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Comment 11 Aug 2013

That's a lie, in this gif Kevin Kolb is the Cardinal's QB. That's all fine except for he plays for the Bills now. Hardly from "the other night"


also very funny that your favorite college basketball player is Kevin Garnett. Just saying.

Comment 06 Feb 2013

Check out this UT fan's reaction on 247. 


Comment 27 Jun 2012

Any idea where the 2 new bowls will be located? Even though it sounds like OSU would be in the Rose Bowl regardless, something in the Midwest/Northeast would be great for college football.

Comment 26 Jun 2012

I agree with parts of this, but you're leaving out how OKC is exactly what Cleveland is aiming to become, a small market team that drafts a humble star and hopes to build a core around him through the draft. Sure Cleveland rooted against LBJ, but they also rooted FOR a team that Cleveland can relate to and aspires to be at their level.

Comment 10 May 2012

I wear Buckeye/Cleveland gear in Daytona Beach all the time, and never have I had anyone be disrespectful. Most people there aren't real homegrown Floridians or whatever they call themselves.

Comment 04 May 2012

Is this a serious question? Assuming you're basically asking who is the worse human being then it isn't even close. It shouldn't even be debatable. How is this relevant btw?

Comment 30 Apr 2012

It's a bummer, but I'm more upset/disappointed that he even committed in the first place. Not even 2 weeks later he is decommitting, really? At this point, unless Urban thinks he's a game changer I say good riddance. Good luck to Lewis.