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Comment 13 Feb 2015

Here is what I like about the coaching turnover:

When Tress was HC, I spent a decent amount of time attending practices, working the summer camps, and visiting the staff in the off season. This was when I was an OC and before I had 4 kids under age 9.  Life was right!!  What I noticed, up close and personal, was that the longer the staff was there...the more and more relaxed things seemed to get.  I remember attending a bowl practice before they played Texas and left disgusted with how the practice was run.  NO INTENSITY AT ALL.  I just knew OSU wasn't going to be prepared to win and was surprised they came as close as they did.  The killer instinct seemed to have gone away.  Replaced by almost an arrogant attitude of "We're OSU, we're better...just because we are."

Well, Urban has clearly fixed that problem - among some others.  So my point, to get the program to be run the way it needs to so the players maintain that edge...that drive to be a need new blood hungry for taking that next step up the ladder that will lead to the million $$$ payday.  That's what's going on and I like it!  When you know you've reached the top, it's rare for a guy to be able go a million miles an hour...unless your name is Coombs!

(Oh...and I'm a HUGE Tressel fan.  I just think he hired his guys and not always the best guys.)

Comment 11 Feb 2015

There is one thing I haven't seen discussed.  That is, due to his lack of reps since prior to his injury...he has no on-field relationship/experience with the returning receivers.  Philly, Smith, Spencer, etc. are all gone.  He hasn't been able to develop a "feel" for Thomas, Marshall, Cory Smith, Zeke, Vannett, etc. and they haven't been able to get a feel for him.  With reps all going to Jones in the spring and then Jones and Barrett - AND Braxton - in the fall...when will Braxton get a chance to gel with the personnel on this offense???  There just won't be enough reps to go around to accommodate all of what will need to happen in those practices.

I keep coming back, in my mind, to how good the offense could be with Braxton in the slot...if he'd committ to it.  The personnel packages OSU could create would be unbelievable!

Comment 09 Feb 2015

I agree.  A corner and/or a safety running with Smith had very little to do with the OL establishing the run.  What did it was the 5 guys up front making the right calls at the LOS and the TE's getting involved in the power run game and the trap game (against Oregon).  Executing and getting a hat on a hat was what allowed the run game to become over-powering.  It wasn't that teams were playing OSU leaning back on their heels because they were afraid to get the ball thrown over their heads.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

I'd say that's about right.  But there are intangibles like toughness, leadership, and 'winner' as well.  There's also how quickly decisions get made, accuracy, and understanding of the playbook.  It seems like it's splitting hairs between JT and Cardale in those areas.  Cardale will have the chance to close the gap and/or pass JT while he recovers from his injury.  Braxton would be 3rd by a considerable amount, IMO, with all three of those areas.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

If that's the definition of "upside", I might agree. However, with the weapons on this offense I'd argue that you don't need the home run threat created by Braxton's legs.  Rather, it's better to distribute the ball to the play makers, keep the D spread out, and hand the ball to Zeke.  Let the QB be the wild card in the run game to move the chains with draws and scrambles like JT and Cardale can do.  Too much is placed on Braxton in the run game when he's the starter.  It prevented the ball from getting into the hands of others, which lead to defenses only having to stop him, thus...getting him hurt.  

I'm totally with you on the point you made about not being able to win with upside.  Playing someone because they have more talent or "upside" will eventually get you beat.  

Comment 09 Feb 2015

Speaking of stretching the field, it'll be interesting to see if anyone can step up and take over as the vertical threat in place of Smith.  That helped Cardale a lot, IMO.  Even if a guy doesn't become as lethal as Smith, balance in the offense can make it just as hard to defend as a deep threat...probably even more so.  

I agree...buckeye problems.  Who wouldn't sign up for 'em?  

Comment 09 Feb 2015

> All three have shown they can win.  (Braxton, JT, Cardale)

> All three have shown they can play great. (Braxton, JT, Cardale)

> All three have shown command of the offense to an extent. (JT 1st - distributor and runner, Cardale 2nd - distributor and a lesser runner, Braxton 3rd - not a distributor, QB designed runner but not a great option reader)

> All three are not healthy.  (Only Cardale is healthy)

> All three have not shown they can play a full season. (Cardale didn't get hurt but throws his body around.)  

> All three have not shown they can win a big game.  JT - MSU, PSU - big time, come from behind, OT win, & UM. Cardale - we all know his.  Braxton - None in his junior year unless you count a terrible UM team.

These guys have a lot of growth still possible.  Any of the three should be able to lead the team to 12 wins.  The competition between the three to master the finer points of being a QB will determine the starter...along with their HEALTH.  If none of them pucker up due to the competition, OSU could literally have 3 of the 5 best QB's in the nation on the '15 roster.

Comment 09 Feb 2015

In Barrett's 1st twelve starts, he broke just about every meaningful QB record there is at OSU, including Brees' total TD's in a season.  Therefore, I have to disagree with you about Miller having the most upside.  Barrett is SO EFFICIENT, he'll be tough to beat as the starter (unless his ankle holds him back).  Braxton was never efficient. Standing on the sideline an entire year isn't going to help that. 

Comment 03 Feb 2015

1/2 the 650 million people watching the soccer game were eating un-refrigerated mayonnaise and cheese.  In short, who gives a Euro what they were watching?  They're crazy!

Comment 02 Feb 2015

In regard to Braxton's ability to make people miss one on one, I saw a poster on Bucknuts say, "with all the reports now that he is beginning reps at WR...".

I haven't seen or heard these "reports".  Has anyone on here heard these "reports"?

Comment 16 Jan 2015

I'm not understanding the premise of a 3 QB race.  Miller has a shoulder injury that is supposedly not going to be ready for throwing until at minimum 12 months post surgery.  How's he going to get reps and compete for the job when he isn't going to be cleared to practice in the spring or, in all likelihood fall?  JT is still on his roller cart and has screws and a plate holding his ankle together.  How many weeks of rehab will he need to get to the point where he can run and change direction in a controlled therapy setting before before being turned loose taking snaps in a meaningful/live practice setting?  

It seems to me JT and Braxton are in a race more against their own bodies than they are against Cardale and that race is gonna stretch out over the next few to several months.  

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I gotta think Cardale feels really confident in his chances to win the job.  I mean, Braxton won't be ready to take any real reps in the spring or summer.  JT won't be able to take real reps in the spring, I wouldn't think.  So, he's probably going to take almost 100% of the reps except the ones that go to Collier in the spring and then JT will have to over take him in the fall.  I think Cardale wins out.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

Funny how time changes the game day environments.  

In '02 I was at a house party in Hyde Park with a bunch of friends.  We were decked out in our scarlet and gray, drinking beers and tequila, wearing sombreros and beads, and eating Tostitos.  We all  yelled and cussed at the TV as if the world was going to end with every missed holding call!  We erupted in celebration in and out of the house when Dorsey got flung to the turf on the final play!

Monday night I sat quietly in my living room with the lights out wearing my script Ohio t-shirt with a Coke and some Skyline dip, holding my 6 day old daughter, while my wife and other 3 kids slept upstairs.  I felt confident all night the Bucks would win but I was shocked I was able to hold my emotions in with every fumble!!  I gently stood up and simply smiled the biggest smile when Marriota's last pass was intercepted!!  Neighbors were outside shooting fireworks and I only hoped it wouldn't wake up the rest of the family!  

Funny how time changes our situation.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

If I'm Urban, I have a small group of support staffers and/or a guys like Jim Heacock working all season on keeping up with Harbaugh's UM in an effort to avoid a repeat of 1969.  That way, when the week of The Game rolls around we know EVERYTHING there is to know about those bastards.