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Comment 01 Sep 2012

In less than 12 hours an Ohio State team without Jim Bollman as Offensive "Coordinator" will take the field. This must be what people feel like when a loved one successfully completes rehab. I fear that I have, to this point, carefully crafted a persona as a "reasonable, rational and realistic" OSU fan, and that as soon as I see Urban Meyer's offense in the 'Shoe something inside me is going to snap. This team is gonna be like Krispy Kremes, as described by Chris Rock. Go. Bucks. O-H!!

Comment 04 Mar 2012

This is really odd... makes me question the thought process behind continuing the "force it to 0" offensive plan.  No wonder there are whispers of locker room dissension.  Thompson and Ravenel both look worthy of longer looks earlier... but, one game does not a season make...one half rather.  Happy Ravenel is doin' work tho

Comment 04 Mar 2012

Wow... so much more effective than "throw it in and dribble the rubber off of the ball".  Who knew ball movement aided effective offense?



Comment 04 Mar 2012

Great foul.  Ravenel less prone to try little "tricks" like Sully's hip check for 4th foul.  It appears that over the back and moving screen violations have been taken off the books... geez.  Meanwhile, Craft is good.


Comment 26 Feb 2012

Thomas just lost his mind.  What an illegitimate way to cost yourself a chance at winning