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Comment 21 May 2015

You can't major in general studies.  If you had a major, you would get a BA or a BS, etc...If you choose to do general studies, you get a different degree: BGS degree.  

Comment 21 May 2015

It's not a "major."  It's a degree.  It's a BGS degree.  The whole point of getting a General Studies degree is that you don't have to declare a major, but rather acquire credits from a variety of fields.  

What does a person do with a major in General Studies?

I don't know.

Comment 20 May 2015

I don't think that is true.  In 2014, all his passing stats were improved.  He threw for more yards/game (265 yards/gm vs 200 yards/gm), he completed a higher percentage of his passes (60% vs. 58.8%), more yards per pass attempt (8.1 yards/pass vs 7.6 yards/pass) and a higher QB rating (145 vs 131)  His 3rd down completion % also made a huge jump (58% vs 49%)  He was much more effective on passing downs.  Also, he is much maligned for his turnovers, but he actually had a better TD/INT ratio in 2014 (2.07 TD/INT vs 2 TD/INT).  ESPN also has their own metric to evaluate quarterback play (QBR) and he was better in 2014 in that category too (70.9 vs. 67.2)

The only area I can see that he lost ground was fumbles.  He lost 8 fumbles this year, compared to 4 fumbles in 2012.

Did anyone notice that virtually all of this passing stats improved despite the fact that he had a much better OLine in 2012? This past year, he was sacked 27 times.  (only 15 times in 2012)  Perhaps that also accounts for the fumble increase, too.  It's much harder to hold onto the ball when you're always under pressure or running for your life.

Comment 19 May 2015

I had no idea that Michigan claimed HS victories as part of their all time wins.  I didn't know the official record books would reflect.  So I looked to see what OSU has in their history.  

Ohio State claims a victory over the Dayton YMCA in 1892...what does that mean? Does that mean against the staff, including women?  Or against YMCA members?  Was there an age limit? Did children play for the YMCA team?

OSU also claims victories in the 1984 season against "Columbus Barracks" and "17th Regiment."  I'm assuming the regiment was a military squad, but what exactly constituted the Barracks?

Anyone know?

Comment 18 May 2015

Sam Webb also finally admitted that Auburn will not release him to any other SEC school either. So Auburn is not just picking on Michigan, LOL

It's commonplace for coaches/schools to prohibit players from transferring to other schools within their conference, as well as to prohibit transfers to schools on their schedule for the next year or two.  If Sam Webb didn't mention this initially, it's most likely because he assumed most of his readers/followers are smart enough to know how transfers work.  

In most cases when it's clear that a coach/school is preventing a transfer for no good reason or for extremely petty reasons, the coach is shamed into capitulating.  Here is an article that describes how Randy Edsall and Derek Dooley were both ridiculed in the media for their selfish decisions.

Comment 18 May 2015

I agree.  OSU is better with Jones at the helm than with Barrett.  Barrett really struggled against two of the three good defenses he faced.  He couldn't move the ball through the air at all against Penn State (3.9 yards/att).  The post-Barrett version of OSU was much better, so I agree that they would fare better against Penn State's top 5 D with Jones at the helm.

Comment 17 May 2015

Actually, Zettel caused quite a few problems for Ohio State last year.  He picked off Barrett and ran it back 40 yards for a touchdown, leaving several OSU players in his wake.  The OP is ironic, because it was JT Barrett who was left eating turf as Zettel outran Barrett to the endzone.  Zettel also had a sack against OSU.  Opponents need to be wary of his playmaking ability.  He can really influence the flow of the game.

OSU's running backs and QBs really struggled to get going against Zettel and the Penn State front 7 last year.  It was more 3 yards and a cloud of dust than track meet.  OSU overaged 5.75 yards/carry last season, but PSU held them to 3.84 yards/carry.  The only other team to hold OSU to less than 4 yards/carry was Virginia Tech.  Until I looked up his stats from for this post, I had no idea Zettel was so highly regarded.  (First team All-B1G Coaches and Media, and currently the #2 ranked defensive tackle in 2016 NFL mock draft.)

Comment 17 May 2015

I never get concerned/irritated by a recruit's "overall ranking."  The way I see it is that I only care that a recruit is amongst the best at their position.  There are some positions, like center, fullback, kickers and inside linebacker, that are devalued in the "overall ranking" every year.  But, if my team needs a fullback, I will gladly take a fullback ranked 400th in the nation, as long as he is one of the top 5 fullbacks in the nation.

I don't think people should worry about Walker's overall ranking, but they should appreciate that 247 still feels he is one of the top 3 running backs available.  Who cares if he fell 100 spots, if 98 of the players that passed him play wide receiver or offensive tackle or whatever.

Comment 17 May 2015

Oddly, they aren't really battling over Ohio.  At least not in 2016.  

According to 247, Michigan only has seven offers out to 2016 Ohio players.  They have 190 offers out total.  That means only 3% of their offers are to Ohio players.  In contrast, Michigan has 13 offers out to Michigan players, 10 offers to New Jersey players, 26 offers to California players and 12 offers out to Georgia players.  Moreover, one their Ohio offers was to deWeaver, a player that Harbaugh may or may not have encouraged to look elsewhere.

In contrast, MSU has twice as many Ohio offers out (14).  That is 9.3% of their total offers.  MSU is obviously much more invested than Michigan in getting 2016 Ohio recruits.  In fact, of MSU's 7 Ohio commits in 2016, only 2 had Michigan offers (including the deWeaver "offer")

Comment 15 May 2015

Well, he did win 44 games in the NFL in four years, an NFC title, two NFC west titles, an Orange bowl at an 1-11 program, and two conference titles at SDSU. 

Just FYI...Harbaugh coached at University of San Diego, a division II school.  He didn't coach at SDSU, a division I, FBS school.

He won something called the Pioneer League title twice.  He hasn't won the MWC title.  

Nonetheless, he has accomplished a lot everywhere he's been.

Comment 15 May 2015

Agreed -------- and he gets a lot from his players but they were exposed against us and that vaulted defense had issues all game long.


Comment 06 May 2015

According to data provided by both schools, your assumption is incorrect.  If your idea of quality is earning potential.

LSU Salary Info (from 2013-14 graduating students survey. 43 people)

Petroleum Engineering (starting salary) Average: $81,886  

OSU Salary Info (Engineering Career Services 2012-13, 47 people)

Chemical Engineering (starting salary offers) Average: $62, 961  

Comment 05 May 2015

Two of the last three top ranked QB's in Texas have committed to Ohio State.

That is not correct.  Only one of the last three.  Wallace is the #1 rated 2016 Texas QB.  In 2015, it was Kyler Murray (Texas A&M).  In 2014, it was Jerrod Heard (UT) 

Incidentally, JT Barrett was not the top rated QB in Texas in 2013, in case that is what you meant.  That honor belonged to Cody Thomas (Oklahoma).  Barrett was rated #2. (All ratings are 247 composite.)

Comment 01 May 2015

Are you sure you're looking at the correct stats?  They weren't ranked 97th in total defense.  They were ranked 80th in total defense.  (123rd pass defense, 22nd rush defense, 40th scoring defense.)

Also, their team record wasn't 4-5.  Their conference record was 4-5.  They went 8-6 overall.

Comment 28 Apr 2015

With Ohio State's victory over Oregon, Urban Meyer is the ONLY coach in FBS history to win national titles in TWO (2) different conferences

Let's get this technicality out of the way...Tom Osborne won two national championships out of the Big Eight (1994, 1995) and one out of the Big 12 (1997). 

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I think it's creepy, but I don't think it's necessarily a  sign of desperation.  For instance, in 2008, Urban Meyer repeatedly called Carl Moore's (WR recruit) girlfriend trying to get in good with Carl.  He wanted the woman to commit toFlorida's gymnastic team to help with his recruitment of Moore.  Though creepy, Meyer was one year removed from a national title, had the Rivals #1 recruiting class in 2007 and the #3 class in 2008.  It wasn't desperation.  It's just a creepy thing that competitive coaches like Harbaugh and Meyer think is ok for some reason.

According to the woman, Maranda Smith,  she talked with Meyer "every day back in November when he was recruiting Carl [Moore]. He kept asking how Carl was doing and [he] wanted me to come [to UF] and do gymnastics."

This article, which calls Harbaugh creepy, includes Meyer's 2008 tactics in the creepy category, but also notes that what Meyer did was not against NCAA rules. 

Comment 15 Apr 2015

Urban Meyer engages in eyebrow-raising coachspeak, of course.  For instance, he said about John Brantley in June 2010...

“I think he’ll be one of the best throwers,” Meyer said. “The leadership, the toughness and all those things are all to be determined. But what he’s shown so far in practice and in spring ball, and from what I hear he’s doing this summer, he’s going to be a really, really good player for us.”

All coaches say ridiculous things and ooze unjustifiable confidence about their guys.  But, I do agree if a reporter asks a coach to compare his players to other teams' players (or to say which player he would prefer), the coach would do well not to take the bait.     

Comment 13 Apr 2015

One doesn't have to seek a graduate degree in the exact same field as their undergraduate degree.  An Ohio State Communications degree would provide the necessary training to prepare a student for a handful of graduate degrees, not all of which are available at Ohio State.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

He did nothing at Stanford to prove he can build a Top 10 CFB program.

His final year at Stanford, they finished in the top 10.  (#4)  He was awarded the Woody Hayes Trophy for Coach of the Year honors.  They went from 1-11 the year before he was hired to a top 10 team.  Stanford also finished in the top 10 in 2011, 2012 and 2013.  He built a top 10 team, and Stanford became a top 10 program for four consecutive seasons with the roster he helped assemble.  Perhaps you should choose a bar he didn't clear to prove your point that he "did nothing at Stanford..."

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Your comment is not accurate.  It is also not smart.

Why are you calculating Michigan's 1997 national championship as 1/2, but counting all of OSU's shared championship as 1?  For instance, the NCAA officially lists OSU's 1970 title as split with Texas and Notre Dame, 1961 as split with Alabama, 1957 as split with Auburn and 1954 as a split championship with UCLA.  So, that means OSU has 4.83333 championships.  (counting '54, '57, '61 as half championships, and 1970 as 1/3 of a championship)

Is it really worth nullifying 2.1666666 Buckeye Championships to nullify .5 of Michigan's? 

If you count fractions of championships, OSU has 3.333333 more championships than UM since 1948.  If you count a championship as a full championship, OSU has 5 more championships than UM since 1948.  Your attempt to cheapen Michigan's 1997 title actually reduces the statistical advantage OSU has had since 1948. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

If Cass Tech Coach Wilcher's lenses are jaded, it's because of recent events.  He has not always had an axe to grind against OSU.  In fact, he was on record saying OSU recruiting Cass Tech hard was a great thing:

“What is happening is great because it gives our kids choices,” Wilcher said. “And when the kids have choices, it takes them longer to decide. You have choices, and things to think about. You can sit and wait. Giving kids choices is what this is all about.”

If he's singing a different tune now, it's not because he suddenly realized he's a Michigan fan.  It's because Drayton withheld important information from Mike Weber. 

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Instead he gets to come play for the defending National Champions, a head coach and offensive coordinator who have developed Carlos Hyde & Ezekiel Elliott

The offensive coordinator who developed those players, Tom Herman, also left.