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Comment 11 Mar 2015

I feel like we have to exclude any OSU win or the App State game - those are gimmes.

Off the cuff, I'll go with their 2001 loss at Michigan State (the game with the Sparty timekeeper that held an extra 0:01 on the clock allowing MSU to score on the final play of the game). That seemed to produce some tears and, coupled with our 2001 win up there, kept them out of a BCS bowl. Other candidates from that era, when Michigan losing actually meant something:

- Their nutty 54-51 loss at Northwestern in 2000 when Anthony Thomas fumbled while running out the clock

- Their 2002 home loss to Iowa where they got absolutely dismantled, 34-9.

Comment 12 Nov 2014

Nate Clements wanted to take Ron Johnson 1-on-1 and Ron Johnson obliged to the tune of something like 150 yards. 

It's one of my ultimate "what if" games as in, what if we had avoided the upset? We would have won a share of the conference with NW, Purdue, & UM and there's no way Coop would have been fired after the season. Just imagine. Thanks, Ma$e!

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Accessing memory that being a 20-year old attendee afforded:

- Nate Clements almost takes opening kick back on a fake reverse, we get a TD on the drive, Stultz misses the PAT and that pretty much summarizes the day

- Anthony Thomas scores on a painfully long screen pass

- Steve Bellisari throws 3 INT including a pick 6 that makes it 31-12 UM after 3 quarters

- OSU gets 2 TDs back to cut it to 31-26, has the ball around their own 20 with about 4:00 to go facing a 4th & 1. .. run up the middle is stuffed, boos rain down, and Drew Henson scores on a bootleg to ice the game at 38-26

Man, that was brutal.  Never forget...

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Agreed.  Had them in 00-01.  Of the 3 different copmanies we rented from, they were far and away the worst.  That says a lot considering the competition.

Comment 07 Aug 2013

For the first couple of years, the BTN would add a few (like 10) new games a year to the library, with a press release and everything.  I haven't really heard anything about it in the last 2 years as it almost seems like the new games that get added are just the best from the previous season, because it's so easy. Thank God Purdue upset OSU in 2009 in a game that's actually pretty unwatchable (sloppy on both sides, not even really that close) - we wouldn't want the BTN to have to splurge on the scintillating 1999 OSU-Purdue game that was won on a blocked FG in the rain.


Also, are they averse to conference losses?  Sure, UM losing to App State was a blackeye for the conference, but it was a damn great game and would produce great schadenfreude-based programming for fans of the conference's 11 other teams.  You don't think non-OSU fans would enjoy watching Vince Young kick us in the balls again?

On the BTN site, under Grestest Games programming, they list the next 10 broadcasts upcoming: 8 are from 2007-2012, one is from 2000, one is from 1984 (and it's PSU, pre-B10). 

Comment 18 Jul 2013

Honestly, we in the B10 have some pretty good cities to road trip to.  If you can detach yourself from the universities & football programs, Madison & Ann Arbor are pretty cool cities to hang out in.  The area I stayed in the last time we were @ Minnesota was pretty nice too.  Plenty of bars, pubs, niche restaurants to choose from.  Naturally Columbus is still the best place to be IMO, but it just adds to the embarrassment of riches of trendy, cultural B10 college towns. <offer void in West Lafayette>

Comment 18 May 2013

Most anticipated since 2001; we didn't play NW in 2000 ( the year they shared the B10 with Purdue and Michigan)   

Comment 04 May 2013

Growing up in PA, I fully embraced Penn State, even joining in the "We Are, Penn State" chants on the bus (as an impressionable 2nd grader; give me a break).  And I still love going out there for a game from a scenery perspective, but obviously that has dissipated.  Adding Nebraska dovetailed nicely with Penn States fall from grace. They're my #2 now. 

Comment 01 May 2013

It's odd, but there's something about the compressed morning that I hate about the non-conference games, but I kind of embrace it for the UM game.  It adds to the electric feel on campus.  That said, I'm indifferent about 12 vs. 3:30 for the UM game.  It's not like the noon kick is sacred either.  It was mentioned earlier that the 2006 game was 3:30 and I'm fairly certain that 05 & 01 were at 1:00, as well as it being 1:00 back in the day.

Let's be honest - we could tee off against those elitists at 9AM and I'd be ready & rolling at midnight.

Comment 24 Apr 2013

Saw this yesterday as a reasonable solution to the imbalance issue: one year, all the teams in one division get 5 homes games and the next year, all the teams in the other division get 5 home games.  It levls the field for determining a division winner.  The problem is that it would for OSU's (and presumably others) hands for future non-conf schedules.  In 2016-18, OSU is @Oklahoma, @UNC, and @TCU.  At least one of those would have to move...

Comment 18 Apr 2013

It cannot be between anyone else other than 1998 (pure talent) or 2002 (talent &moxie). I laugh at anyone pushing 2006 as the biggest weakness on that team, the one that was exploited against Florida, would feed right into the strengths of 98 and 02. The front 7 from either of those teams against only one serviceable lineman(Boone)?  Sign me up. 

Comment 20 Mar 2013

Indeed, the 2002 season opened with a 45-21 win over Texas Tech in the Pigskin Classic, highlighted by the debut of Maurice Clarett.  Two interesting notes form that game:

- that was the most points the defense gave up all year (in regulation)

- the Red Raiders' best player that day: a slot receiver named Wes Welker

Comment 22 Jan 2013

Nike did these years ago, around 2000. I distinctly remember Michigan with a big block M and UNC with the interlocking NC, and the jersey number was below. I didn't like them then and I don't like them now. 

Comment 14 Nov 2012

Oh, there was a whole back-and-forth of logo dancing "back in the day".  I think they danced on ours in '99 after Ron Dayne started his Heisman campaign by going HAM in the 2nd half.  Then we returned the favor in Maidson the next year, sparked by Derek Combs' shoeless run.  In 2001, back in the Shoe, Wisconsin won but the players met at midfield & prayed.  In related news, JT took over as coach that year.

Comment 06 Nov 2012

See Adrian Peterson.  He should've beat Leinart as a freshman in 04 and when things were set up well for him in 06, he got injured.  I think Troy would've had some serious competition if Peterson stayed healthy that season.

Comment 25 Aug 2012

Yikes. I know Lance has been under a lot of scrutiny recently, but I thought he still had his health. The Wapok crowd is not gonna be happy about this. 

Comment 15 Aug 2012

I'm sure it was because it coincided with my "1st senior year", but the 2001 season will always have a special place in my heart.  The pain of choking away the Wisconsin & PSU games was erased by victory in Ann Arbor (J-Dub going 40 yards on 4th & 1 to put us up 14-0 is still one of my all-tim favorite plays).


Comment 03 Aug 2012

Did we lead with an adapted quote from PaRappa the Rapper today?

Also, for how long will MSU milk the 2010 B1G championship?