extracted from crude oil

Charles Martin Hall (inexpensive method for producing aluminum, which became the first metal to attain widespread use since the prehistoric discovery of iron)

Arthur Compton (Sulfur Vapor Lights)

Karl Compton (MIT President and developed new approach to education in Science and Engineering)

Charles Brush (Arc Light)

James Arthur Lovell, Jr. of Apollo 13 heroics

Maya Lin (Architect - Vietnam Veterans Memorial)

Cass Gilbert (Architect - Woolworth Building & US Supreme Court Building)

Philip Johnson (Architect: The Glass House, Seagrams Building and mentioned in a David Bowie song)

Arts & Celebrity:  

Clark Gable, Woody Harrelson, Tim Conway, Phyllis Diller, Steve Harvey, Ruby Dee, Macy Gray, William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy), Jim Backus, Phil Donahue, Tyrone Power, Roy Rogers

Lillian Gish (AKA First Lady of American Cinema)

Milton Caniff (Cartoonist)

Arthur M. Schlesinger (Historian)

Robert Henri, George Bellows, John Henry Twachtman (Artists)

Zane Grey  (Author)

Hart Crane (Poet and son of Life Savers candy inventor)


Howard "Hopalong" Cassidy (Heisman, Maxwell, AP Athlete of the Year, and "didn't have a pass completed on him as a Buckeye) 

Kenesaw Mountain Landis (Federal Judge and first Commissioner of Baseball)

Roger Clemens, Roger Staubach, Larry Csonka, Edwin Moses

Eddie Arcaro (Twice Triple Crown Winner Jockey)


Rufus Putnam (American Revolutionary, founder of Ohio Ohio Company of Associates and established Marietta, Ohio as the first permanent United States settlement in the Northwest Territory)

John Parker (abolitionist, inventor, iron moulder and industrialist who helped hundreds of slaves to freedom in the Underground Railroad resistance movement based in Ripley, Ohio)

Victoria Woodhull nee Victoria California  (Suffragate and  first female candidate for President of the United States)

John Evans (Evanston, Ill; Evans, CO; and Mt. Evans are named after him and also  a founder of Northwestern University and Univ. of Denver)


Comment 26 Feb 2014

The formula is simple:

Oversigning  + Scheduling conference bottom feeders + Rarely venture outside of SEC territory to play OOC + Bye Weeks before big games + Play a JV team before the Rivalry + ESecPN Hype + Bert, Saban's lapdog spokesman, lobbying to stop your opponents advantages + Bowl Game in your backyard + Lose two games, no problem + some more ESPiN Hype = An annual chance at the National Title.

Yep, Saban's got a real good gig down in Tuscaloosa, 

Comment 22 Feb 2014

If Saban and his spokesman poodle, Bret, really believe that hurry up offenses are dangerous, I guess then they also must be of the 25% that Sun revolves around the Earth.

Hey, it just occurred to me that maybe Bret went to Arkansas because he thinks pigs can fly.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

I haven't been on campus, or to Columbus for that matter, in the past 23 years except once to the stadium for the 2013 Nebraska game, so my recollection is faint. However, I remember Robinson Lab having that sawtooth roof design and being very old. 

I think I took physics classes there or was that Smith Lab. 

Comment 12 Feb 2014

I do not believe that Nick Saban would have come to tOSU nor did I think he was going to Texas because the probability of reaching the NCG is diminished, not only for both these teams, but any non-ESecPN team. Yep, add USC to the list.

Think about it.

1.  He can't perform his oversigning shenanigans in either B1G or BIG 12 to the extent he does in the SEC resulting in constantly weeding out the "underperforming" talent. Coupled with the less stringent acceptance requirements he clearly has a competitive advantage.

2.  Both conferences won't have their teams hyped by ESecPN thus inflating the team's SOS and ensuring a high ranking irrespective of a loss or two.

3.  There is no way that a non SEC team can even think of making it to the NCG with a one-loss and/or not having played in their Conference CG. Heck, there was an ongoing discussion that a 2-loss Alabama should play the SEC CG winner in if both tOSU and FSU lost!

No my friends, Nick Saban aint going anywhere soon, the Alabama gig is too sweet to give up.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

I thank you Jeremy and The 11W team for yet another fantastic effort. 

After reading it occurred to me the most immediate impact this class might have is taking our special teams to a new level.



Comment 08 Jan 2014

And I remember the controversial end to the '74 game which ruined a perfect season and a #1 ranking.

Comment 08 Jan 2014

It seems that it is universally accepted that the decision to not give the ball, in BIG Championship Game, to Hyde was a huge mistake. At the time, I accepted our fate and forgave the offense brain trust for that one. To have made the same decision in the Orange Ball, was simply inexcusable. 

Now that I have reflected on yet another enlightening Ramzy commentary, I am now inclined to question the hype surrounding this brain trust.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

That is exactly what I was thinking. The game ends when a pass over the middle is intercepted by a Clemson linebacker!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Same here.

Never imagined so much venomous posts from Buckeye fans.

And to Ernie, Rob, Jay, Trill and all those others so called buckeye fan twit-haters, I would love to see you suit up and catch a high hang time punt at the WHAC with the our special teams coming at you. Love to see how well you would do. Maybe you can be a walk-on. Alas, I can only dream.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

An excellent post following a hard fought loss and a season all Buckeyes should be proud of!

While I understand we are all disappointed in the season ending losses, I am bewildered and saddened that Buckeye fans, in many posts on 11W, can spew such venom towards the coaches and players! 

Your post is a breath of fresh air.