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Comment 08 Jan 2016
Actually, Tennessee was under rated this year. In the preseason AP Poll, Tennessee was ranked number 25. They finished the year number 23, and beat a highly ranked, albeit overrated, northwestern team very badly in the bowl game. They're going to finish top 20, which is pretty good for a team who started the season ranked number 25. Technically they were underrated.
Comment 03 Jan 2016

Don't forget, before OSU plays Oklahoma, they actually have to play against pass happy, Art Briles-inspired Tulsa.  Tulsa actually finished the season ranked higher than Oklahoma in passing yards/game (Tulsa 332 yards/game; Oklahoma 308 passing yards/game)  Since Tulsa doesn't have the athletes (or the defense) Oklahoma will bring, the OSU-Tulsa matchup should provide OSU with an opportunity to practice against a Big 12-inspired passing attack without the real threat of losing.  (When Oklahoma played Tulsa this year, they won 52-38.  I could see a similar outcome for OSU.) 

Comment 17 Dec 2015

I know it's very unpopular to disagree with 11W staff, especially Birmingham, but WorthyBuck makes a very fair point.  Think about this.  OSU hired Larry Johnson in January 2014.  By January 2014, Nick Bosa already had 15 (15!!) crystal balls in favor of Ohio State.  This included a prediction from 11W staff member John Brandon.  Every single prediction was for OSU, not one for a different school.  

Birmingham can argue that Larry Johnson hit a home run with the Nick Bosa commitment, but everyone (including other 11W staff, Gleitman, Kurelic, etc...) all knew he was coming to OSU in 2013, before the Johnson hire.

Comment 17 Dec 2015

Plus I dont see why these DT recruits are not looking at our class saying wow they have 2 5* DE's why don't I be the anchor in the middle to be a dominant?  Just don't get it.

Remember, OSU isn't the only team that has talented players coming in.  Maybe the defensive tackles in question would rather line up next to Auburn players like Marlon Davidson (5*, #2 DE in 2016) and Byron Cowart (5*, #1 DE in 2015, #3 overall) rather than the OSU five stars.  OSU isn't the only school that can put DT's in an advantageous position, and some of those schools are a lot closer to home. 

Comment 12 Dec 2015

True, but he had fewer yards/carry than Cook, Fournette and Royce Freeman.  If you give them equal carries, they pull away from Elliot.  Additionally, people claim that Elliot is the most complete back, and point out his blocking and receiving.  Yet, his yards per reception were way, way below Henry, Freeman, Cook, McCaffrey and Fournette.  Freeman had the best season no one is talking about.

Comment 10 Dec 2015

That's true.  Similarly, I'm sure Nassib couldn't care less who gets drafted before him.  I'm sure he is over the moon that he will get any sort of NFL paycheck.  Dude didn't even earn a scholarship out of high school and he is about to become a rich man.  A truly amazing season.   

Comment 10 Dec 2015

Awards are all about numbers

Not necessarily.  For instance, in this thread, someone mentioned that Shazier should have won the best linebacker award over CJ Mosley in 2013.  But, what most award voters probably noticed was that while Shazier had more tackles, sacks (better numbers) he was also the leader of a very poor defense (There's a reason Ash was brought in after the 2013 season.)  Mosley was the leader of a top five defensive unit.  Perhaps Shazier accumulated so many tackles because teams kept picking up first downs against OSU and he played more snaps.  In 2013, Alabama's defense faced 771 snaps.  Ohio State's faced 1000.   

Comment 09 Dec 2015

It's strange that you would say that.  One Michigan-Ohio State preview I read said the exact opposite of what you just mentioned. (Said he was great, or at least good enough in coverage; a "disaster" in run support.) On MGoblog, the preview claimed 

(Michigan)State overloaded the receivers to one side to make Eli Apple an edge defender. They did best going to the offense's left, since a) Bosa's side has all the stars, and b) Conklin, and c) easier to pass the othe other way, and d) Apple is soo soooooo bad at run D.

They also included video clips showing Apple playing atrocious run support against Illinois.  

Eli Apple's coverage was perfect when they tried him (see video above in the coverage section). With his size and ability, he's easily going to the NFL as a cover corner. There someone will probably teach him to not be a disaster in run defense...That's a running back who barely dives at Apple's feet, and he's dead.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

You know, it's a bit harsh to hold Coker accountable for the Ole Miss loss, or imply he couldn't handle the pressure.  Alabama tried to throw Ole Miss a curveball and they started Cooper Bateman instead.  By the time they went back to Coker, Alabama was already down 17-3.  They actually did outscore Ole Miss 34-26 with Coker in the game.  He didn't play great against Ole Miss (3 TDs: 2 INTs), but Bama has been a better team since they fully entrusted the offense to Coker.

Comment 07 Dec 2015

Plus I think MSU's defense is better than most teams Bama has played so far. I think it will be a tight game.

I don't know.  I just checked the FEI Defensive rankings and Michigan State is ranked 15th.  Coincidentally, the two teams bracketing MSU are Texas A&M (14th) and Georgia (16th.)  Alabama played both those teams and put up 41 and 38 points, respectively..  Bama also put up 29 against Florida and 35 against Wisconsin, both teams that are a notch above MSU defensively.  I think MSU's best chance is to grind out a win in a low-scoring game, but based on Alabama's performance against similar (and better) defenses, I don't think MSU will be able to keep the score down.

Comment 06 Dec 2015
No. In 2004, Oklahoma went 11-0 in the regular season. They then defeated Colorado in the Big 12 championship game 42-3. Their only lost was in the BCS championship game.
Comment 05 Dec 2015
In 2013, MSU didn't ruin OSU's season. They saved OSU from a humiliating thrashing at the hands of Florida State. The defense was so incredibly bad that year.
Comment 02 Dec 2015

His final impression was a strong one — a 214-yard, two-touchdown effort against Michigan — but he doesn’t have a conference title game to make state his final case. Henry, Cook, McCaffery and Watson all do.

Dalvin Cook does not have a conference title game "to make state his final case."  The ACC title game features Clemson vs. North Carolina.  I assume you're not talking about Connor Cook, since he wasn't mentioned in the rest of the article.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

He could have watched the Nebraska-MSU game and replicated the Husker's playcalling against Sparty, but he had better things to do with his time.

He doesn't seem like the most perspicacious coach.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

That's not correct.  A quick look at the stats show that Jehu Chesson (#86) has 8 recpetions on 3rd down this year.  Meanwhile, Amara Darboh (#82) has more than double that.  He has 17 3rd down recptions this year.  Jake Butt (#88) has the same number of 3rd down receptions as Chesson.  #86 isn't Michigan's top option on 3rd down, more like 2a/2b with Butt.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

That's one way of characterizing it.  

Another is that with Tim Beck as OC, OSU is 0-1 against ranked teams.  The very first time they faced a ranked opponent, they shriveled and died.  Not sure what 2012 has to do with this version of Ohio State.  

Comment 18 Nov 2015
I agree. If the committee is truly evaluating each team's entire body of work, they should understand that winning big games early in the season really indicates a lot about a team's focus, coaching, ability to be prepared for anything, etc. Schedule swapping a non-conference cupcake with a tough conference opponents should tell the committee some very interesting things about the major contenders.
Comment 18 Nov 2015
"but it's not the Buckeyes' fault for the Big Ten schedule." I agree, but here's a question for the board: how is it Alabama's fault that the SEC scheduled them to play a conference game September 19th, two weeks before B1G teams needed to play conference play? I guess i just don't get this "chickenshit" thing. The SEC likes having marquee games in September, so the teams' schedules have an opening in November. Not individual teams at fault. Imagine if Ohio state had to play a michigan state or penn state last year in week 3, right after losing to VaTech. The oline hadn't gelled yet, and Barrett was still in over his head. OSU wouldn't have had a chance to make the playoff if they had a more challenging September. I mean, to me, the SEC forcing their marquee teams to be ready for high stakes conference games in early September isn't chickenshit...I think it would be intimidating.
Comment 08 Nov 2015

Very true.  Also, don't forget that Meyer got away from his successful paradigm once before.  

In 2010, after Tebow graduated, Meyer tried to install pass first, immobile QB John Brantley to lead the Gator offense.  The results were dreadful.  Florida fell from the 6th best offense nationally in 2009 to 83rd in 2010.  Not surprisingly, Meyer reacted the same way in 2010 as he did this year.  In 2010, after 7 games, he began integrating Jordan Reed as a QB running threat.  Over the last 5 games of the year, Reed averaged 14.4 rushes per game.  This year, at roughly the same point in the season, he pulled the plug on his Cardale experiment and went back to a QB more adept at rushing.  In the last three games (Minnesota aside) Barrett has averaged 12 rushes per game.