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Columbus born and raised, attended Otterbein when it was still a "college." I've known the words to "Carmen Ohio" since I was about 5, still don't know the words to Otterbein's alma mater. I'm fortunate enough to be able to attend a good number of Buckeye football home games, as my parents get season tickets and are willing to share them.

I'm also a big fan of Duke basketball, I think there are more similarities between them and our Buckeyes than people realize (specifically, people hate both teams and often don't actually know why, they just think it's something they're supposed to do). The OSU-Duke game in '11 was very bittersweet for me...loved seeing the Buckeyes flex their muscles on a national stage, but it broke my heart to see Duke get trounced the way they did.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Has to be a top 5, I can't narrow it down to just one! Watching Ohio State win the title in '02, the '06 game vs. scUM, the '11 Sugar Bowl, the '11 game vs. Wisconsin, Duke winning the title in '10 (if it can't be the Buckeyes...)
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Comment 20 Aug 2014

Thought this too...taking it even a step further with the Florida/'06 comparisons, JT could be like Leak and Cardale Jones could be the Tebow-esque battering ram on the goal line/short yardage situations.  Even just the threat of him being used like that is another thing to give defenses pause.

Comment 23 Jul 2014

"Well, I don't want to just have an expensive football party!" <---THIS. Why don't more brides realize this?

My wife is not a huge football fan, but she is a Buckeye fan and knows how sacred these days are. We were married August 2, 2008, knowing full well we'd avoid football season.  Even not being from Columbus, she knew how many of our friends and family members wouldn't show up for a wedding that clashed with a Buckeye game.  

We've missed several fall weddings over the past few years, and feel zero guilt about it.  Knew she was a keeper before that, but that just solidified it!

Comment 21 May 2014

My understanding is that they will also take into account the number of student-athletes on a team to determine which division a team should be a part of, which is good for sports like track.  As a track coach at a very small school that got bumped up to Division II this year because of a large freshman class, it makes it very difficult for us to compete (read: impossible) for a championship.  My team has 24 athletes, boys and girls combined.  We're competing against teams with 50 boys and girls each, so no matter how well our athletes do in their respective races and relays, we're still pretty much screwed if we're trying to win a district title.  We have enough trouble competing in Division III against the likes of Columbus Academy, and now we're up with a good bit of the City League, like Beechcroft, Linden McKinley, and East.  Academy's team is bigger than most D-II teams (hell, some D-I too) we've seen this year, yet they're in D-III?

Sorry, long-winded way to say that I'm in support of this measure.

Comment 08 Nov 2013

Every time I read "booger sugar," I laugh out loud then have to explain it to everyone.  Good times.

Comment 17 Apr 2013

"How do these people operate a blender, let alone a 2,500 lbs. vehicle capable of instantly dealing death to other human beings?"

Oh, if I had a nickel for every time I've uttered some variation of this phrase...DJ, you are spot on with everything in this analysis.  Well done.

That said, you want a REALLY bad city to drive in?  Pittsburgh.  Not only are the drivers there complete morons, but they decided to give a 3 year old a crayon, have them scribble on a piece of paper, and then lay their streets out like that.  It's awful.

Comment 02 Apr 2013

It's great to be a Buckeye!

Comment 21 Dec 2012

"Just as long as they don't do whatever they did in the second half of last year's Final Four matchup."

Go 8/33 shooting?  Yeah, that'd probably be a good place to start.

Comment 11 Dec 2012

Very well said.  I don't root for the B1G for the exact reasons outlined above.  Does it REALLY make Ohio State look better if the conference is strong?  Not when the conference is a national punchline like it is now.  Coach Meyer realizes this and I'm pretty sure he would agree with your assessment, as well.  Plus, do you honestly think the rest of the B1G goes out of their way to root for Ohio State?  Hell no, they don't.

Not to mention, rooting for our conference makes us sound like SEC mouthbreathers.

Comment 07 Dec 2012

"Then, Brenda cries like a woman about Urban's recruiting, only to be told to shut up by Berry."

I wonder if this didn't have something to do with Bert's decision to jump ship.  I'm surrounded by teachers in my family, all of whom basically said this about it:  A good principal backs and doesn't embarrass their teachers in front of the parents, but then rips them in private afterwards, if need be.  Barry embarrassed Bert in front of the parents. 

While I completely agreed with Barry telling Bert to quit being a whiny b***h, this was a good point.  If you don't have the public support of those above you, it makes it tough to stick around.  Just my two cents.


Comment 29 Nov 2012

Um, guys?  Duke is a very good team.  I'm kind of surprised to see the lack of credit being given to them.  Granted, yes, there were plenty of opportunities for Ohio State to win the game, Craft played poorly, DT didn't shoot all that well, etc., etc.  Duke made adjustments, got more aggressive, and got the Crazies back into it in the second half.  The Buckeyes really hung in there until the very end, which showed a lot of toughness that a lot of teams lose in that environment.  I was worried about OSU stopping Mason Plumlee, and interested to see how Duke would match up with Deshaun Thomas, and was impressed with the latter.

Some of you are talking like the Buckeyes lost a winnable game at Illinois, not Duke.  I thought this was a terrific game between two of the best in college basketball.  Officiating was iffy both ways at times, and didn't affect the outcome, I don't think.  Ohio State will be fine, they'll learn from this and be better going forward.

Comment 26 Oct 2012

Definitely preparing him for all he'll be at the next level...Cribbs/Randle El.  And I can't wait to see our piranhas snap him in half, either!