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Comment 21 hours ago

They are beautiful . . . I did a hiking trip on the Wind River range a few years back, and also spent a day in the Tetons and a day in Yellowstone.  Some of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life.

Comment 23 hours ago

Usually head down to the gulf coast of Florida, the mountains of Tennessee, or the Carolina coast . . . but the best vacation I ever had was Hawaii -- a week on Maui and one on Kauai

Comment 24 hours ago

I'm of the opinion the NCAA was in a punishin' mood and if we'd have self imposed that bowl ban they would have just said, "Nope, you guys deserve another year of punishment" and it's still 12-0 and no post-season for us.  They were going to add another year regardless..

Comment 24 hours ago

Funny, when I read the title of the post without reading the text, I thought, "this must be the kill Hitler post" . . . but remember, if you'd killed him then somebody more competent might have led the Third Reich and we'd all be Heiling and goose stepping right now :)

I'd have picked the LSU game . . . I wonder if that would have sent Les Miles to that school up north?

Comment 02 Mar 2015

My son had to do a research paper in his technology class.  He chose the new 'black phones' -- encrypted phones aimed at executives, people in the defense industry, and the crowd that doesn't want the NSA knowing what they are saying.

Actually, they sounded pretty cool in a James Bond sort of way.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Ever go out to eat and see the table next to you and the entire family is texting?  (Shudder)

Oh, hell!  That's a mirror.

But I agree with you, all this new technology seems dehumanizing.

Comment 02 Mar 2015

Yes, I am 100% certain that was an insult on the inside and a compliment on the outside.  Strange, I can admire the snarkiness.

But he is right -- Matta is underappreciated.  We're just too football-mad. 

Matta seems to think he is appreciated enough, though.  OSU has some really great coaches at this time.

Comment 01 Mar 2015

"Looks like I'm not having any Mayonnaise"

Comment 01 Mar 2015

I honestly thought Carlos was going to be one half of the topic when I opened it too . . .

Comment 01 Mar 2015

There is that saying that no Ohio State coach ever leaves on his own terms . . . but Urban is unique.  My money is on "he stays until he wants to leave," which means until he retires, on his own terms.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Upvote for the dumb phone guy . . . I've got an older HTC.  It's a smart phone, but it's on the low end of the spectrum.  It doesn't do much more than let me catch scores while I'm away and text the kids.  The GPS is really nice, though.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

I think my kids are the binge watching generation . . . I'm just a binge eater.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

You know the irony of this?

He'll probably sign with the team up north and show up all excited to play . . . then Harbaugh will bolt back to the NFL and most of his staff will scatter.


Comment 27 Feb 2015

All I know for sure is it was some guy who voted for Jerry Kill as coach of the year.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

That was a fun show to watch and would have had to have been great to compete in.  My cousin could have probably been the all-time grand champion of that show if he'd chosen to go on.  He could turn junk from the junkyard into a McGyver-esque invention better than anyone I knew, growing up.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Once Barney left for the big city Mayberry went down hill.  The show was so much better with that friendship in black and white.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I thought Police Squad was the funniest thing i ever saw on TV, and it had very good ratings . . . but the network was convinced it required the audience to pay too much attention.  I also thought WKRP in Cincinnati was still at the top when it was cancelled -- more due to philosophical differences with the brass at the network.  Sigh, what could have been.