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Comment 10 Nov 2013

That really cheered me up! Took a beating on The Cincy game today. I might go trolling on some mich sites. To really get a good nights rest.

Comment 10 Nov 2013

My dreams go a little different.  Goes something like hawiian tropic girls show up and I save them. Their so greatful the girls all bring their other hot friends. We all Go to a nude beach! I'm the king of the beach and head to the nearest hotel!

Comment 03 Nov 2013

C'mon man. The PC police are in here as well! This is a mans web site. We have some of the best and brightest men in here. Some of the most witty and brilliant comments I have read on any sites. It's not vulgar or classless in here. We  are encouraging a nation of wimps.everyone gets a trophy, don't tackle to high, don't tackle to low. Don't touch the quarterback, don't celebrate after making a big hit. It might hurt someone's fillings. Don't swear don't speak of god, don't put up revealing picks.  LIGHTEN UP FRANCIS!

Comment 30 Oct 2013

I'm on your parley , but will be making it a chain parley with ,The Ohio State University to complete the 3 way bet. UFM has his swag back. But you got me convinced of the other 2 games. I'm glad someone else is as big of a degenerate as myself! But I will not be cutting my bet in half for anyone. 1,000,000 please! Child's play.

Comment 24 Oct 2013
Right now theirs a couple hundred thousand southerners screaming that the NCAA is out to get them.sighting Gary Danielson as gospel. Those are the dumbasses that drank jim jones kool aid. PLEASE PEOPLE USE YOUR BRAINS FOR MORE THAN HOLDING YOUR TEAMS HAT UPON YOUR DOMES!
Comment 23 Oct 2013
Our defense will be solid. Matta is going to make sure of that! Im nervous where are scoring is going to come from. Our bigs can't score and Craft is not a huge scorer. SCOTT , DELLA, , ROSS , and SMITH I'm hoping . Football season now but at least when its over we also have a first class basketball program to fall right into. Take that alabama!
Comment 23 Oct 2013
I'm hammering this parley! Loved your missouri pick last week. First start for the kid from kenton.this week I'm all over kent and osu. Your hitting this one.everyone get on this one.