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Comment 18 Jul 2016

The snippiness was just a ploy to get my thread lots of traffic. Thanks for cleaning it up and giving us a little more space to operate.

Comment 17 Jul 2016
Haikus are stupid It is almost ten o'clock Michigan still sucks
Comment 13 Jul 2016

Everyone should probably let this go before it gets a lot more stupider. (<--- See? This is what happened from me reading this thread.)

Comment 10 Jul 2016
Interesting that Barrett, like Martell, was the #2 dual threat qb. Would you be happy if Martell replicated Barrett's career? It's a no-brainer for me but curious if there is a dissenting opinion.
Comment 09 Jul 2016

No, because in 2014 there weren't so many other schools that would have the resumes that Oklahoma and Houston would have. Undefeated Houston (with win over 1-loss Oklahoma and the convincing bowl win over FSU in 2015) would get in the playoff - no question about it. Same for 1-loss Oklahoma with a win over OSU. You think OSU gets one of the other two spots with SEC, PAC12, ACC, and ND potentially all out there.

But this is getting waaaay ahead of ourselves. My point is, gotta root for Oklahoma.