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I proudly walk on 2 legs but this could be subject to change as I age. I enjoy both eating and drinking.
In high school I made a New Year's resolution not to eat anything purple. 25 years later, so far so good.
Sad faced clowns are KGB operatives meant to confuse us while they do spy stuff.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 13-13 tie vs Michigan. In the student section. Crowd going bananas. Years later I realized how sad it was that we were so pumped about tying Michigan.
  • NFL TEAM: Whatever team has the most Buckeyes on their roste

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Comment 11 Apr 2014

to no one's surprise, the most popular job by state graphic is wrong.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

calling someone pathetic doesn't qualify as a personal attack?

that makes as much sense as saying 9 catches in 6 games = an effective WR.

I notice you still haven't passed along any factual information to support your opinion that Devin Smith is an effective WR.

Comment 04 Apr 2014


You keep bringing up downvotes. Apparently you need validation from others. I could care less.

Your argument is so weak you had to stoop to personal attacks, which, as the saying goes, is the last bastion of a weak mind.

I argue that Devin Smith isn't an effective WR. I provided quotes, links, and facts. You disagree apparently. It might be a good idea for you to start providing factual information to support your opinion. Or you could go back to personal attacks if that makes you feel better.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I said I lost interest when Kyle referred to Devin Smith as an effective WR. He's not. Urban's comments back that point up, and so do the facts.

As for DV's, go ahead and worry about being popular and I'll worry about being right.

this exchange has boiled down to me providing factual info and supporting links; your response has basically been 'you're a jerk'. interesting exchange to say the least.

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I don't have to tell Devin Smith that he's been inconsistent because he already knows it. Urban has said as much publicly (which is why I'm wondering why in the heck you've been debating this), so I'm pretty sure both Urban and his position coach have let Devin know their feelings privately.


Comment 04 Apr 2014

ha! You getting offended doesn't make Devin an effective WR nor does it make me wrong. The fact that 40% of his season production happened in the 1st 3 games shoots down your arguments, especially when Philly didn't see the drop off in production. Braxton was throwing to both of them.....

Don't believe me? Maybe you'll believe Urban. How many links do you want relating to how inconsistent Devin's been?

Urban Meyer on what he needs from Devin Smith: "Consistency is probably the term that's most appropriate with him. Just consistency all the way through because he a great kid and just incredibly talented... I wouldn't say he's not performed well. He's a guy that's not maximized as a football player yet."


Comment 04 Apr 2014

I agree that a QB plays a role in a WR's production.

However, in the same bowl game that Devin caught 2 passes for 5 yards, Philly Brown caught 8 for 116. Considering Devin's lack of production going into the game, it's not like the Clemson DB's were trying to take Devin out of the game with double coverage or rolling safeties his way. He just disappeared out there.

And 9 catches over 6 games are what we should expect from a backup WR, not a starter.

I don't see what's so controversial about saying Devin isn't an effective WR, especially when the facts back it up.


Comment 03 Apr 2014

let's see now.....

When we need a spectacular catch, Devin's our man. When we need a routine catch, not so much. The guy caught a total of 9 passes in the last 6 games of last season. And 40% of his production for the season came in the 1st 3 games (Buffalo, SDSU, Cal). In the bowl game vs. Clemson, he had 2 catches for 5 yards.

For some people, I guess these stats constitute a reliable playmaker.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

saying that the NCAA has the best trainers, etc., is misleading. Nothing requires an 18 year to go to college. Go to the IMG Academies. Hire that QB guru out of pocket. Go play in the CFL. You're trying to make it seem like these kids have no options and are forced into the system. That's total bullsh!t.

At no point did I say that those perks are given out of the kindness of anyone's heart, but thanks for trying to put words in my mouth. Those perks, like the ipads, are selling points for recruits. But that's not the point. Those are benefits offered to the athletes that typical students don't get.

As the Kirk Barton tidbit points out - that you posted by the way - these young adults would be wise to take the gracious gift they've been offered that tens of thousands would take if they could because even those good enough to make it to the NFL have short careers. Go get that free degree that you've been given the chance to go after. If you do, you gotta play by their rules. HOWEVER, as I pointed out from the getgo, nothing forces them into that situation.

Empathy???!!! Tens of thousands of kids would change places with these guys in a second and you want me to show them empathy??? Envy is the word you are looking for.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

ha! talk about red herrings.....


when you accept employment/scholarship, you are accepting the terms of employment/scholarship.

Not compensated fairly? How about being given a scholarship at age 18 that nears the median household income in the US? Or being given a chance to attend a university that many athletes get into simply because they're athletes, and being given the opportunity to get a college degree (something that most Americans don't have).

and I haven't even gotten into all the perks they get.....

"If somebody like Braxton Miller was compensated fairly, he could put himself through school with his own money.' There you go! As I said in my original post, remove the scholarships and all the perks and then you can pay them whatever you want.

But stop treating these privileged athletes like they're victims being used by super evil universities.


Comment 06 Mar 2014

so now DJ says they're not regular students?

I completely agree. The fact that they get athletic scholarships and perks that most students never get is the proof.


No one is forcing them to play football. They do so by choice at an institution of higher learning that a large number of people would not get into in the first place. It is a privilege to attend college and even more of a privilege to participate in athletics.

fighting to pay someone who is already being given special privileges is ridiculous.


The 'Let's Pay the Players' argument would carry weight if the players weren't already being rewarded with scholarships and other perks.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

So DJ Byrnes still wants to see athletes get paid? OK, then take away the scholarships and all the perks that the average student never sees and then you can pay the student-athletes whatever you like.

Oh, and let's ignore the fact that most athletic programs are barely scraping by as it is. Let's give them another bill to pay. Great idea!

Comment 31 Jan 2014

I've seen 11w staff and others repeatedly reference Bollman as MSU's OL Coach. I don't know if Bollman has input with the OL or not, but Mark Staten is MSU's OL Coach. Bollman is Co-OC and TE Coach.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

Great article, but I can come up plenty of examples where I did something stupid in my youth that I'd frown on my kids doing.

just because I got away with something doesn't mean my kids are entitled to do it too.

I would hope that the effort put forth be admin would be enough to protect the university from any potentially serious liability issues. Students are just jumping into a shallow pond after all...

Comment 11 Nov 2013

Ethos - Herbie's claim of having to move out of Cols because of crazy fans was disproven. I've since forgotten the specifics though.

IIRC it fell under the same category as his "I was sleepy so I accidently dropped OSU in the polls after they beat Arkansas" excuse.

Comment 11 Nov 2013

Why do people care about Herbie's opinion? Silly me. I thought people with a national audience had the ability to influence others.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

On Chadron State, I can confirm firsthand that small schools cheat.

I started off playing Div III and there were recruiting violations up the wazoo. Once enrolled there was gambling, drugs, women, academic fraud, coaches and administrators looking the other way, PEDs. We knew what we were doing and didn't give a damn.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

It's not my assertion. It's the American Flag Foundation's assertion. But don't take my word for it. I didn't see this specific scenario on their website either so I called them. I posted their number so anyone who feels like it can call them too.


the lady I spoke with drew a clear line between wearing the flag and wearing a representation of it and brought up wearing red and white striped pants and (since they're in Maryland) Maryland's unform that was representative of the Maryland flag.