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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Every time Ohio State beats Michigan.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Anybody that helps Ohio State beat Michigan
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft and anyone who Aaron Craft likes playing with
  • NFL TEAM: Aaron Craft's favorite team, or any team that does
  • NHL TEAM: I know Aaron Craft hates hockey b/c he's smart, so
  • NBA TEAM: Anyone Jalen Rose doesn't like, or anyone who will
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds

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Comment 15 Jul 2014

I was hoping this was about Torrance Gibson. I hadn't heard anything about him lately.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

I knew this kinda crap was gonna happen when Nate Silver took over the world.

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Comment 13 Jul 2014
Star of the game is some guy I'd never heard of. Seems like they're living a charmed life right now (well, except for the crazy rash of injuries). Hope they can keep it up.
Comment 11 Jul 2014

Not quite. What if I'm actually really interested in all the LeBron discussion (I am) but have to go to six different threads to follow it all?

Comment 10 Jul 2014
Seriously? How many threads are there going to be once he actually SIGNS somewhere?
Comment 08 Jul 2014
The Rick has potential.
Comment 08 Jul 2014
Welcome! Took a few weeks for the admins to approve your user name?
Comment 07 Jul 2014

How does the recruitment of Damien Harris affect how Ohio State pursues other RB's like Scott? Is there fear that if OSU gets Scott, it could scare off Harris? How does a staff handle situations like that?

Comment 06 Jul 2014
This thread title was less believable than Hoke Passes on Lunch.
Comment 06 Jul 2014

Disappointing that Ohio State doesn't have a representative here, especially with the guys they were targeting, but we have no choice but to trust that Urban Meyer knows what he's doing. He doesn't need to prove that to any of us, of course.