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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Germaine to Boston, OSU wins Rose Bowl- my brother spikes a football which breaks two fluorescent bulbs overhead and sends a shower of sparks and broken glass down on us. Beautiful.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Laurinaitis, Hyde
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Flames, CBJ
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Crew/Liverpool

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Comment 8 hours ago
gotta disagree about burning bridges with other big programs, time and a losing record heals all things, the dude is a proven commodity. I mean Bobby Petrino is still coaching for crying out loud, bo will get a job
Comment 17 Dec 2014
"(And if Cardale Jones bombs Alabama back into the Stone Age, there will be no Skull Session from me the next day because I will be dead from euphoria.)" And none of us would be here to read it because of the reason stated above. And probably the internet would be over and we can all walk out into the crisp morning of a new year and hear the wails of every one who hated or doubted $lohio $tate (tm). Suddenly Bama would be an average team and urban recruits thugs.
Comment 17 Dec 2014
That's awesome. Thanks! You can definitely see the effects of coaching changes/uncertainty, but also I'd say some of these kids committed to school A as plan B until we offered. I could be wrong, but either way I'm glad they're ours.
Comment 16 Dec 2014
Would you mind listing them, with previous school, and whether they flipped directly? Sorry, that sounds so bossy. I feel like the boss on office space. We've been spoiled by the awesome staff!
Comment 16 Dec 2014
She was in twin peaks? Was she like 7? I don't watch the big bang theory but I loved twin peaks. Now I'm intrigued...
Comment 15 Dec 2014
With the rate at which our quarterbacks get hurt no spot on the depth chart is too low
Comment 11 Dec 2014
YES! And it seems like as soon as the guys make plays, the first catch, the first run for a first down, the first qb hurry or pass breakup and our team will see that the tide is mortal and taste the blood in the water. At that point it is game on and the confidence builds. At the same time, on the other sideline, you can only hope that some panic sets in...
Comment 08 Dec 2014
I'm reminded to tell the people in my life, friends or family that I love and cherish them. You never know what a person is thinking and a timely word can make all the difference in the world. Our family was deeply affected by a suicide last year and I feel it could have been prevented if there had been better communication between certain people who had "grown apart" over the years. Don't let the people in your life become shut off in their own dark world of hurt and depression. There is hope. And treat everyone you meet with honor, patience and respect. They could be in the fight of their life. Thanks to everyone who has shared. Discussions like this can shine light in dark places! I guarantee that if you're feeling alone and like nobody cares, someone on here would be willing to talk with you and encourage you because we are a buckeye family. Go bucks!