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Comment 18 Dec 2015

Their head coach position is named after a donor?  You can buy the head football coach name up there?  (we don't have this, do we??)

It would almost be worth donating an inordinate amount of money to them just to have the football coach position be named something absolutely juvenile. 

Comment 15 Dec 2015

Ann Arbor is definitely a college town, a horrible, pretentious, over-priced college town. 

Once upon a time, I spent a lot of time in AA and actually enjoyed the town (but definitely not the university).  My wife and I happened to swing by there on the way to visiting family this past weekend (they still have an amazing burger joint), and I said to her "You know, I'm glad we don't live here.  Everyone's a pretentious asshole."  I'm obviously older and much wiser now.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Not quite sure, but he probably did something most other UM QBs would have refused to do.  If Tom Brady was in a similar situation he'd be curled up on the ground in the fetal position, Goodell on speed dial mic'd directly into his helmet.  The defender would have a 4 game suspension and James Harrison would be fined $10,000.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

Became an uncle for the first time yesterday!  No kids of my own yet, so for now I will bestow my love of the Buckeyes onto my nephew. (and shield him from the travesty known as the Cleveland Browns)

Comment 01 Dec 2015

relaxed, casual experience

If you call a bunch of 12 year olds with apparent carnal knowledge of my mother relaxed and casual.  Actually, I'm just salty because I'm horrible at CoD.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

They just rolled out a bunch of backwards compatibility in November, and are continuing to add to the list.  Good for those nostalgic moments between new titles.

You should also get a time machine, go into the future a year, and bring back Mass Effect: Andromeda to play.  And share. With everyone.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Fallout all the way.  I played ESO for awhile but just lost interest because it didn't really feel like a Bethesda game.  Turns out, it's published by Bethesda but was developed by ZeniMax, so that makes sense.  However, my wife still plays it and loves it, so I guess you really do either hate or love it. I'm just waiting for the next true Elder Scrolls game.

Sad to hear about Battlefront.  Fallout has been my drug of choice and I've wondered if I would miss the boat on Battlefront when all the people jump ship to another game.  Seems like that may be happening sooner than expected.

Comment 01 Dec 2015

Funny how things work like that.  Either way, we had to beat them, and it just didn't work that way.  People aren't giving the credit that Sparty deserves.  They got screwed over against Nebraska and then shut down a team that eviscerated UM.  They're gelling like an elite team at the end of November/beginning of December should. If they can get past Iowa, they're my underdog pick to win it all.