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Comment 05 Feb 2013

While not clearly evident from this video, XS is probably just about the furthest possible thing from a sausage party

Comment 05 Dec 2012

Definitely-On multiple occasions Meyer referenced both the importance of having top-tier assistants and the costs associated with hiring those assistants.

Comment 30 Oct 2012

Does anyone have a comparision of assistant coaches salaries from Tressel's last year vs. Urban's first year?

I suspect they might provide a solid alibi for the cronyism charges brought against JPT. 


Edit: Forgot to add, great read!

Comment 28 Oct 2012

I'm starting to think he's taught to slow his motion down until he feels pressure. Theoretically it gives the gunners an extra split second to get down the field and cover.

Comment 05 Oct 2012

It's not just Page--Clapton and Beck were with the Yardbirds as well. They were undoubtedly an influential band.

But seriously, more influential than the Beatles? No

Comment 04 Oct 2012

A basic reply to this would be that 4-3, 3-4, 5-2 etc. refer to the personnel on the field, and not the locations the personnel are lined up in. So in that shot there are 4 Defensive linemen on the field and 3 linebackers, but one of the linebackers is just walked up on the line.

Comment 04 Oct 2012

How about they get rid of the news completely and just have "Several moments with Jim Tressel". And it airs on all stations. TV and radio. And Pandora.

Comment 03 Oct 2012

Gala apples are mealy mush not fit for swine. Its like eating a balloon filled with applesauce. Give me Fuji or give me a non-apple snack

Comment 03 Oct 2012

That still makes sense, just not in relation to the material that was quoted

Comment 27 Sep 2012

There's a legitimate chance that Bryant is the best linebacker on the team, right?

I really hate making up hypothetical defenses but maybe move Bryant to star and use nickle as the base defense, with some combo of Grant, Howard, and OJ filling the void at safety. Shazier and Nathan Williams at linebacker? Bennet, hankins, Goebel, and Simon on the line? Is that our best (most reliable) 11 on the field?

Comment 26 Sep 2012

While you all are undoubtedly highly intelligent, performed admirably in your first press conference, and have never made regretable comments to the many people constantly quoting you,  I think maybe you should cut the guy some slack in the intelligence department. Wasn't he academic all big-ten or somesuch?

Comment 26 Sep 2012

Oh yea, quite good quality as well. Excruciatingly good in some circumstances. Did you try contacting his coaches for the cutups? Maybe open the conversation with "I work for a website..."

Comment 20 Sep 2012

Awesome article.

Ross, does it seems like a healthy, active Nathan Williams is the best thing that could happen to this defense?

Even without huge sack totals, he is consistently around the quarterback, creating splash plays. This harassment of the quarterback will hopefully allow our limited LB's and somewhat limited safeties to sit back in the cover three zones they've been repping since they arrived on campus.

Comment 11 Sep 2012

On top of the number of hours per week rule, I'm pretty sure there's a rule stating seven consecutive days of coaching is a no-no. One day off a week is required. I also believe that it's fairly common practice for that day off to be monday, followed by the hardest practice of the week on tuesday.





Comment 06 Sep 2012

Ross, did you get an overall feel for how Sabino would have graded out in coverage? Its a small sample size, but I really like what he shows in those clips. On both the first cover 4 clip and the OSU pressure clip he looks to be doing a great job of opening to the most threatening receiver, reading their routes, and then turning weakside and identifying crossers. It's good to see from someone I seem to recall struggling a bit in coverage in the past.

Also, any feeling on Shazier in terms of coverage?

Comment 06 Sep 2012

I think I've viewed Gangnam style 20+ times and it hasn't stopped being awesome yet. The video is a delight. If you like wierd videos, Koreans, or Koreans making wierd videos, I suggest you check it out. Let it revolutionize your dance repertoire.  

Comment 04 Sep 2012

Great article. Who did you murder to get that film?

random thoughts in no order

I think Jordan Hall will be great in this offense

The trips to the boundary option was thing of beauty. I suspect it will be put on a teach tape. Stoneburner will probably get a buckeye leaf for his role.

A lot of the issues that Braxton had last year still seem to be around; deep ball accuracy, reads on dropback passes, and the occasional wtf ball. That said, he's still so young.

Loved the qb draw with Boren as the lead blocker. Really well designed play.

That is all.