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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Germaine to Boston, OSU wins Rose Bowl- my brother spikes a football which breaks two fluorescent bulbs overhead and sends a shower of sparks and broken glass down on us. Beautiful.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Laurinaitis, Hyde
  • NFL TEAM: Browns
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  • MLB TEAM: Indians
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Comment 8 minutes ago
I hate the piss n purple. They prove everything we suspect about winning without integrity-it's as easy as a team vote.
Comment 14 minutes ago
unfortunately they haven't quite had all off-season to work on that stuff. Urban said they started working on Navy from the first day of training camp. It definitely payed off, but could have slightly hampered development in other areas. Hope not! I'm very hopeful about this defense. Had a different feel than the last few years.
Comment 30 minutes ago
It could be that they get clowned by the best d line in the country everyday at practice, too. But either way the experience will pay off as the season goes on. O Line is on position that usually improves greatly with age and constancy.
Comment 19 hours ago
I was in Alberta Canada for the 09 version of the Ohio State Navy game. I was way back in the mountains and had to go to the home of some Czech immigrants who had the most premium cable package to actually have the Big Ten Network. I got there at 9:30 they told me to help myself I think I finished off 3 or 4 awesome Czech Pilsners (The town of Pilsn is in the Czech republic) needless to say I had to delay my drive to Spokane a few hours.
Comment 22 hours ago
Melvin Gordon will still be the best RB on the field for UW v LSU.
Comment 29 Aug 2014
That's because we have an entirely new team after the DL. Add in the grants, Powell a couple WR and one O lineman and that's about it for returning starters. Wow.
Comment 29 Aug 2014
I'm only 29 but i promote I will have a heart attack watching another season of guys trying to knock the ball carrier down and he goes for a touchdown. I was at the shoe for the Cal game. Almost lost my voice.
Comment 29 Aug 2014
Confession time: I get so used to reading and upvoting opinions I agree with that it's easy to throw a DV at someone you strongly disagree with or feel is being uncharitable towards someone or thing you respect, even if they aren't breaking any rules. Now I always check myself before I wreck myself (bestow an undeserving DV)
Comment 26 Aug 2014
Reminds me of Cable Guy where Matthew Broderick's character is wearing an Ohio State sweatshirt at the beginning. Also, that movie is directed by Lou Holtz Jr. Weird....
Comment 26 Aug 2014
Not sure but i think he was referring to the UM team being good. They finished the year spanking the gators. It was the bitter cream filling of urban's championship Oreo at UF.
Comment 26 Aug 2014
Guessing the DVs are from Brian Fantana and Champ Kind. They can't handle the truth.