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Comment 10 hours ago

This team lost under an avalanche of fluke plays, missed/bad calls, and an insane environment. It happened at the end of a short week after dealing with a lot of the same last week at Wiscy.  Plus, Wiscy and PSU had two weeks each to prepare. I'm not worried. Is the pass game a concern?  Definitely.  Are there things that have to get better?  Yes. But championships are won in November and Halloween is a week away. 

Comment 06 Aug 2016

Isn't there an irony to the fact that many kids want to be held back a year in grade school so they have an extra year to mature giving them an advantage over their classmates when they get to high school?  Yet once they've gained that advantage, they want to enroll early in college.  Flexibility is a good thing for individuals but this is what happens when systems try to accommodate everyone. I believe in what's fair for some is not what's fair for all. However, you better be ready for the fallout. 

Comment 12 May 2016

Looks like Cbus is getting ahead of the coming demand for public "safe spaces".  College grads will be used to having them on their campuses and won't be able to take selfies and post Instagram shots of their super incredible and unique lives without their very own "safe space".  Place looks like: 

Comment 03 May 2016

14 of Tress' games were against ranked opponents.  His best win coming against #2 Texas, on the road.  If OSU beats Oklahoma on the road this year, then it'll seem somewhat fair to compare the two coach's records.  Until then, Urban hasn't beat anyone all that great yet in prime time.  Sure the MSU game was big for the team but not really all that big nationally.  Sure Tress was .500 vs ranked teams...but there were 14 of them.  Not just a handful of Big Ten teams ranked 20 something.

Comment 15 Apr 2016

I know most people want to declare Urban an Untouchable, however, he's the one who hired Beck.  Beck was a guy who now admits it was really difficult to learn the offense and understand what was going on.  Urban hired a guy who couldn't step in and handle the job of dealing with the extraordinary situation that existed last year.  It clearly cost the Buckeyes.  It pretty much cost them a repeat National Championship.  That doesn't fall on Beck for not being able to jump in and handle it.  It's on Urban for hiring him.  Maybe Beck turns out to be a great coach at OSU and maybe he develops JT and the others wonderfully.  But when it comes to all the BS that was the OSU offense last year, that's on Urban.  We'll see if he learned anything this year when the season starts.  If they start out playing at a slow deliberate tempo, not throwing the ball in the quick game, not screening, etc....we'll all be thinking Urban didn't learn and is repeating the same mistakes.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

I was looking for just the right place to add that I wonder how much he spends on coloring his hair per month.  Millionaire with million dollar hair, baby!  I bet he has some super hot hair dresser visit his office on the reg!

Comment 12 Apr 2016

That's exactly what I was thinking.  This lawyer must think he's the next Johnny Cochran.  He won't be his lawyer for long though.  He's going to be a temporary judge.  How scary is that?  

I still don't buy that the shooter wasn't aware of Smith having dinner with the officer involved in the shooting of his dad.  What are the odds of that?  Slim to none, I'd say.  He was following him and things escalated.  That seems more likely.

Comment 08 Apr 2016

What is really is a disservice is the 2nd part that states coaches from FBS schools can't work other FBS school's camps.  When I used to to work at the OSU camp, there'd be coaches from almost all of the MAC schools there working it, plus UC.  That gave the kids exposure to multiple DI programs at one camp.  Camps are EXPENSIVE!  Many kids can't afford to attend more than one camp...many can't afford to attend any.  I think that's a bullshit decision.

Comment 25 Mar 2016

I'll preface this comment with I don't follow recruiting 2-3 cycles out. However, it's been hard not to notice Clark's recruitment. I don't ever get why urban recruits pro style QBs. This kid is a pro style QB.  It seems to me that a huge part of Florida's problems at the end of the Urban era and beyond was that they didn't have a good dual threat behind center. Now Urban is going to build a future offense around a guy who is the opposite of what has made the offense thrive? I don't get it and I don't like it. Plus, every time I see this kid he looks like he's acting like a celebrity already. What's his Twitter handle?  Prototype?  Seems pretty arrogant.  Maybe he's the greatest kid around as a player and a person. But I'm not worried about him taking visits. Not in the least. 

Comment 09 Mar 2016

OSU has been at's best when they pick up the pace.  JT is at his best when they pick up the pace.  I liked hearing their will be emphasis in the QB room to get the ball out quickly.  Hopefully, that will translate to a perimeter screen game that widens the box and walks up the corners, so the zone and power runs (including those with the QB) and options can gash people up the middle and on the edge.  That opens up the quick and intermediate game vs personnel match ups and gaps in zones.  Even with replacing so many dudes, there are dudes who can play who are up next.  The scheme will create the space for the athletes, the QB will get the ball in those spaces and the tempo will create big plays and, hopefully, lots of points.  It all works together.  With Warriner calling plays from up top, I think there's lots of reasons to be optimistic.

Comment 15 Feb 2016

The decision on whether to go or not needs to be balanced with how much of a distraction will the travel, different environment, different food, different sleep, and all of the other things that will make the development of the team a challenge. After all, spring ball is supposed to be about developing your team. Its intention wasn't to make it a spectacle to attract recruits. I think it's crap. Another example of exploiting the kids already on scholarship by taking away their spring break and making them work through it. The argument will be that they are in Florida and so it's a supervised spring break. That's bull. A couple of team dinners at a Florida Hooters and a forced trip to the beach on jimmy's scheduled shirtless time for the cameras does not make a Spring break.