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Comment 22 minutes ago

Think about it, do 8 teams really deserve the chance at a title? I am afraid that if we expand further rivalries, bowls, and the regular season will be rendered meaningless. 

Preserving a meaningful regular season has been the core argument against an 8-team playoff the entire time. 

Comment 11 hours ago

There isn't one.  Not a licensed DVD/Blu-Ray, anyway. 

Comment 16 hours ago

Idk, I think Bourn still has something left in the tank.  He's been working on getting fully healthy for this year, and if he is he'll contribute.  Plus I think Kipnis is due for a rebound year and Moss was a good acquisition.  There's a lot of young-ish talent on this team (Kip, Gomes, Santana, Brantley, Ramirez, Lindor, and I still naively believe Chisenhall could turn out decent).

Jason Kipnis; aside from that absolute MONSTER month in June of 2013, he's been a career .250 hitter with 10-12 HR's.  Hopefully a return to his natural position in the outfield will change that.  Like you, for whatever logic eludes me, I remain optimistic about him.

Bourn; I'm much less optimistic about this cat.  I hated the deal the day they announced it due to his age (at the time a year or two over 30) and the fact he lived and died with his legs.  And over 30 year olds who depend on their legs are always a big question.  He still strikes out more than he puts the ball in play, still hasn't figured out how to bunt despite being a "lead off" hitter, injury prone, has a grand total of 33 SB's in TWO SEASONS, but does play above average center field.  I'm crossing my fingers, man.

Swisher.  Get rid of him.  Pay half his salary to play elsewhere if that's what it takes. Just send him far, far away.  He was a 20 HR guy in NY where the right field was once described as "the biggest joke in baseball" by Peter Gammons.  You and I would hit 20 there!  He kills pitchers who are like a #5 guy in the rotation.  But he's never hit a #1, #2 or #3 pitcher in his life, and in the post season, that's all you face.

I agree that we've a lot of good youth. Nothing but love for Santana, Gomes, Brantley, (hopefully Lindor) and yes, Chisenhall.  I like a veteran David Murphy at the bottom of a lineup, too.  Still a good bullpen, as well.  Pitching > hitting, so things could get interesting.

Comment 18 hours ago

Part of me wants to upvote you for the sheer awesomeness of D. Smith, part of me wants to DV you due to the suggestion of all that talent going to complete waste up here.  I want Devin to rock Sundays, not toil in the sad-factory.

+1 it is

Comment 19 hours ago

I'm with you.  Although, the Tribe's starting pitching is looking boss for 2015.  Too bad we're bogged down with terrible deals with Swisher and Bourn and unable to actually build around that staff.

Comment 21 hours ago

Excellent, excellent data.

You can see why Urban is trying to get a strong presence in NJ & MD.  Interesting how Sparty owns the state of Michigan between the 2 in-state schools, despite the modest availability of resources. 

Comment 21 hours ago

its great to see some of the southern ohio talent going to Columbus....the cincinnati catholic league football is some of the best in the country

Exactly.  Circle the wagons around Ohio, fill out the roster, then open the doors and allow the remaining schools to look around and shop.  

Comment 21 hours ago

No.  Dantonio does more-with-less, than anyone.  And they've been starting to win in-state recruiting battles with Michigan the last few years too, something completely unheard of until the very recent past.  MSU has nowhere near self-actualized yet.

Comment 23 hours ago

As someone whose fiancee is a second year medical student at NEOMED in Portage County, this story hits pretty close to home.  The world needs a few more like Nik Sarac and his family.

Comment 24 hours ago

Haha.  No.

Successful personality types distance themselves from organizations like the Browns.  They don't maneuver for a job like Cleveland, they maneuver away from it.

Comment 24 Jan 2015

1 out of 2 "Miami fans" are unaware there's an actual institution of higher learning associated with the program.   Ironically, it's the same ratio in regards to the players.