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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2003 - beating Miami (they're so FAST!)
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Comment 13 Jan 2016
I live near Portsmouth and have seen high school games in Spartan Municipal Stadium. I am so glad it is still in use for football. I was floored when I learned that it was the FIRST pro football stadium!
Comment 06 Nov 2015
It's from a SUPER obnoxious drunk driving PSA that often plays on 97.1 The Fan on game days. It's basically this whiney guy complaining about everything that sucks in his life because he got busted for drunk driving culminating with him talking about his girlfriend dumping him and dating "that creep Nathan." It is the worst. I turn off the radio when it comes on. But I did laugh at Remy's reference.
Comment 10 Oct 2015
I can't argue with this. The dude has a freaking motor. That said, I still hate TCU.
Comment 19 Aug 2015

SERIOUSLY!!! GIVE HYDE THE ROCK!!! ...Oh yeah and Buck-I-Dude is a clown who doesn't deserve anything but a sound smack in his over-painted face. Maybe then he will start acting his age and stop embarassing Buckeye Nation. He. Is. NOT. Buckeye Nation!!

Comment 19 Aug 2015
...Did anyone else tune in at 7:00 and see the 2014 OSU/Much game? I thought it was supposed to start at 7? No worries, though, b/c I caught it at 8:30. My favorite parts were the intro with JK Simmons' monologue (dude is my new favorite actor, amiright?) and every second Braxton was on. Honorable mention goes to the Coombstone tauntfest 2015.
Comment 27 Jul 2015
I'm right there with you! That pass, that game is the shining light in that hellish season.
Comment 19 Jul 2015
Jimmy H decided that since he was in Europe, he might as well have a swanky dinner party at a castle, right? That was actually the reason for his well-publicized baguette run. As chance would have it, there were some other former coaches from the U of M in town, so they decided to make a night of it and party in the way only true Michigan Men (minus Rich Rod, of course) know how! #puremichigan
Comment 13 Jun 2015

I have left games early on multiple occasions, including the Rutgers game this year.

I didn't leave the 2012 Purdue game early...but only because I wanted to be a good fan and stick it out till we lost. I didn't think we would win. Damn, that Smooth Jazz was amazing! That memory still gives me chills.

In my heart of hearts, I am just a bandwagon Basketbucks fan. If the basketball team is doing well, I get excited for them. If they have a crappy year, it doesn't effect me that much.

I doubted that Cardale would be able to lead the team after Barrett went down. I was very nervous that we would lose the Wisconsin game. This made that victory all the more enjoyable, though.

I hate the "Rip his f*ckin' head off" cheer. I think it's classless and reflects badly on our entire fanbase.

I secretly like the Texas Longhorns. I have respected them ever since they beat us and went on to win the title in '05-'06. The OSU / Texas game in the Shoe in '05 was the loudest and most rocking OSU game I have been to, including the "Game of the Century" in '06.