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Comment 39 minutes ago

No doubt.  I just may next time I'm in Columbus next month.  The only thing that would be odd about it in my opinion, is not going because strangers on the Internet encouraged you not to.

Comment 6 hours ago

I'll freely admit that I thought he would be a stud.

Oh, I did too.  To be honest, the only public dissension of the Trent Richardson pick that I can recall was, believe it or not, from Jim Brown.  100 years removed from football and he nailed it; "I just don't see anything special in Trent Richardson.  He's average".

On second thought, maybe Jim gave him too much credit.

Comment 7 hours ago

you are a pathetic. 

Ouch.  Bruh.

I make Michigan fans cry and wish bad things upon me simply because it's in my DNA to do so. But that's a straight up bush league attack on a person, who's by and large, a pretty amicable member here.  He knows he's walking into the enemy camp on his own volition and treads lightly and respectful as a result.  Granted, I don't know for sure as most Internet names/logons/avatars tend to look alike to me here, but I'm fairly certain I'm right on this one.

Comment 7 hours ago

Forbes did a piece on cities; their revenue streams, growth trends, income per capita and which of them are teetering on losing a team or simply cannot support the ones they have.  Cleveland was #1 on the list of cities heading to the abyss.  I strongly suspect with the latest resurgence of the Cavs and the Browns owning that town, that the Tribe will be ushered out and relocated elsewhere in less than 10 years.  I wish I could find a link to the story.

I get people not buying tickets in the spring; it's "omg the weather sucks", then when the 80 degree days come along it's "I hate the Dolans", then when the leaves start to turn it's "but but FOOTBULL!!!1", or "I'm bored with baseball", but I feel Cleveland just won't be the same without the Indians.  It saddens us.

Go Tribe.

Comment 8 hours ago

we are playing spoilers to whoever we are facing.

No one wants to get in the way of soulless freight train known as the Cleveland Indians right now. 

Comment 8 hours ago

Club seats are down to about $50 on StubHub for those bargain shoppers.  All you can eat/drink (aside from alcohol).  Normally those are $90-$115+ depending on what night, team they're playing and whatever promotion and/or fireworks are going on that evening.    

Comment 8 hours ago

This team averages about 10-11k in attendance on week nights and is second to last in all of MLB in that category.  My fiancee and I have been to maybe 8-9 ballgames up there this year and we'll likely go to one or two more games to support these guys before the summer's over and do our small part, as futile and hopeless as it feels most of the time.

Comment 9 hours ago

God, I always pitied the poor soul that lockered next to Swisher.  That whole I'm-just-a-bro-trying-bro, thing gave me bouts of nausea.  Good riddance.  

Comment 9 hours ago

This team is absolutely a piece or two away from being squarely positioned for a deep playoff run for the next few seasons.  A lot of us who follow the team closely probably got caught up in the preseason ground swell of attention this team got prior to opening day with all the bold predictions from the national media of a World Series for Cleveland, but realized they were likely a year away still.

With Kluber, Carrasco, Bauer, Salazar and even Cody Anderson and the come back of Tomlin, the starting pitching is rock solid   utterly amazing (and the best I've ever seen in CLE) with a more than serviceable bullpen for a post season stretch.  And with the call-ups of the young guys like Lindor (who's actually met or exceeded the 3 year hype) and Urshela, (even Almonte to a lesser extent) coupled with AL leading hitters Kipnis and Dr Smooth, this offense has finally rec'd the boost of energy it's needed. All I want for Xmas is a legitimate right handed threat at the plate from one of the historical power positions - 1st base, 3rd base.

5 games out of the WC is not insurmountable, but 5-6 other teams as close or closer, makes this season likely out of reach.  But you never know.  Stranger finishes have happened.  #GoTribe #Believeland #ClevelandAgainstTheWorld

Comment 9 hours ago

College fan bases always rep great atmospheres and while I admittedly know next to nothing of Lane Stadium, I'm sure it will not disappoint.  Noise can do a lot of things but I've yet to see it tackle, make the proper reads, catch a pass or run 85 yds  for a touchdown.  49-10, the mighty Buckeyes.

Comment 10 hours ago

The cover up is always worse.


And as time goes on, we just keep discovering more bullshit from Pete regarding his gambling and constant lies after the fact for decades - "I never bet on baseball", then "I never bet on the Reds as a player or manager".  As person, he's a slimy, less than desirable human being; although that has little to do with HoF credentials.  But as a ballplayer, he'll remain one of the greatest but will never, ever see the inside of the Baseball Hall of Fame unless he purchases a ticket.

Comment 01 Sep 2015
Being honest I have seen OSU credited with 8,7,6? What gives?

Yeah, that's the ugly cousin who's in and out of jail the family doesn't really like to discuss.

The program claimed 5 for the longest time (prior to our 2014 title) and then mysteriously started claiming 7, unceremoniously.  1961 and 1970.  If UM can claim titles literally decades after the fact, and from years where there is literally multiple programs claiming titles, then we can claim these two red headed step children I suppose.

Comment 31 Aug 2015


There's probably more truth to this than not.  Certainly Dino>the other two.

As far as the board collectively agreeing or not, that largely depends if we're in the "I hate everything about those freaking bastards (Michigan)" phase (me), or the common faux-reasonable "wow, UM's a totally excellent program, with a totally sweet HC, loads and loads of talent and totally heading in the right direction, plus, we totally need them to win to make the Big Ten totally respectable!!!!" phase.  In that case, it's Harbaugh>life.

Comment 31 Aug 2015

Winning 9 games in college football isn't that huge of an achievement if you're a traditional power program, like Michigan.  Couple of non -conference wins, beat the teams within the conference that you 'should', and maybe win a middling bowl and voila; 9 wins.

But I agree.  They will not do it this year.  7-8 if they get a couple lucky breaks (see 2012 Sugar Bowl for classic example of lucky breaks).