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Comment 13 Nov 2014

I hope the Bucks are practicing outdoors this week to get ready for handling, throwing, catching and securely carrying a hard, nearly frozen football.  That's going to potentially be a neutralizer in favor of MN...if JT can't get a feel for the cold ball and be accurate on the deep ball.  

Also, run blitzes on early downs to create 2nd and long and 3rd long situations will help the OSU D in a big way and force MN out of their comfort zone.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

If QB's are like cars, I'll pick the car with a little less horse power, doesn't accelerate quite as fast or corner quite as sharply and doesn't have a 'dope' paint job but shows up, competes and runs EFFICIENTLY all the time over the street rod that often sputters when races should be easy and ends up in the garage being repaired every few races.

In other words, I'm no car guy but I'll take the loaded Honda Accord over the __________________ (enter sweet street rod name on the blank).  

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Here's my dream for the SEC:

This Week - Miss St over Bama (2nd loss and out), Auburn over UGA (3rd loss and out), Mizzou over Texas A&M

Final Week - Ole Miss over Miss St (1st Loss but SEC West Champ), Auburn over Bama (just bc I HATE bama), Mizzou over Arkansas


SEC LOCKED OUT because it's champ got beat by INDIANA at home and got blown out by 3 Loss UGA.  Can't justify taking a two loss loser over the one loss champs of the remaining 3 power conferences.

Is my logic correct?

Comment 07 Nov 2014

Until these Buckeyes prove it can force good teams to make more mistakes than it makes themselves, I won't be confident in a win.  My impression thus far is that the team will look faster, flashier, more athletic than MSU and it'll play really hard...but it will make more mistakes than MSU.  MSU on the other hand is steady and true...just like the best Tress teams were.

It's strange...I feel like MSU is more OSU right now than OSU is OSU.

Comment 04 Oct 2014

Danielson keeps me from watching an entire game. I can't stand him. He thinks be knows more than the coaches one second and tells what he'd have down and is salivating over their brilliance the next. Hate him doing games. 

Comment 03 Oct 2014

Anyone driving to the game and going across the state of MD will be pleasantly surprised by how rural it is and how beautiful it is.  It will look just like the opening paragraphs of this article describe.  Rolling hills, farms, changing colors on the trees, etc.  It's a beautiful drive!

Comment 07 Sep 2014

It's not damn near impossible to run against the bear front. Unless you refuse to us your TEs as TEs and you don't have a fullback on the roster.  When Va Tech went to that front, the buckeyes needed to be able to get into a big personnel group and run of tackle.  They can't do it because they only have smallish RBs and NO fullbacks. That's not a sound way to do business. 

Comment 24 Aug 2014

I hope all the talking points coming out of camp are accurate and not just talking points. If true, and the OL has become solidified, this Offense has a chance to be even tougher to slow down than last year. 

If they are just talking points and/or the OL hasn't come together, VaTech and UC could get their biggest road wins n a long time. For UC, biggest ever. 

Comment 23 Aug 2014

The premise of this article is horse shit. To think that a guy, you don't even know, is a bust because he disappointed you in regard to not meet expectations you dreamed up for him is pathetic.  The cycle is being repeated with RM.  People are detached from reality. They expect these 18 year old kids to be like super heroes and they don't know all the things that go into being a great player. Not the least of which is dealing with your life and the lives of your family outside of football. 

I love 11 Warriors  but this article sucked. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

That 100 yards they find that Braxton creates can more than be made up for by completing intermediate passes accurately and on rhythm.  When the ball is thrown on time, with anticipation, and accurately that's when these guys can eat up YAC.  A 10 yard completion to a WR/Slot running through a vacancy in a one can turn into 30 yards really fast if thrown on time and accurately.  So many of Braxton's completion like that were to late preventing the receiver from having space to eat up after the catch.

IF JT is as accurate as they say, the 100 yards can be made up.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

This whole thing is a mess.  Especially from a PR standpoint.  Urban had said the WR position was a 'clown show' when he got here.  That's not the only clown show in town these days, it seems.  

Was Urban and Braxton wishfully thinking when they insisted up until the re-injury that he was "100%" and "in the best shape of his life"?  Was the info about the injury misleading in the 1st place?  Was there a lack of communication between the medical staff and Urban?  Or was it just a freak thing that has happened?

I have no idea.  Regardless, the whole thing is a train wreck.  

On the flip side, if Braxton wasn't here this year because he had graduated or left early...Cardale and JT would have been coached, prepped and repped just like they have been all off season.  So, the Buckeyes have two guys that have the talent and the ability to lead the team.  I'd say, while it's obviously not he preference of anyone, they Buckeyes still have a chance to win games.  It just won't be because Braxton made the Sportscenter highlight real.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

I believed Urban's whole "pitch count" thing until his presser yesterday when he said he wished he could do more.  I don't think Urban is worried about Braxton's health.  I don't think Braxton is worried about his health.  Rather, during the limited reps Braxton is taking...Urban and Herman are seeing the same inconsistent, inaccurate QB as last year.  That's concerning.  VERY concerning.

Health aside, if Braxton got ZERO reps in spring and limited reps in camp...when did he have a chance to get better?  Riiiiiight....he wore a camera on his head and watched.  Riiiiiight, he worked with the QB guru on the beach in CA.  Riiiiiight, he spent every Friday night of the off season in the WHAC.  Riiiiight, he's in the best shape of his life.  (CrossFit Champions are in great shape but I bet they can't see a LB carry a TE up the seem or a corner rob the flat.)  That stuff would work for a QB far along in his development.  REPS, REPS, REPS...that's what gets a QB developed.  Seeing the defense live, ID'ing coverages during the drop, making the throws, watching HIMSELF on tape, and making corrections in the next practice is what develops a QB in the passing game.  Not standing back and avoiding injury.  He's not a 35 year old veteran NFL QB.  Hell, the top QB's in the NFL get reps...that's how they stay TOP NFL QB's.  

No...the concern here isn't his current health.  THE CURRENT concern is where he is in his development.  IF that development hasn't happened...and he's the same QB that he's been, the health concern lies somewhere down the road because if Herman and Meyer can't win games via Brax's arm dealing the ball to the DUDES he has around him...they'll have to revert to trying to win on his legs.  That makes the offense somewhat one dimensional by taking away some balance. THAT will inevitably lead to an injury.  It's charted history since his freshman year of HS.

 Lets hope the pitch count comes to an end on Monday.

Comment 16 Jun 2014

I worked the OSU Camp for several years when Tress was the HC. I can tell you, the majority of coaches (probably 99.9%) didn't bring top prospects with them. We all did it to make a few bucks, be able to hang out with the other HS coaches (it is a truly unique group of guys with a unique bond), network, be around the OSU coaches, learn and talk football, and coach different kids. I never saw a guy there we hadn't seen in past years who was only there because they had a stud recruit with them. Never. 

Now, that doesn't mean something fishy isn't going on but I never saw it.