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Comment 42 minutes ago

Is there a larger .jpeg/.jpg version available that you can direct me to?

EDIT: nvm, just found a few.  Thanks.

Comment 1 hour ago

Why would someone DV this? +1 for general purpose.  

Btw, I agree; nothing beats an evening in the Shoe.

Comment 2 hours ago

I completely agree Squirrel. Too bad that ton of bricks did not land on your keyboard, preventing this from being posted in the first place

Dear God just let a game be played so we have something intelligent to discuss.

If you felt that way (above), why would you go out of your way to resuscitate it after it's dead and buried, other than to troll a fellow 11Wer?  If it's not "intelligent" enough for you to discuss, maybe it would behoove you next time to ignore the thread and not chase it after it already appeared to have very little traction the first time.

Comment 3 hours ago

Is it possible that we lose him to the NFL Draft after this year? 

Players have got to make choices based on what they perceive is best for them in the long run.  The average career in the NFL is not very long; 3.3 years according to the player's association, 6 yrs according to the NFL itself.  Those numbers alone would weigh heavily on my mind if I was faced with that dilemma. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Definitely noteworthy that the line is getting a fairly sizable retooling. 

Comment 4 hours ago

Prayers sent, Airbuckeye.  My cardiac peers have come a long way over the decades and have not just extended people's lives; but the actual quality of those lives.  

Comment 4 hours ago

I know a few of you have your fingers on the pulse of prices as they fluctuate throughout the weeks leading up.    My fiancee and I have had our tix for 9/06 for a few months now, but some of our friends are starting to express last minute interest in scooping some up and tagging along.

What are some reasonable prices for a pair, non-student, either C or A deck for about the next 48 hours?  

Comment 4 hours ago

I appear to be in the vast minority in these parts, but Ive never understood the fascination with Rod Smith.  

A lot of it is frustration as fans, watching and waiting for him for 4 years now and never getting to definitively judge for ourselves what he can do.  I'm in his corner and want him to do well, but I also have tremendous faith in our coaching staff regarding his play time and role.

Comment 5 hours ago

Can't argue with that.  I know these 2 UofM fans are quite popular around these parts, though;

Comment 5 hours ago

Wow...I'll swap you my first born (for all I know, he/she might not be until ~2025) for that bass drum.  Very, very nice.

Comment 5 hours ago

That 'catch' of course, now symbolizes the rise of a young, relatively unheard of future Hall of Famer; Willie Mays (was actually hit by Vic Wertz in what would have been a 2-run double, at minimum as Doby and Rosen were both on base, with no outs and the score tied 2-2 in the 8th). I tend to agree; that catch and series was the beginning of a long, long dark period of Cleveland baseball.

Comment 5 hours ago

Never a bad time for Kate's interpretation of Cat Daddy (well, apparently someone didn't appreciate it haha).  Return +1

Comment 23 hours ago

Love the GoT theme.  As one who read the books, (those written by George R. R. Martin thus far) and an avid watcher of the series this is an excellent tribute.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

Pseudonyms FTW.  Been using the same one online since high school years circa '04 or '05.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

This is an extraordinary collection.  Your collection is more Smithsonian-like than anything else.  I don't have much, a few signed things I managed to gather while a student in Columbus, and a few signed mini's and 8x10's since but hardly anything rare and unique like the items you've acquired.!

Not OSU, but I do have a 1954 baseball signed by the '54 World Series Tribe...Feller, Bob Lemon, Al Rosen, Early Wynn, Larry Doby, Al Lopez, Vic Wertz, Mike Garcia, Bob Avila, and more.  27 sigs in total.  

Comment 01 Sep 2014

C-Deck, section 20.  30-35 yd line-ish. Row 4 or 5; not sure.  Grats on your score and see you there.

Comment 01 Sep 2014

+1 only because I value your contributions, as for your avatar.... 

Comment 01 Sep 2014

I'm not surprised.  He played well, very few mistakes.  First ever start at the collegiate level and first start at any level in years.   The kid is the real deal.