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Comment 8 hours ago

Navy as a whole is not a sacrificial lamb.  But, Navy's front seven is very weak and possibly the worst in the nation at applying pressure to OLines.  

Last year, Navy finished dead last in the nation in tackles for loss.  They averaged 3.00 TFL/game, which was also dead last in the nation.  They lost their top two players in terms of TFL production.  Last year, they never pressured QBs (122nd in the nation in sacks last season), were weak in run defense (84th) and never stopped people behind the line of scrimmage.  Yet against OSU, they got 5 TFL and caused all sorts of problems for the OLine.

Comment 30 Aug 2014

This is what people expected.

Comment 27 Aug 2014
In 2012, Alabama started the season ranked 2nd. They moved into first place after the first week. They remained 1st until they lost to Texas A&M. After that loss, they dropped to 4th in the week 11 poll. Ohio state was ranked 6th in that poll. Alabama remained ranked ahead of OSU the entire year. At no point did Bama "jump" OSU, and there was no voter shift on the last poll of the season. You made that up. Alabama was always ahead of OSU. Georgia did jump OSU, but again, that was not the last poll of the season. It happened the week of Nov. 11th. The voters favored the SEC teams well before the final poll.
Comment 26 Aug 2014

You know what's crazy is that in the 2015 class alone, Georgia has four (4*) wide receivers (according to 247 composite) and all of them are 6'2" or taller.  They also have a 4* 6'6" tight end.  Van Jefferson will be one of their shorter pass catchers.  Some teams attract the big bodies, some don't.

Comment 26 Aug 2014

I guess that's the point.  Even when one of the SEC's top teams stumble, other teams are right there to step up and knock off ranked opponents.  That's why they are the best conference, because they have 2-3 elite teams, and 2-3 more nipping at those teams' heels.  That's why they always finish with so many teams in the top ten.  Because they have lots of good teams. 

Comment 26 Aug 2014

Actually, if you use the actual rankings, the top three SEC teams last season were Auburn, South Carolina and Missouri. (Ranked 2nd, 4th and 5th in the final polls.)  The top three teams actually went 2-1 in their bowls, with the only loss being a last second loss to the national champion.  South Carolina and Missouri both beat ranked opponents by double digits in their bowl games.  The SEC went 7-3 overall in their bowl games.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Philosophical question (for the readership) the strongest schedule the one that is cumulatively the strongest (ie the average opponent is rather strong) or the schedule that incorporates elite opponents but more cupcakes (ie, higher hurdles to get over, but fewer hurdles)? 

In other words, which is a better accomplishment, going undefeated and beating 6 or 7 bowl eligible, but not elite, teams, or going undefeated and beating the #3 and #4 ranked teams for their only losses and a bunch of .500 or less teams.  Is a top 5 skin on the wall (and two cupcakes) better or worse than the #22, #28 and #33rd skins on the wall?

Comment 22 Aug 2014

So, Gregory got 47% of his sacks against Mich and Purdue.

Bosa got 4.5 of his 7.5 sacks (60%) against Illinois and Northwestern.  Northwestern was worse than Michigan (allowed 2.92 sacks/game vs Michigan's 2.77)  and Illinois was 93rd in sacks allowed.  Bosa had his chance to rack up stats against Michigan's line and Purdue's line, but he only registered a total of .5 sacks in BOTH games. Why should Gregory's be discounted?  They played the same teams, and Gregory performed better.  Gregory's line held Michigan to -21 yards rushing.  Bosa's line let Michigan run for 152 yards.

Good players tend to do well against weaker competition.  Gregory accomplished more in his first year of FBS football than Bosa did.  He deserves the preseason nod.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Exactly.  Bama wins with defense.  A competent game manager QB on the roster is all they need to keep the odds in their favor.  OSU wins with offense.  Losing your best offensive player (a player who handles the ball on every snap) is a big loss.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Barrett did not have an Alabama offer.  He didn't have many SEC offers.  His SEC offers were Ole Miss, Miss St. and LSU.  (According to 247) According to Scout, his only SEC offer was LSU.  Rivals only lists LSU and Ole Miss.  ESPN doesn't report an Alabama offer, either.  I don't think you looked at the correct player's profile. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Advanced statistics from ranked OSU's D Line last season as the 96th best in the country.  Most OSU fans have ignored the advanced stats and cited much less sophisticated stats to explain why the 2013 D Line was (and possibly why the 2014 D line will be) among the best in the country.  You're right.  People can always find data to support their arguments.  The difference is that footballstudyhall is concerned with understanding the performance of 125 different teams.  Most homer fans are only interested in justifying the greatness of their team.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

To be fair, I did watch the last OSU drive against Purdue in 2011.  It happened in OT.  Miller had the opportunity to lead OSU to a TD in overtime. (The survey included 4th quarter and OT)  OSU settled for a field goal.  Purdue scored a TD.  Miller was clutch on the penultimate drive, I suppose.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Yeah, I never really understood the "Miller is clutch" argument.  The "clutch statement" defined clutch as leading a game winning drive in the 4th quarter or overtime. The drives were defined as scoring drives that put the winning team ahead for good.  They said Miller had 6 such clutch performances.  But, by my count, Miller had six additional opportunities to lead game winning drives (trailing or tied in the 4th quarter/OT) and failed those times: Purdue (2011), PSU (2011), Mich (2011), Florida (2012), MSU (2013), Clemson (2014).  He also threw interceptions in the closing seconds of Michigan and Clemson losses. By my count, Miller is 50/50 in "clutch opportunities."  That's not "clutch."  It's a coin flip.  It's the law of averages. 

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Guiton did guide the offense effectively when he played last year.  But, I'm not sure he was perfect for the offense.  In fact, it's impossible to tell.  Guiton took significant snaps in four games.  Those four opponents were Purdue (worst team in the Big Ten, 105th defense nationally), Cal (worst power conference team in the country, 124th defense nationally), Florida A&M (an FCS school that went 3-9 last year) and San Diego State, a decent MWC team that one week before playing OSU gave up 533 yards in a loss to Eastern Illinois.  How can we know if Guiton was a decent, Big Ten caliber QB if all we have to judge him on was playing some of the worst teams in the nation? 

We will find out more about Barrett in the first two weeks of this season than we learned about Guiton all of last year.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

I agree with your point.  We can replace Michigan with Cal, Northwestern or Indiana and your point remains the same.  All four of those teams put up more yards against OSU than Oklahoma put up against Bama.  Of course, Oklahoma finished 6th in the polls, and none of those teams finished ranked.  In fact, Cal, NW and Indiana all finished with losing records.


Comment 19 Aug 2014

I believe Hoke suspended him well before he saw the video.  The first reports of York's suspension hit mgoblog on August 3.  The video wasn't posted anywhere until August 12th.  Maybe Hoke or others in privileged positions had early access to the video.  But, I believe Hoke suspended him as soon as he knew York got into some trouble, nine days before the public saw the video.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

MSU was terrible at home.  5 of their 6 losses were at home.  2-5 home record.   A 4 win Iowa team knocked them off at home.  It's not an impressive win.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

we played a better game overall in 2012

Against a 7-6 MSU team.

At least in 2012 the D showed up

Andrew Maxwell had a way of making opposing defenses look good.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

That MSU squad finished 7-6.  They were not particularly good.  They even lost to Hoke that season.

Comment 13 Aug 2014

Yeah, in the OP you said he is a bad ass, even more so at home.  Did you know that he's not very good at home?  

He completed 57% of passes at home; 60% on the road/neutral.  He only averaged 144 yards/game at home; 248 yards/game on the road.  His QB rating is way higher on the road/neutral (144 vs 123)  His yards/attempt is better on the road (7.8 vs 6.4) and his TD/INT ratio is way better on the road (4.6 TD/INT on the road vs 2.6 TD/INT at home)   He's not a particularly good QB and he struggles at home more than on the road.  The only reason he is getting preseason hype is because he had the fortune of playing the 112th and 98th ranked pass defenses to close the season.  He isn't very good.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

I disagree.  M Man is definitely NOT attempting to divert attention from anything.  He is stating legal facts.  He went into detail about the specific youth program that applied to Clark's case.  He's not diverting; instead he is tackling the issue head on, backed up with knowledge of both the specific case and the law in general. And, your suspicion that M Man is trying to justify and  vindicate Hoke's disciplinary record by way of a technicality may be right, but it's just your theory.  If you want to know what M Man's opinion is on the discipline doled out to F. Clark, you could ask M Man directly.  He's a forthcoming poster and will probably give you a forthcoming opinion.

In fact, below, poster AJBOR asked M Man a question, and his response was:

That's a straight question, so I'll give you a straight answer.