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Comment 06 Feb 2015

Let's see here:

  • Getting a free ride (education) to the largest University and Alumni base in the country
  • Getting the opportunity to be coached by arguably the best coach in CFB
  • Getting the opportunity to suit up for the National Champions with the potential to win more
  • Getting the opportunity to play behind one of the best lines in CFB
  • Getting the opportunity to play in one of the most dynamic offenses in CFB
  • Getting the FUCK out of SE Michigan....

MMMMkay what am I missing here.....

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I just hope we haven't been RichRodded with this spread offense recruiting of track stars.  If only we could get the ball to our playmakers in space.....yeah that's the ticket...

Comment 09 Sep 2014

The shine is definitely off the apple now.  We can't recruit a top flight TE, why because we don't use them.  A pop pass hello it's basic football.  We recruited all this speed, but we can't put the ball in their hands, why?  Screens, slants, quick outs again basic football.  TH  has paralysis by analysis and constantly out thinks himself.  We still have issues at WR catching the ball, it has been a problem for some time now.  Throwing deep passes doesn't fix this.

Comment 27 Aug 2014

Lots of guys are going to see the field Saturday is what I expect and this just reflects it.  I gotta believe Raekwon and Vonn will see the field more than a little...

Comment 29 May 2014

I don't have a problem with the transfer rule that requires a player to sit for a year if they move schools.  That said players should be allowed to transfer where they want and they should also be allowed to transfer at no penalty (not sitting a year) if the coach of their current school is fired or leaves. 

Comment 13 May 2014

Any and all analysis of Johnny Fubar goes out the window the minute he starts throwing his classic jump balls back into the middle of the field when playing in many of the windy pro stadiums he is going to see.  Meet Johnny Pick 6....

Comment 28 Apr 2014

We have won a lot of games with OHIO kids over the years.  Tressel understood this like no one else in recent times.  Cooper pissed the Ohio HS kids and coaches off so bad that we lost major talent to TTUN and MSU.  While I appreciate that Urban is going after the best of the best, there appear to be some talented players, Conner and Conrad, for example that could be great players and representatives of the University that are getting no love at this point.  They would certainly be filling the void of recruiting others to tOSU that is occurring right now.  I hope that doesn't come back to bite the Buckeyes down the road.  Time will surely tell..... 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Excellent and couldn't have stated it better.  I paid my own way through undergrad and a Masters and now I am looking at a house payment for my child's 4 year degree.  I will be paying on that for at least 10 years.  Athletes need to get a clue as to the opportunity that has been provided them.  The education and lifelong connections are priceless.

Comment 27 Mar 2014

If you listened to what Golic was saying he was arguing for the right for all players to unionize if football and basketball were allowed this right.  If anyone was clueless, as per usual, it was Greenie arguing against that.  As Golic reiterated, if the scholarship is considered payment making the athlete an employee as Colter claimed was the basis for the suit, then all athletes should have the right to unionize and benefit from the compensation and benefits derived.