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Comment 19 Aug 2014

JT Barrett is a 4-year starter, goes down as one of the wining-est QB's in Ohio State history, goes 4-0 against *ichigan, wins National Title 4 times

Fixed it.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Everything that I hear about JT is positive... and you have to remember he's going against an elite defensive line and a revamped secondary every day.  

You touch on a very important point about the read option.  Kenny may not have had the skill-set Braxton had, but he was an artist with the option - always making the right read.  The teams he played were a bit questionable, but it made many wonder if his decision making was better than Braxton's. In this offense the QB doesn't have to be explosive, you just have to be smart and make the right read.  Get the ball to your playmakers in space or make a good read and keep for a quick 5-10 yd pickup.

We'll miss Braxton's knack for the "wow" factor this year, but I'm confident JT will do alright... even if it does take some growing pains.  It's time for the O-line and playmakers to step up!

Comment 15 Aug 2014

They must be predicting injuries.  If you remove San Diego from last year's stats, Braxton threw for 187.6 ypg.  Their prediction of 2095.5 this year puts him at only 149.6 ypg (assuming B1G champ and bowl game) for a full season.  I just can't see a per game average that low at all.

So I say he goes 2940 (210 ypg for 14 games... more if we reach that all important 15th game) and 28 TD.  Rushes for 650 and 9 TD.  I also think this won't get him the Heisman unless we're undefeated going into the playoffs.

Comment 05 Aug 2014

On a side note. What happened to the Huffington Post Internet!? It used to be a respected, intelligent source of news.

On a side note. What happened to the Huffington Post​ Internet!? It used to be a respected, intelligent somewhat questionable source of news.

On a side note. What happened to the Huffington Post​ Internet!? It's used to be a respected, intelligent somewhat questionable a source of news lies.


Comment 05 Aug 2014

I'm not sold on Franklin until PSU takes the field.  Even then, we won't get the full picture until a couple years have passed.  Hoke brought in some "great" recruiting classes during his time, and well... look how that has turned out.  Time will tell if Franklin can handle, and coach, top talent a lot better than Hoke has.

Comment 31 Jul 2014

1.) UTEP

2.) Idaho

3.) Eastern Michigan

4.) Purdue

5.) Florida Gulf Coast

6.) Owens Community College

7.) Uncle Rico

8.) Los Angeles Xtreme

9.) UofM Field Hockey

10.) My cousin's Fantasy Football team

This has the same value that pre-season polls should have.

Comment 13 Jul 2014
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Comment 04 Jun 2014

Definitely not a stretch considering Devin is already an Honorable Mention All-American with OSU's 4x100m team last year.  We've definitely had some speed over the last decade (Ginn, Gonzalez, and Saine are all guys that could have been potential all-NCAA in track).

Comment 16 May 2014

Teams should consider this:  drafting Craft will automatically be a benefit to your starting PG.  Practicing against Craft day after day is going to make a better offensive player because he's being challenged.

And Kyrie's high on him... Cavs should bring Craft in during the second round to be his backup.  (and try not to screw up the first round again this year, OK?  2013 had to be the worst first round of any team... ever.)

Comment 28 Apr 2014

If I had to guess what happened, this would be it. Personally, I feel much more out of it after a long day of no sleep as opposed to having a few drinks.

Pulled these stats (because everything on the Internet is fact!): A study by researchers in Australia showed that being awake for 18 hours produced an impairment equal to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .05, and .10 after 24 hours; .08 is considered legally drunk.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Horford transferred out and there's still talk of McGary declaring as well.  If he does in fact declare, that leaves them with no guys listed at over 6'9" returning... and that lone guy at 6'9" didn't play a single minute this year. 

Any teams with a decent enough big man are going to have some fun against Michigan next year.

Comment 17 Jan 2014

I will not confirm nor deny I ever wore the orange and black...