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  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: There have been many great ones, but Keith Byars was my first football hero so I'll stick with him.
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Comment 24 Jul 2016

Hell, I mock Michigan for anything they do - but I wouldn't have a problem with any school hiring Mr. Elliiott as an ambassador.

I doubt if Urban told the Elliott family, "come to our school and then I'll give your Dad a job after you leave."  That wouldn't make any sense. I think Urban and OSU saw that they had a heck of an asset in Mr. Elliot and decided to offer him a job after his son had graduated.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Child molesters succeed by getting the rest of us in denial even if the warning signs were there.  They are desperate for that denial because if people really knew what was going on the molester stands a good chance of being beaten within an inch of his life and then going to jail and dealing with prison justice. Sandusky must have been very successful because he still has that entire program in denial.

I feel awful for the average Penn State fans, the coaching staff that was lied to, and especially for the victims.

I am most definitely not a Penn State fan, but I have enough denial in me to believe that Paterno and his staff were misled because Sandusky was a gifted liar and they couldn't comprehend what was going on ... not that the staff enabled an abuser in order to avoid scandal and win football games.  But if they did, may God have mercy on their souls. I certainly don't have any mercy to spare them.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Well, I deleted every tweet I've ever written and released every Pokémon I ever captured, too.

It took me about 0.0 seconds, since I've never done any of those things.

Comment 14 Jul 2016

I guess the Ohio U Bobcats would be the national football power in the state then.