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Comment 11 Sep 2013

Not specifically related to anything in the skully, but I thought it appropriate on 9/11 to give a shout out to OSU for it's awesome handling of the tragedy in 2001. I was there for the rally in the stadium after 9/11 and it was a pretty moving experience. I'll never forget the sea of American flags. I encourage all to keep in their thoughts and prayers those who perished in the attacks 12 years ago. God bless America and of course GO BUCKS!!

Comment 29 Aug 2013

I was there in the stadium for Kenny G's comeback and it was a thing of absolute beauty. One of the most thrilling comebacks I've ever seen. I can still remember belting out Carmen with my Mom after the game and slapping high fives with complete strangers. :-)

Comment 28 Aug 2013

I was soo pumped that you gave mention to Johnson's REAL Ice Cream in Bexley! I grew up in Bexley going to Johnson's all the time and have always said that they are better than Graeter's.

Also, to add my two cents about lunch - I have always enjoyed Cazuela's just North of campus on High. They have great Mexican food and good prices.