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Comment 24 Jan 2015

Not entirely sure on that one. Total offense of 544 yards could also be in longer field position as well. Also, the Rushing Offense did step it up a notch, and fed the beast that is Zeek more often. So I think that helped that out. Eliot did have his best games in those final three games. I wouldn't put that on Jones. Maybe because Urban realized they need to run a more complex running scheme to make up that lost rushing yardage. In the end they found something that worked out really really well. My only question is, how does that new rushing scheme fit with Barrett as well as Jones. 

 I would put the offense as a wash out there between the two. Wait and see how they look in the fall. 

Still if Jones can get those reps and get his accuracy up and learn to go through his progressions more like Barrett, then I can see him competing well with Barrett because of his arm strength. 

I would say Jones had the advantage just because of the reps in the spring. I put it at 60/40 Jones over Barrett. 

Comment 16 Jan 2015

To me, this means Braxton will be going to another school. Braxton might not even be ready to go by the beginning of the football season. 

So I am wondering what schools would want Braxton or where would Braxton go. I don't see him going to a top power 5 school. Just recruiting, that school needs a scholarship, is Braxton going to be even ready?

To me I think he goes to a mid-level power 5, or low-level power 5. Just a place were he can put up some big numbers and get some reps. 

Does he want to learn a new system. So this brings in the situation of who runs a system like Urban. Maybe the new head coach of Houston? Just saying, it would be a great fit. I am sure they can take a flier on Braxton for 1 year. Give the next guy a chance to learn under him. He knows Tom Herman. He probably knows he's going to put up a lot of numbers. 

Comment 13 Oct 2014

I am crossed on Braxton or JT. If JT plays really well against MSU, and then proceeds to lead the team to lets say a bowl win. Lets say they don't get in the playoffs. I am not sure it is fair for JT to hand over the reigns to Braxton next year. Clearly I think JT is a much better passing QB than Braxton. He sees the defense better, he sees the field. He makes reads very quick. He throws the ball with anticipation. Heck that fade route TD last game, he threw that before the WR made his break, and he had pressure in his face. 

If I had to put it this way. Braxton wants to see the guy 100% open before he throws. JT can predict if a guy is going to be open and is able to judge the throw earlier. 

Also watching JT run, he's not illusive as Braxton, but he gets the job done. I would say JT is between Kenny G and Braxton. I think he has a stronger arm, more accurate and slightly faster than Kenny. He doesn't have the illusiveness, top end speed, or arm strength of Braxton. I think JT is just more football smart. 

If JT plays as well as he has the rest of the year. I think Braxton has to earn the QB spot back. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

The O-line was horrible that night. Out of those 7 sacks in the final 9 MINUTES!. I think maybe one was a coverage sack. The rest were just the O-line getting out right PUNKED by VT! 

Unlike some people, who like to go all crazy about bad coaching. The number of combined starts for 4 of the 5 O-line starters is absurdly low. I don't care what people say. If you are given less than 3 seconds, in most cases 2 seconds to get rid of the ball. NO QB can operate under that pressure. It would be easy to cover the first two WR options, and now your QB has to scramble. 

If you look back to last year. If it wasn't for a few Special Teams mishaps VT could have went into Alabama and beat them last year. Out of the 35 points Alabama score last year, 21 of them were on Special Teams or Defense created. 

I would say the biggest concern I had was not going to a Screen Pass. Try to get the WR out in space and make a move. If they are putting 8-9 in a box, place 3 WR to one side and throw a screen. Then its one on one, if the guy makes a move he could go the distance. Its better than trying to run against a D-Line that is beating your O-Line all night. 

Really my biggest disappointment is the lack of play calling on the O-line. Maybe for all that talk about how well Barrett was doing in the Preseason, Urban and the OC sure don't trust him enough to run more than a half dozen plays during a game. 

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Doesn't matter. The whole stadium can see a wide open receiver. If the QB isn't seeing him on that read, then he won't see him. 

If he goes 1-2-3. If 2 is open at 3, then 2 isn't going to be seen. 

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Barrett was sacked 7 times in the game. Of those 7 sacks, I would say one was because he held onto the ball too long. I was at the game, he had less than 3 seconds, and most of the time about 2 seconds before he was being hit or pressured. 

The blame is totally on the O-line. I thought the defense did good enough. 3 turnovers, holding VT to 7 offensive points in the 2nd half. A lot of three and outs. The defense stepped up. The offense just couldn't stay on the field. When the TOP is over 35 minutes, that is tough for any defense to hold an opponent from scoring. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

OSU will probably go 6-0 in the first 6 games. The Penn State game might be tough because it has given Franklin's team time to mature with the first half of the season. I still think they got depth issues. I can OSU going 8-0 going into the MSU Game. 

By that time, I hope J.T. is comfortable, got his groove down with the skill players. Hopefully the Defense has stepped it up over last year. If so, I think we got the talent to take out MSU in an away game.  If we get past that game, then the only hurdle left is the *ichigan game at home. That game can always turn into some sort of craziness. 

I would say 50% chance of going undefeated, and 40% chance of one loss, 10% chance of two loss. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I am sure Ohio State has some very good sports trainers and doctors. Things might have looked ok, but you never know. Like any joint injury, you are never sure until you get the reps in. Looks like even after the surgery his shoulder was still unstable enough to dislocate. If it did dislocated, 6 weeks recovery time, if surgery is required he's done for the year. 

On the surgery Braxton had in February, 
"It typically takes 2 to 4 months to achieve complete relief of pain, but it may take up to a year to return to your sports activities."

Comment 04 Mar 2014

Watching those lineman go through the agility drills with Johnson makes me think about how crazy that D-line can get when they get their bodies working more optimally from an agility stand point, and how to harness all that leg power. Look forward to a lot of offensive lineman being blown up next season. 

Comment 06 Jan 2014

Screen passes are either hoping the offense throws to a situation were you have a +1 scenario. If not then the defenders have to shed their blocks better. The DB's didn't do that at all. Screen passes are really not about scheme, its about a player being able to dominate their space and make a play. 

I wouldn't put this on Fickle. Urban has shown that one person can not run a whole team. Basically Fickle overseas this position coaches. To me the issue is the DB's coach. I am not entirely sure if Combs is over his head or not being a DB's coach. I don't mind him being special teams. Fickle is a good linebackers coach. I think Vrable has done a good job on the defensive line. The weak link is combs, which I hate to say because I like the guy. 

Comment 05 Jan 2014

I think it is a bit of both. I think Braxton doesn't read pressure well. He doesn't read delayed blitzes, he gets easily frazzled under pressure. I think he waits to long on passes, which tells me that he takes way to long to read the first WR. He should know by the coverage and by the DB if the number 1 receiver will be open, and should be going to 2 & 3. He locks on to 1, and waits to see if the WR gets open. That is bad because now the timing is off for the other receivers. I also think he doesn't like to throw in tight windows. Let the WR make a play. All you need is half a step, and a few WR were a full step ahead of the DB last night. Braxton could easily thrown a ball and at least give it a shot. Now the only pass he likes to throw is to the TE when no one is with in 30 yards of him. At least in the big ten championship game he threw a perfect over the shoulder pass that was broken up by a better play by the MSU DB. Braxton didn't try to throw it 500 mph, he laid it in the WR hands. He has the ability to put touch on the ball. He just needs to DO IT!!!  

I hate to say this, because I am a Braxton fan. I wonder sometimes what the offense would look like with Kenny G. back there who actually knows the playbook and knows how to go through progressions. 

Comment 19 Dec 2013

So which Buckeye running back would you take if forced to choose one for a single game? It's easy to make an argument for any one of them based on the numbers alone. Regardless, Hyde has a case to be included amongst the great running backs in Ohio State history.

I would take Hyde. Last year I would have taken Wells. I think Wells had much better vision to Carlos Hyde version 1.0 (last year). Especially his ability to hit the cut back for big gains. This years Hyde version 1.2 (the beast). He was able to weave his way through the line, when line was blocking in the 2nd level he was able to cut and hit the big gain to the outside. His vision and speed have improved, and he developed some game breaking speed. 


Comment 11 Dec 2013

I agree, I think the DL has done well. They have done great in run support. They have let Shazier fly to the ball. They have gotten after the QB. The problem is DB's have to hold coverage for at least 4 seconds. That is the internal clock of the QB, 4 seconds to go through the reads, then you start worrying about the offensive line. Cause the problem is, of all those sacks, how many this year were COVERAGE sacks. 


I remember in the Tressel era they would have a few coverage sacks a game. Meaning the DB's held their coverage for more than 4 seconds, allowing the D-line to get a sack. We maybe had like a handful all year, that is sad. 

Comment 10 Dec 2013

I think it was Cam Newton who did this read. You don't read the end, you read the safety. What OSU should have done is, put in two TE's. Motion one to block, and keep the other in the slot. Read the safety, if he drops into run coverage, then throw the seam, if not then hand the ball off to hyde or keep the ball himself. I would run a seem pass every play possible. Just torture that one safety all night. It would force linebackers to shade towards that side if they don't bring the safety down. You got to attack something all night, just to wear it down. That would have been the focal point to me. The DB's are to good for Michigan. I would test the safeties, who have been known to let coverage get behind them. Heck, throw Wilson in the seam, tell him "RUN TO THE END ZONE MY CHILD". 

Comment 09 Dec 2013

Soft zone is a mentality, not a scheme. Look at Missouri, they play primarily zone. Yet when I watched them against Texas A&M, they broke on the ball right when Johnny football was throwing it. Meaning they understood their assignment, they were playing free of conflicting, and they were reading the QB. Our defense gets back into the zone, but their is no reading and reaction. 

To me it almost seems like, Ok get into the zone, our line will take care of the rest. Yet the DB's need to actually cover the person in their Zone. Its crazy. 

Comment 09 Dec 2013

This is crazy. You know Saban is starting a sophomore at DB. Guess what, the kid was so-so at the beginning of the year, now he's flying around the field making plays. There has been no player development at the DB position at all this year. D-line got better, Linebackers got better. Grant picked up his game. Perry picked up his game. The only unit the whole season that didn't get better was DB's. Tells me one thing, the position coach needs to change. Coombs clearly doesn't have what it takes to coach DB's. Coombs was DB's coach at Cincinnati, 

Split G Att Comp Pct. Yards Yards/Att TD Int Rating Att/G Yards/G
All Games 13 483 291 60.2 3394 7 17 16 124.27 37.2 261.1
All Games 12 370 240 64.9 2808 7.6 25 8 146.6 30.8 234
All Games 13 420 267 63.6 2993 7.1 16 16 128.38 32.3 230.2
All Games 14 478 268 56.1 2897 6.1 18 17 112.3 34.1 206.9
All Games 13 493 295 59.8 3302 6.7 15 26 115.59 37.9 254

The Cincinnati defense wasn't't that great against the past. Stats look a lot like waht OSU is giving up, especially in the QBR. 

OSU needs to find a new DB's coach. If this means Coombs has to leave, then that is what it is. Clearly he doesn't have the game to coach DB's at OSU. 



Comment 05 Dec 2013

Since MSU likes to play tough man coverage on the outside. I would like to see a lot of 2 TE in the game. Send them down the middle on play action passes splitting the safeties who jump up in run support. The good thing about Man Coverage as well, is that it opens up run plays on the outside. Since DB's line up on the WR, the WR doesn't have to go search for a DB to block. I can see a lot of quick screens, bubble screens, and jet sweeps. 

To me OSU should go with the game plan they had against NW. Get the RB out near the sideline for an outlet pass. Since it is man coverage, a Linebacker or Safety will have to cover him. I think Hyde has an advantage their. 


Comment 07 Nov 2013

The thing I love about this Ohio State team, they run the ball. That is what will keep them in games. Against Oregon and FSU, I think Urban can put together 2-3 long slow methodical drives to give the defense a rest. Also, this defense goes up against a high speed offense every week, and they are 2 deep on the D-line.

So what's the term to describe OSU, VERSATILE.

They can power run it, they can finesse it, they can throw it deep, short. I still think Braxton needs to work on the middle of the field passes, but he's at least trying them this year with some success.

I think this team has the man power and variety of plays and styles to compete under any situation.

Comment 31 Oct 2013

I think he ends up being a coach later on in his career. Maybe a future buckeye head coach after Matta ;)

Comment 28 Oct 2013

They think we ran up the score, out of the last 25 offensive plays called, only 2 were passes. If you can't stop the run, you deserve to be scored on.

Comment 24 Oct 2013

I think the extra bye week is huge for the coaches. They get more time to scheme. As for the players, I think it might be bad. They are use to routine, then you break it. I would say, try to keep things as close to the same, I might even throw in a scrimmage on a Saturday, then go into the next week as it was business as usual.



Comment 21 Oct 2013

When he got hit, and went sideways, I just thought we got the first down. Then it was basically, "NO WAY", "OMG", "YEA!!!!"

He's like a diesel engine though. He doesn't really start strong, takes a wile to get up to temp, but man once he gets in a groove during a game, he's just a tank out there.

Comment 20 Oct 2013

I agree, I thought the defense did much better in the 2nd half. I do agree that Iowa threw us some curve balls with that two and three tight end set. You really get a game plan going, and suddenly they pull out the dink and dunk offense. 

The linebackers got exposed in pass coverage, and loosing Roby to a BS call cost us. 

We better get our shit together next week, we got PSU and them off a bye week. That game might be a shoot out.