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Comment 03 Nov 2013

Well, since this my first comment, may I say that OSU football is the highlight of the year for me regarding sports....I've lived and worked in Asia for the last 12 years and I've "dissected" everything about football, especially OSU, who I am a great fan of.

I really enjoy reading other sites on the internet, and have to chuckle, at the comments of so many people regarding OSU, and their "weak schedule". The truth is all the top teams play patsies and inferior foes.. That's why they are the best. OSU's schedule, if you really study it, is no worse than the other 3 contender's in front of them, especially Fla. St......But I don't want to continue on this path of "strength of schedule" as it is fruitless and accomplishes nothing. Win, win, win, that's all that matters....l

I believe OSU, this year, not next, can compete, and beat, any team in the country. They have an elite offense which can go both ways, either playing smash-mouth, or finesse football. Yes, their defensive secondary (maybe due to some linebacking issues) on pass plays, but darn if they haven't looked good the last two game, especially against Hackenberg and Penn St.....Yes, I know he is a freshmen, albeit very talented, like Goff at Cal....But look at the improvement.

One thing I would like to see Fickell and Withers do is blitz....Hey, OSU will get burnt a few times, sure, but what added excitement that would bring, as their offense is almost unstopable as it is and they can score against anyone...WHY NOT. Hey, since I don't see the games live, correct me if you think I'm wrong.

Of course, I would like to see OSU in the championship game against Alabama, because, quite frankly, I think they are the type of team that can defeat Alabama. Oregon is all finesse, and we saw what OSU did against them 2 years ago...Fla. St., Nah...But, I wouldn't be depressed if OSU didn't make it and played another unbeaten top 5 team like Baylor ( I don't think Baylor will finish unbeaten though) or Fla. St...... 25-26 wins in a row sounds awful good to me even if OSU doesn't win a flawed rating system.....