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Comment 6 hours ago

Funny how 48mill and the need to turn around a losing program will make TTUN and JH kiss and make up...

Ironic....don't you think?

But if you followed MMan and his endless list of douchey excuses for each and every Michigan fail, then you'll recall that JERMEE HURBUR! "clarified" his comments in his initial press conference when asked about his bashing of Michigan years earlier with this quote-worthy quote.

" can't compare great to great..."

Yep.  That's it. You can't compare great to great.  So says, the Great JERMEE HURBUR. Step aside Walt Whitman and Robert Frost.  Kicking sand in the eyes of Michigan and exposing them for the equivalent of TV evangelicals is all cured and treated with that gem of a quote. Harbaugh got his $48,000,000.00 and the increasingly growing toxic booster assoc. got warm fuzzies; the circle jerk has been on ever since.

Comment 25 Apr 2015

Interesting. I haven't gotten that sense at all.

Nor have I.  Ever.

I feel this site is as neutral as one can possibly be given it's a site created for a specific group of fans (OSU).   In fact, there's so much freaking "Wish he had chosen us, good luck to the guy", that sometimes I wish ppl would have a catastrophic Internet meltdown more often to break up the off season doldrums around here.

Don't change, ppl.  I love your ugly asses just as they are.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

What an all around team performance last night.  T Thompson, JR Smith, KLove, LeBron, Kyrie.  This might indeed be a team of destiny.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Jermee Hurburr, savior of michigan, former "borderline guy". 

You just delivered in spades, brother.

It almost reads like a GoT house banner/title.

Former Borderline Guy Jermee Hurbur, 3rd Michigan Savior in Seven Winters, Devout Disciple and Practitioner of Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind, the Exiled and Persona non Grata of the distant and westerly lands of San Francisco, and as in the hallow footsteps of his Master and Mentor from House Glenn Edward Bo Schembechler; the Great Deliverer of Zero National Titles.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Its fine though, its not against the policy of the site. I'm not complaining about you posting it. Keep posting it, i'll keep going on my merry way.

Good, chief?

Won't get any argument from me.  Keep up the good fight. 

Comment 24 Apr 2015

It will be a combination of blaming Hoke and michigan's "high academic standards" even though the savior Jermee Hurburr debunked that myth a few years back.

We will be hard pressed to find a bigger sports heel (from michigan's standpoint) once Hurburr bolts for the nfl in three years. In the span of ten years he will have: 1 - badmouthed michigan's academics, 2 - gotten everyone's hopes up and not delivered a championship, 3 - quit as michigan hc

Oh, good call.  I forgot about that one; the lofty "academic standard" angle.  And as you rightly alluded to, the same angle Harbaugh pretty much verbally jailsexed.  "They (Michigan) have ways of getting borderline guys in.." (the non-valedictorians they make, ahem, room for).  

They're very stringent on the character and caliber of people they "allow" to roam their vaunted halls.  See Taylor Lewan, Thomas Rawlings, C'sonte York, Brendon Gibbons, Frank Clark as a few of the more recent citations. 

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Vikings right now is the greatest and best kept secret on television.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Damnit Rob! I want to jump on this so much but I'm going to remain civil for the greater love of Ohio. I see what you did though, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Subtlety is the key to a verbal stabbing in the back without the victim even knowing what happened.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Rob Reese - When is your wedding and are we all invited to the reception? Open Bar Right? 

Seattle.  It's one thing to acknowledge and publicly announce prenuptials as a couple.  It's quite another entirely to actually follow through. I'm a big subscriber to the "eight year college, 10 year engaged" philosophy for no shortage of reasons.  

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Even in context the joke isn't funny.

Not funny to who?  In context of a football game, I find it freaking hilarious.  In fact, I also believe Fatpants has rec'd at least 100 UV's from it over the course of time so others likely do as well, I imagine. 

No one is making fun of real, legitimate, clinical depression here.  And you know that.  Own it.  Don't let it have so much power over you.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

And depression over a football game, that other ppl played, is something we've all suffered through, and only days, sometimes weeks later, realize it isn't that big of a deal after all. That it is, indeed, just a game.

Seriously. Take it in context.  Otherwise the Internet will be a very hazardous place for you.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

The best part of that game, was Michigan was still in the middle of BRADY-MANIA and fans were literally trumpeting days before how they were going to "shock the world" and "roll the tide!"


Comment 24 Apr 2015

Their disappointment will be deep, and oh sooo delicious.

Indeed.  That despair will only be amplified as they're sentenced to watch the mighty Buckeyes vie for another national title.  But the real question is, who in the wild f*ck DV'd your "Michigan Depression" post, and 2, who are the WolverWeenies more likely to blame next season for their ineptitude and short comings? RichRod still?  Is that still in vogue, or is the all-encompassing blaming of RR passe in A2, now?   Urban maybe?  Hoke?  Brandon?  One time crime boss, Tressel, and his national syndicate? 

These are questions that beckon tough, real answers.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

I might quit my job and rent a place up there for the fall.  Can you imagine just walking around AA, breathing in the cool, fall air and looking at the empty, hollow faces as they try to reconcile that they're still just Michigan regardless of how nutty their current and latest savior and savior's son are on Twitter?  

I'm feeling tingly just thinking about it.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Their first, early nonconference losses are going to be worth the price of admission, squared.  The tears, excuses, pain & suffering and general self-loathing that AA will be infected with will be utterly fantastic to watch.  Forget losses to Appalachian or Toledo.  What we're about to see next fall is going to be f*cking epic.  

Want to get rich, quick?  Sell Xanax or Klonipin Rx's up there next fall.  You won't be able to get enough in the streets of AA fast enough for the demand that will ensue.  

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Born and raised Ohio.  Ohio State University alum.  Fiancee an OSU alumna whose genes, family and blood also trace back to the Great State of Ohio and is currently a second year med student in NEOMED, Rootstown, OH.

Where is this Cincy you speak of?

Comment 22 Apr 2015

A relatively successful OSU alum by any metric.  No number digital helmet stickers will get you that.   But +1 for the sick repartee, though.  

So. When's soccer season fire up bruh? Is it around the corner, hopefully?  I'm serious. I'm jonesing for some futbul.