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Comment 29 Aug 2015
To anyone who says this is a ridiculous argument because, well, Urban Meyer, I submit to you Pitt Brown over Vonn Bell. It's possible that Smith would be better this year and yet Powell will continue to play ahead of him.
Comment 20 Aug 2015
Here's some advice. Don't do an 8-team league, and don't do a league where someone drafts a QB with a top 2 pick. Bell is the best choice, followed by Charles our Peterson. Peterson doesn't catch many passes but will probably still have more touches than Charles and more TD potential. Close call. I'd consider Antonio Brown except that it's an 8-team league. You need a stud RB in that league, and WR is deeper at the top than RB.
Comment 18 Aug 2015

I believe this is the first time I've gotten an off-topic shout-out. All I had to do was--um, never mind. Thanks dude!

Comment 12 Aug 2015
My face turns red easily. Not sure who the guy is.
Comment 08 Aug 2015

Is Rutgers really playing the "#1 media market in the world" card? Does the media in NY/NJ actually cover Rutgers football? And who cares about media attention? If you're good, the NFL will find you. Besides, he'd get more media attention in dozens of programs outside of Rutgers.

Comment 07 Aug 2015

Ohio State is among the schools already changing their jersey plan, this year allowing the sale of only two numbers: 1 and 15.

One is used as a generic number and 15 is to mark the year 2015.

Right, and next year they'll sell 1 and 16. For 2016, of course...not for Heisman Trophy-winning QB J.T. Barrett.

Comment 06 Aug 2015
Adnan and Kanell are together this week, and I was struck by how I preferred them together over Rusillo and either of them. I loved Rusillo with SVP though.