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Comment 13 Jun 2017

I think they'll give Chris Bosh a look on the cheap if he can pass a physical. I also think they'll explore PG13 at the expense of some sort of combo of Love, Shump, JR or TT and a pick (if Indy is listening). Maybe add Bogut once healthy. RJ/Frye likely will be gone Road Trippin. Wouldn't mind seeing DWill (PG) and Korver back in reserve rolls. I actually think the Cavs were closer to making this a series than most. I'd take the Cavs in a rematch next year even without too much personnel turnover for either team. Warriors' FAs include Iguodala, Livingston, Zaza, West, among others (McGee, Clark, McAdoo, Barnes) and they will not likely be able to retain Iggy and Livingston on top of a hefty raise for Curry and possibly Durant.

Comment 29 Jan 2016

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Comment 07 Dec 2015

I completely respect this view point. Obviously I'm just on the other side of the fence. Which makes sense since I do corporate defense work and not plaintiffs work.

My main point in this situation though, is that I think his best path to getting back to the top of his profession is going a different route. There are only a limited number of head coaching positions in D1 college football (especially Power 5). Even less so for a major, blue blood. Even if it's poor form, I think it's the reality that schools will see a very public dispute being litigated and shy away from him given the situation. IMHO, I just think if he wants to get another head coaching job somewhere/anywhere significant, I think his easier path is taking his lumps, getting better, seeking forgiveness and redemption and working his way back.

I also understand your point of bullying if USC is the one saying that. But not if other schools have those discussions behind close doors and nobody ever learns of them. Which is unfortunately what I think his reality will be. Head coaches are a significant investment for a university and those discussions are warranted for the risk averse if you ask me. 

Comment 07 Dec 2015

Agree this is likely a way to just pursue some type of settlement but suing the school cannot be good for his chances of getting another major head coaching job. Why would any school hire a guy with his past who has a proven penchant for litigation against his employer? To me, a step towards the right path of recovery is owning your mistakes and part of that is owning the consequences attached to your mistakes. In this case, it would be not only owning the firing but deserving nothing. In the long run, the better move for him would be to live the truth and try to move on and try to better himself. To me, that's the route that gets you forgiveness and a second chance at regaining what you once had (i.e., coaching again in his case).

Comment 20 Nov 2015

Who do you think I am? Christopher Columbo?

Comment 05 Jun 2015

Most Cleveland thing ever (from long time Clevelander)



Comment 14 Dec 2014

Did anyone catch when Butch Davis said Miami interviewed Jim Tressel in 1995 to replace Dennis Erickson? I'm not sure I believe the accuracy of that statement given the timing but I guess it's possible. Just seems unlikely.