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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Germaine to Boston, OSU wins Rose Bowl- my brother spikes a football which breaks two fluorescent bulbs overhead and sends a shower of sparks and broken glass down on us. Beautiful.
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Comment 27 Mar 2015
Which is strange considering the event we are discussing is march madness...
Comment 27 Mar 2015
So the Big Ten is bringing us down when they are in the Elite Eight and we dropped out in the round of 32? DJ, sometimes your #takes are too hot to handle.
Comment 25 Mar 2015
Cardale seems like the kinda guy who would fight in a gang for a local Cleveland charity!
Comment 24 Mar 2015
I agree. No UK, no Louisville, no Syracuse or Kansas or UNC. But duke and MSU? Yes.
Comment 20 Mar 2015
If the dude needs pick me upvotes, give him his pick me upvotes
Comment 20 Mar 2015
Best: chick fila, no contest Worst: too many to list...breakfast at sonic is hellacious, but other meals aren't bad. Kfc?
Comment 16 Mar 2015

Agree! Which is why a season opening loss at a good Utah wont be as damaging, in my opinion, as a two-score, primetime, home loss to a team we expected to pick our teeth with.  I am actually predicting a Michigan win against Utah, so it doesn't really matter.  Their expectations of a decent season are based in comparison: 4-7 last year, Harbaugh v. Hoke, etc., etc. 

Comment 16 Mar 2015

Hey man, I am waging my own war against depression right now and I'd like to share some thoughts which I hope will help.

1.  Never fight alone.  You've already tackled this one head-on.   I'd encourage you to share with someone you know personally, too.  You can never enlist too much help in this fight because depression thrives on isolation.

2.  Do something awesome for someone who could never repay you.  I call this "it's more blessed to give than to receive", others might call it good karma- it doesn't really matter what you call it, the effect is amazing.

3.  Have a discussion with a trusted friend about the ways you've changed.  You might think that the person you were is gone forever but that is a lie.  You don't have to beat depression before you can recover who you were, it could be that striving to regain those qualities you once had can help you beat depression.  Think of it like this:  you don't have to be fit to exercise; just start exercising and fitness happens.

4. Count your blessings.  This may seem a little too 'Sunday school' to work, but it does.  It is very hard to be depressed and thankful at the same time!  Get creative and be thorough; 5 minutes in you'll be very surprised what you come up with. 

5.  A lot of people have said it and it's true: get out and do an activity you love; and the more physical the better.  I find that when I'm most depressed I sit on my phone and ignore my wife and kids.  I'm 29 and LOVE the outdoors and exercising, but the depression weighs me down.  The human body is amazing, and the link between exercise and mood is profound.  The endorphins which are released during physical exercise along with the vitamin D you make from sun hitting your skin are potent mood elevating chemicals.  Add that to the fact that you're doing something that you love and is good for you and its is a huge kick in the nuts to depression.

6. Keep off the grass.  Seriously.  And alcohol (this one is hard for me because I am a beer aficionado, alas).  These chemicals are called depressants for a reason - mix them with depression and its lights out.

7.  Eat well and sleep even better.  A bad diet and bad sleep can and most certainly do ruin people.  Both these areas have immense influence on long-term mental and physical health.  

8.  Find someone who has beaten depression and listen to them.  Its all fine and good to talk to other depressed people like myself, but nothing beats an expert. 

my email is [email protected] if you want to talk, that would be cool.  If you live anywhere near Urbana we could grab coffee or something, my wife makes awesome cinnamon rolls (which fight depression too, probably).  I believe you'll beat this!

Comment 15 Mar 2015
Truly the only people I love to see disappointed are the ESPN and national sports pundits who crammed our mediocrity down our throats time and again. Them and the coattails riding trolls who always hate on the "$lowhio state chokeyes"... they can all mark off an acre of my butt. I don't necessarily enjoy the angst and disappointment of the average genuine sports fan/player of a losing team because it's been me so often in life (bucks, browns, Indians fan). I'm a softy, but I hated seeing the shot of Mariotta walking off the field choking back years.
Comment 15 Mar 2015
I'm ashamed of all of you!! We have some good players who I'm sure are not afraid of Kentucky. Any given Sunday, my friends! Bring them on!!
Comment 15 Mar 2015
The result would be almost as ugly as what our football team would do to their "football team", Ryan Timmons be darned.
Comment 13 Mar 2015
and that makes her hotter than all of these celebrities who don't know what a buckeye is!
Comment 13 Mar 2015
my baby girl is 8 months old, and totally worth all the sleepless nights. don't do the Red Bull, you'll get an ulcer, lol, my advice is power naps on the John at work.