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I proudly walk on 2 legs but this could be subject to change as I age. I enjoy both eating and drinking.
In high school I made a New Year's resolution not to eat anything purple. 25 years later, so far so good.
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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 13-13 tie vs Michigan. In the student section. Crowd going bananas. Years later I realized how sad it was that we were so pumped about tying Michigan.
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Comment 15 Jul 2014

Let's compare Philly Brown's numbers to Devin's.

20% of Devin's total catches (9/44) and 20% of his total yards (135/660) came in the last 6 games.

40% of Philly's total catches (26/63) and 33% of his total yds (251/771) came in the last 6 games.

You can see the drop off in production for both, but the drop of for Devin is much greater. This is where I think route running, separating from DB's, etc, come into play. I think this is basically what Byrnes was saying when he said Devin hasn't proven much outside of his ability to run in a straight line really, really fast.

Comment 15 Jul 2014

agree 100% with Byrnes on Devin Smith. He basically disappeared in the 2nd half of the season last year.

His stats for the last 6 games of 2013: 9 catches, 135 yards, 2 TD's.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

one point of clarification: you don't have to start at a young age like I did but I would say that the 10000 hrs rule applies to soccer. What allows guys like Messi to do what he does is because he's done it so many times in practice that the game slows down for him.

Trust me, when you cross that threshold it's a pretty awesome feeling.

Comment 27 Jun 2014

soccer put me through college. After my playing days I was a FIFA ref for a long time and then did a little coaching. I used to keep in touch with former pros and a few USMNT members but that was a long time ago. The game's been good to me.

Different sports require different skill sets. Soccer requires skill, speed, and endurance (that's in order, fyi). In my playing days we'd put in about 6 miles of running in every game, but all that speed and endurance is worthless without skill.


Bottom line: The key to soccer is to have great skill and use that skill with pace and be able to do it over and over again for 90 minutes.

Comment 17 Jun 2014

305 you wanna tell them WHY he cancelled or do I have to? Somebody might get the impression he's ready to commit.

......A family matter caused him to cancel and he may still visit both PSU and ND..... His announcement date is still 8/28.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

I posted this above but will restate here.

I continue to disagree with the content of what was said re: Settle, but I do owe an apology regarding my 'discredited.....misinformation' comment. I misinterpreted something said on 247 that has since been clarified.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

while I continue to disagree with the content of what was said re: Settle, I do need to apologize for the 'discredited....misinformation' comment I made. I misinterpreted something on 247 that has since been clarified.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

305 claims to have a 247 membership. If you do too, head on over and take it up with Alex. He sent a follow up to his initial post re: Settle, and no, it doesn't corroborate a mended relationship with OSU.

dv away! (as if it mattered)

Comment 16 Jun 2014

I'm just passing along what Alex said. Don't shoot the messenger. Go get an apology from him.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

305Buck, delete this thread before you embarass yourself further. Discredited source spreading misinformation.

Per Alex, the relationship didn't need mending in the first place. Grades.....

Comment 13 Jun 2014

if you're a member of both sites like you claim then we wouldn't be having this discussion.

I think you'll be doing fellow 11w posters a favor by coming clean.

as for the #1 QB talk, again, it's irrelevant. Off the top of my head I know Gibson, Waller, and Wimbush have all been told they're our #1. Probably said the same to Murray and Stidham. They also told both Clark and Hentges that they were our #1 TE. Lots of recruits get told they're our #1 guy.




Comment 13 Jun 2014

Jaxbuckeye, the difference is that I'm regurgitating what Scout and 247 insiders have been saying for a long time while 305 is just winging it. Doubt me? Do a trial membership for either site and see for yourself. I suggest 305 do the same thing.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

I remember reading on Scout awhile back that Wimbush was turned off a bit by potentially having to compete with somebody like Gibson, which made PSU much more appealing because he could come in and be the man. That and his mother was a PSU alum or something. I don't recall what 247 said about it. Bottom line: Urban wasn't pushing him to hold off his announcement.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

If I cared to, I'd hunt down the links proving my point but it's not worth the trouble. Even then, I think the info is behind a paywall so you wouldn't be able to see it anyway.

You are well intentioned but incorrect. You're right in that he blew it when he stuck with Watson longer than he should've, but he did handle the QB recruiting differently this time. He wanted 2 QB's but only if 1 was Gibson, and he told several QB's that there were his #1 QB which shouldn't surprise anyone.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

other than the fact that his assumption is incorrect. sorry, but Wimbush changed his announcement date on his own; Urban would've accepted his commitment at anytime.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

305Buck is under impression that Urban was having Wimbush push back his commitment date while he waited on Gibson. This is false. Urban would've taken Wimbush's commitment at any time. Wimbush pushed back his commitment date on his own and just chose PSU.

Comment 12 Jun 2014

Disagree with you on his ability, MacG91. Have you seen his highlight video? As a throwing QB, meh. But as a running QB the guy is ridiculous and it's not like he's playing weak or slow competition.

I would agree that we'll be just fine without him, though.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

It's possible that he's been overlooked because he lives in S.Dakota, but check out Matt Forniak. He's a 2016 OL recruit from S.Dakota who has offers from Oklahoma and Nebraska.

One thing that might've made Schmidt more valuable is that his HS plays no huddle spread offense.

Comment 26 May 2014

Allinosu, If you've been doing all sorts of research like you claim, then you'd know Gibson gets excited about whatever school he's visited most recently.


The only constant has been OSU, despite the fact that he hasn't visited yet.

Who knows if we get him or not, but I encourage you to pay closer attention.




Comment 09 May 2014

the pic of Ohio Stadium at the top of today's Skull Session is Ohio Stadium as I remember it. Haven't been back to Ohio in a long time. I can't imagine how much campus has changed since then.