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Comment 02 Feb 2017

I don't get why people are starry eyed over "sexy" talent and top 5 recruiting rankings. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's there but I I judge a program by championships. One B1G Championship for Urban really takes away from all the recruiting success. (The National Championship speaks for itself. But bad losses each of the last two years is a buzz kill.)

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Yes. Now...imagine what he may be able to do outside of a passing game that has been a total CF for long stretches of his career.  This pass game problem has been recurring throughout Urban's tenure. Maybe with a guys that's been doing it as long as Wilson, he will have 100% control (or as close to it as you get ) over what's happening.  

Comment 01 Jan 2017

I'm catching some of the 2nd half replay now as I read through the articles here. It's just mistake after mistake after mistake. All exploited by the downhill, smothering attack mode of Clemson.  This offense needs serious tweaks so it can be complete. But beyond that...this team wasnt ready to play last night. They looked panicked and obviously overwhelmed by the entire situation.  Urban looked the same way. 

Comment 01 Jan 2017

Urban used to talk about "alignment" of the staff with a common purpose. He also talks about recruiting being the life blood. No one would argue against these points of emphasis. However, it seems he doesn't have one point in line with the other.  He NEEDS an offensive staff with a group of guys that know how to run a system TOGETHER that matches the athletes they recruit. And, they need to recruit the best players that fit the scheme. Right now they take the best athletes and try  to build an offfense out of them but it's missing key components. It's out of alignment. If your power spread, get personnel that can include your single back in the power run game - as the ball carrier. Get TEs that can BLOCK and CATCH. 85 can't block. 88 can't run. Weber only carries on inside zone.   The pass game is so disjointed I can't get into it.  STOP filling the offensive staff with your buddies and get a staff that can scheme and build it. 

Comment 23 Nov 2016

As I sit here, holding my phone with my 43 year old hands, reading Pepper's garbage I wish I'd step backwards through time to my playing days. Whoever the smack talker was in our rivalry game would've been a marked man.  I sincerely hope Peppers is exactly that     Somebody needs to find him in a situation where he can be blocked back on and destroyed. 

Comment 02 Nov 2016

I'm kind of getting tired of the excuse..."the other teams are taking this away or forcing us to do this or that" (Cover 3).  I get it completely that teams are game planning to take things away from the O and attack the D differently than what plays to their strength.  No kidding.  The opponents have paid coaching staffs too.  But where are the answers?  Where is the contingency plan?  Where is the mentality of, "You take away A, we exploit B."  

Sometimes I think the staff says, we'll build grit by making the kids grind out a win with one arm tied behind their backs for a quarter at a time so they are battle hardened.  Other times I think, (because sometimes kicks get blocked and you lose) nobody does that...they just don't have answers this week.

Comment 24 Oct 2016

Wiscy and PSU seemed, felt, and looked like the team and staff was going about it with a "let's get by and escape these games" attitude.  PSU even more so than Wiscy.

They knew the environments and an extra week for each team and less than a week for OSU to prep was going to make it an up hill battle.  I'm sure Meyer never imagined 2 blocked kicks happening.  They need to block out all the questioning, get aggressive again and have a "Get Healthy" week vs NW.  Trouble is, NW is hot.  Nebraska is hot.  They gotta put aside survival mode and get down to KICKING ASS like at OU.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

This team lost under an avalanche of fluke plays, missed/bad calls, and an insane environment. It happened at the end of a short week after dealing with a lot of the same last week at Wiscy.  Plus, Wiscy and PSU had two weeks each to prepare. I'm not worried. Is the pass game a concern?  Definitely.  Are there things that have to get better?  Yes. But championships are won in November and Halloween is a week away. 

Comment 06 Aug 2016

Isn't there an irony to the fact that many kids want to be held back a year in grade school so they have an extra year to mature giving them an advantage over their classmates when they get to high school?  Yet once they've gained that advantage, they want to enroll early in college.  Flexibility is a good thing for individuals but this is what happens when systems try to accommodate everyone. I believe in what's fair for some is not what's fair for all. However, you better be ready for the fallout.