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Comment 14 hours ago

We really need one more rotation big.  Hopefully we'll sign someone come buyout season or deal Haywood's contract (though I'd rather they wait till next year).

Comment 15 hours ago

It took some time, but this team is coming together and they still haven't come close to hitting on all cylinders.  If they really get it going, with the Big 3 all playing well and together, I can't think of a team outside of maybe the Warriors that would take 4 of 7 from the Cavs.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

I'm pretty sure most jobs these days require drug screenings.  And an arrest such as a DUI can get you in trouble at work too.  Maybe the rules are antiquated, but he agreed to abide by them when he signed his contract.  Plus he plays a game and gets paid millions to do so, is a role model because of that, etc.  If he didn't want to sign up for all of that, he should've used his college degree and picked a different profession.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Glad to hear nothing will be deflated, and I hope her halftime show will be entirely unpost-able on here, because I won't be watching for her music.  I get that acts like her or Bruno Mars bring in a wider audience, but how about the NFL gets someone more appropriate (rock or rap, hell, even country- which I can't stand) for next year's SB, not some autotune popstar. 

Comment 30 Jan 2015

As a fan of Tolstoy's, I would expect nothing less.  Men with that kind of genius are often callous or intractable asses (not to excuse them for it).  Hell, I'm not half as smart and I still barely handle at the stupidity I encounter on a daily basis.

Edit: I feel somewhat unamerican commenting on a football article that includes info on the Army football team when two Russians (Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky) are my favorite writers, ha.

Comment 30 Jan 2015

He did his best to make a convincing argument, but it still doesn't change all the mistakes he's made.  He knew the rules every step of the way and he broke them.  Nothing more than hollow words at this point. 

Comment 29 Jan 2015

IDK why but Sparty just seems to work.  Brutus...not so much.  Bucky I could take or leave.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

Don't forget about Kam, I feel like he could handle minutes as a secondary (or tertiary) point.  We should definitely be able to put it in the bucket next year.  How good they are will come down to how well Giddens, Thompson, and Bell play down low.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I've been saying for a while I think he would benefit from coming back and running the point next year, as he'd be much more likely to stand out as 6'5" PG than SG.  If he had those duties to himself instead of mostly deferring to Shannon, he could go to the league and be a stud right away, whereas he'd have to adjust to being the same size/smaller than most NBA 2's. 

I disagree about the D though, he's pretty solid there too honestly.  He might coast a bit at times but I'd imagine that's necessary considering he carries the offense on his back too often.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

The students are the only part of the crowd that goes the whole game.  Moving them to the sideline behind the benches has helped the whole arena to an extent.  It's definitely not the students' fault that the games aren't exactly electric though.

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I like trey, he's a nice guy, I've met him a few times. He also hustles and obviously tries hard.  But he should not be out there, let alone be getting plays called for him repeatedly.