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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Joe Germaine, Craig Krenzel, Mike Doss, Teddy Ballgame, and Braxton.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: JJ Sullinger, Ken Johnson, Terence Dials, David Lighty, Threebler, and absolutely Aaron Craft.
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Comment 45 minutes ago

The first game action I really remember was the '97 Rose Bowl. I was a MASSIVE Joe Germaine, David Boston, and for some reason Gary Berry fan.  My Mom is an OSU grad and my Dad grew up in Michigan, so he was a Wolverine, but mom won out. I went to a PSU game either that year or the year before where it was freezing and snowing, and my mom made me leave early, but I fought tooth and nail to stay.  That's my first memory of OSU at all, but I'll never forget Boston swagging into the endzone and giving us my first Rose Bowl.

Comment 4 hours ago

You might want to steer clear of Blacksburg next year, I hear tell it'll be burnt to the ground September 7th.

Comment 18 hours ago

If he'd have gotten his wish we might have seen it.  If I remember correctly he bugged the coaching staff quite a bit about getting snaps on offense and in the return game.  Too bad our secondary was so rough we couldn't risk him getting hurt.

Comment 19 hours ago

I go to every home bball game, and they have honored past players multiple times per year the past few years.  Last year Evan Turner got a standing ovation at one game and at another they had a ton of former players on the floor at halftime, from Brian Brown and Velimir Radinovic to guys like Jamaal Brown and Granville Waiters. Maybe they haven't had as many events organized outside of actual games, but basketball isn't anywhere near as popular at OSU as football.

Comment 19 hours ago

TP allegedly ran a 4.4 or 4.42 at his pro day.  One NFL network guy says he ran a 4.38, but none of that can be confirmed. Brad Roby was listed by OSU as 4.26 and he ran a 4.39 at the NFL combine.  So I'm willing to bet that TP number is inflated, and pro day numbers are always favorable too.  I'd say Roby, Glenn, and a few others (Devin Smith?) are/were faster.  TP's speed for his size is crazy, but I'm fairly confident he's not the 3rd fastest Buckeye ever.

Comment 21 hours ago

As Lee Corso would say, not so fast my friend!

Comment 21 hours ago

The biggest problems teams have had in holding leads against FSU had been holding the ball and running the clock.  That's Tech's MO.  I think thats a great matchup, but don't sleep on Florida.  That seems like the perfect game for UF to wake up and win one for the gipper, if you will.

Comment 21 hours ago

Yeah, he wasn't any good as a QB in college.  And I'm sure skipping his senior year because of tatgate didn't set him back any before his leap to the pros.  HS coaches anymore put their best athlete at QB, and college coaches recruit to win, not to send guys to the NFL.  TP and Braxton did plenty of that and I don't think you'd hear either complain about it.

Comment 21 hours ago

The double post monster got me.

Comment 21 hours ago

Also, Lockett is crazy talented, but K State's QB is definitely overrated.

Comment 21 hours ago

OUCH, that hurt WVU.  We really need the upset in this one.

Comment 24 hours ago

What he did over 4 seasons was amazing, no doubt.  It's just on pure talent and athleticism, Gordon is a freak.  Dayne's best year he was 2 YPC short of Gordon this year. Gordon might get as many carries this year as Dayne's lowest year and beat Dayne's yards that year by 7 or 8 hundred.  He'll probably outrush Dayne's two best years with 80 fewer carries. Also, Dayne didn't have to share a backfield with James White and Montee Ball. If Gordon was the man there for 4 years, I think he tops Dayne's career marks.

Comment 20 Nov 2014
  1. Gordon
  2. Coleman
  3. Abdullah
  4. Langford
  5. Zeke
  6. Cobb

I think there's a chance Langford ends up as the best pro back out of that group, though.  He's probably the most physical runner in that group, plus he's quick making a cut. Gordon in space is just a monstrosity though.  Wisconsin backs have a habit of churning out great numbers, but to me it's pretty clear he's the best one they've ever had.  Abdullah is sort of the great at many things, master of none type.  I really haven't seen much of Coleman, so I'm looking forward to that this weekend.  And Zeke needs more time/touches before he belongs any higher than 5th. The 4 ahead of him were all sick last season too, but Zeke should be the best RB in the B1G next year (assuming Gordon goes pro- which he definitely should, RBs have a short life span).

Comment 19 Nov 2014

You're right, I was mistaken.  However the linebackers have definitely still improved.  Lee came in as a safety, and now he's playing great at linebacker.  Perry is the leading tackler with 30 more than anyone else, 19 more solo tackles than anyone else, averaging 8.5 per game, already well ahead of his numbers for last season.  McMillan is playing very well, having been here learning from Grant/Fickell since January. But that has nothing to do with Fickell? I find that hard to believe. Also, you know, Fickell recruited McMillan, Lee, and Perry.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Lee didn't even play last year, he redshirted.  If he was that good he would've played right away last year.  And Perry has improved greatly in his time as a Buckeye.  McMillan only plays about half the snaps, and Grant has improved as well.  Also Fickell was coaching the D line, and switched to linebackers this year.  The d line was the best part of the defense the past few years with Fickell coaching them.