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Comment 17 Jun 2015
I like the black helmets. I don't think we would ever wear them but I like them nonetheless.
Comment 17 Jun 2015
What did he say wrong? It's not like he said f*** VaTech or VPI?
Comment 15 Jun 2015

I LOVE Terrelle Pryor and have no problem with what he did

I like Jim Heacock more than I like Jim Tressel

I think Krenzel is so overrated it's scary

I do not want Braxton Miller to start under any circumstance

OSU fans are not loud enough and the old farts have no clue how annoying they are. OSU fans are becoming a wine and cheese crowd

I LOVE the alternate jerseys and want them to wear the black ones of the style they currently wear though they need to burn those white pants

I am not a huge fan of OSU basketball. Duke is my favorite basketball team and has been since I was a kid.

I wanted the AD to force Tressel to get a new OC

I wanted Kenny Guiton to play the rest of the Orange Bowl after Braxton got hurt early in the game

I hate the fact that we don't use the Leo position like we used to

I think Luke Fickell is alot better than this fan base gives him credit for

I hate the *ichigan, SCum, Brady Choke, Hairball nonsense. When I speak I want there to be no doubt who I'm talking to

As recently as the PSU game I wanted to lay hands on Tom Herman

Comment 27 Apr 2015
I agree JT is the best QB for this team but I understand the call for Jones. I think JT is KG with a better arm. The offense ran pretty well with KG under center also.
Comment 09 Apr 2015
I rooted for Duke. Because that's my squad.