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Comment 11 hours ago

Thad makes about $3.4 with his $650k year end bonus that just requires not having been fired.

And his contract is worded such that the school would have to buy out the remaining years (minus the retention bonus) if they fire him for on-court performance.  So you have to factor the additional $8.25M payout to Thad in addition to the new coaches salary.

Comment 18 hours ago

a clock will be displayed in both dugouts, behind home plate, and in the outfield. A pitcher shall be allowed 20 seconds to throw each pitch. The batter must be in the box prepared for the pitch during the entire 20-second period. If the batter steps out of the box during the 20-second period, the pitcher may deliver the pitch and the umpire may call a strike, unless the batter was first granted time by the umpire.

The clock will stop only when the pitcher begins his motion to deliver the ball (and not "when the pitcher releases the ball" as prescribed in Rule 8.04). Beginning the motion of coming to the set position shall be sufficient to stop the clock. If the pitcher maintains possession of the ball without beginning his pitching motion for more than 20 seconds, the Umpire shall call "Ball."

The way I read, the clock would reset on a pick-off attempt or throw-over.  It doesn't address the situation where a pitcher comes set then steps off to "scare" the runner back but my guess is that the clock would keep running.




Comment 18 hours ago

I remember this rule being used against me in a little league tournament way back in the stone age...thus robbing me of my moment.  I cried the whole way to 1st because I knew the kid behind me was gonna strike out. #ImNotBitter

Saw an article a couple weeks ago that MLB is going to look into a rule change that would put a runner at 2nd to start the 10th & each subsequent inning.  Implementing in the lower minors this season and will be used in the WBC if necessary. 

Comment 21 Feb 2017

They kinda did, except they skipped the parts where Tango & Cash weren't locked up....and Kurt Russel didn't make the cut.

Comment 21 Feb 2017

Maybe a crossover movie....Transformed in 60 seconds.  Washed up Memphis Raines and his crew of misfits take on another boost to save someone's brother from certain death.  The mid-point wrinkle being they try to steal two Autobots and end up getting vaporized by an energon cube.