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Comment 24 Mar 2017

Try hanging out with some Jersey Boys.  They attract Jersey girls, all big fans of Hairspray and spray-tan. 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

She's a Beauty, and The Beast is the weather.   Bangkok is more your speed.  Don't waste your Rent money on frivolous things though.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Knowing Prince Akeem and his prowess with a broomstick, if they tried to Yonkers, they would end up Les Miserables. 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

I'd be Lion, King, if I said I was.  Start spreading the news right now, i'm more of a New York, New York kinda guy.

Comment 24 Mar 2017

Thinking i'll parlay it into an acting career.  When I was in the Wizard of Oz, everyone said I was a dandelion.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

This is nothing more than conjecture and opinion on my part, but I think the reason Matta was kept had more to do with the buyout of his contract than any perceived debt to him felt by the athletic department.  Until this year, I didn't realize (or care, really) that his contract was written such that the only way to get rid of him without the buyout would be (essentially) retirement or NCAA violations. 

Another thing to consider: in watching the tournament last weekend, I learned that Gregg Marshall is actually making more money at Wichita State than Matta is at OSU.  Marshall is a popular choice to replace Thad, but the University isn't going to pay $6.4Mil for Thad to go away then go out and pay more for a coach that hasn't really proven himself in a P5 conference or shown that he can recruit Ohio (something that most Thad detractors cite as a reason he needs to go).  I think Marshall could be successful at Ohio State, but it's not exactly a slam dunk (pun 1000% intended).

Comment 23 Mar 2017

I'm within you in the sense that Thad should shoulder some of the burden for losing 2 of 5, but the other 2 are kind of anomalies.  Bottom line is we have him for at least another season.  I continue to hold out hope that he can turn it around, but wonder if there's enough time & patience left to allow him to do it.  He's definitely taken an Ohio-centric approach to recruiting this year, maybe that will bring some positives to the program.

FWIW, I commented in the Billy Donovan thread that I don't see it as impossible for Donovan to spend a year at the broadcast table then take the OSU job after next season wraps (and Thad's buyout isn't so high).  I wouldn't object to that scenario playing out if Thad can't get the ship headed in the right direction this year.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

My bad, I live to answer rhetorical questions. 

But, I don't think they all turned out to be "wastes of shit", per se.  Grandstaff transferred for reasons beyond comprehension after seeing significant playing time in three games (three games!!!).  Mickey Mitchell came to OSU largely at the behest of Grandstaff, his long time bff, so it wasn't exactly a huge surprise when he left at the end of the year. IIRC, Mitchell was initially leaning towards another school & Grandstaff convinced him to come to OSU.  I don't think those two were jettisoned as cancers to the program left because ???? and the other because his bestie was gone.  

Giddens & Harris both seemed to want more playing time than their play warranted.  Similar to Urban's philosophy of earning playing time by excelling on special teams, Thad distributes playing time largely based on the ability to play solid defense.  Neither Giddens or Harris was a lock down defender and both had more talent ahead of them (Thompson/Giddens & Lyle/Harris).  Had they kept their mouths shut and let their effort/play determine their minutes, I think both of them would still be here.  Imagine this year with those two on the roster:  Harris & Jackson share the point, Lyle & Kam split time at the 2, Potter can be the stretch 4 he was recruited to be and Thompson/Giddens share time in the paint.   Losing KBD wouldn't have hurt nearly as much as it did.