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Comment 30 Oct 2016

I haven't heard anyone saying JT should be benched, but on the same token I wouldn't say he is blameless for the offensive struggles the past weeks. He is very indecisive and holding the ball for what seem an eternity, which puts additional pressure on the offensive line. He had plenty of time to throw yesterday and at times there were guys running free. The one deep pass that he threw wasn't even close to being on the mark. For whatever reason he seems reluctant to let the ball fly or tuck it and go. So is he to blame no, but he isn't blameless either.

Comment 11 Sep 2016

Why Briles hasn't been sanctioned by the NCAA is beyond me. Seriously, Tress got 5 years, how Briles hasn't gotten minimally 20 is ridiculous. 

Comment 11 Sep 2016

Everywhere that Lou Holtz went was sanctioned as well after he left. Lou ended up on ESPiN for years. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

I thought Giddens was showing some signs of things to come. Harris also showed some positive signs. Mitchell got a late start and may not have been as comfortable with his shot. It was a young team gaining experience. Thad has never been one to go deep into and develop his bench. I have been pleasantly surprised that Kam has stayed with the little time he has seen on the court. 

What quarantee do you have that the next group coming in will have any better success, work hard, listen or perform any better? We could very well be having a similar conversation at the end of next season.

Comment 31 Mar 2016

It is odd to me that we lost Harris. I bet he goes to somewhere like Dayton, Cinci, or X and does well. I think he could have played point and they could have put Lyle in the shooting guard position or on the wing. I get what others are saying about well these guys didn't score a lot and we aren't losing a lot, or they couldn't bust the starting lineup so again no big loss. In my mind though, we just lost a whole year of player development and experience, plus at least Harris, Giddens, and Mitchell actually played like they gave a shit.

Comment 13 Mar 2016

Matta's two former teams got in, which makes this year even more disappointing is comparison. I would say X has a chance to make some noise. This team just folded badly in too many games this season for consideration. 

Comment 16 Jan 2016

I get it Matta has done a lot for the tOSU program, more than any other coach. But, maybe the time has come to move on. Recruiting has fallen off, he misses way to often and has really lost most of the best talent in Ohio. Players seem to regress and certainly this team has real leadership issues. His former schools Xavier and Butler have top 20 teams. Struggling to find the positives anymore.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Matta seems to get a pass for some reason when it comes to both recruiting and player development. He wins enough games and gets to the tournament a majority of the time, thereby keeping most folks happy. After all we're a football school, right. I highly doubt he ever wins a NC here before he leaves due to his back issues. Problem is who do you replace him with? A lot of the better younger coaches have been getting snapped up the last couple of years.

Comment 22 Mar 2015

Interesting is that both Thad's previous teams were higher seeds than tOSU and one is in the sweet 16. It is the same story year in and year out with the team. Little if any player and bench development, poor rebounding, one premier player who leaves early and usually a loss of another disgruntled player. But hey, we got 20+ wins again.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Is that what I said? Do we not have the talent to compete at that level? What I am expecting is some player development. What I would also like to see is a tougher non -conference schedule to better prepare the team for tourney time ala a MSU type schedule.

Comment 21 Mar 2015

Just another disappointing exit from the NCAA and an end to a promising BBall season. Matta wins another 20+ games, half of which were won against the little sisters of the poor once again. Another team that has no clue how to rebound and never developed a second or third offensive threat. No bench development and a lot of talent sitting, waiting and watching. One star player who will leave after one or two seasons. One or two players who will transfer and be good/great players elsewhere. 


Comment 06 Feb 2015

Let's see here:

  • Getting a free ride (education) to the largest University and Alumni base in the country
  • Getting the opportunity to be coached by arguably the best coach in CFB
  • Getting the opportunity to suit up for the National Champions with the potential to win more
  • Getting the opportunity to play behind one of the best lines in CFB
  • Getting the opportunity to play in one of the most dynamic offenses in CFB
  • Getting the FUCK out of SE Michigan....

MMMMkay what am I missing here.....