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Comment 6 hours ago

I betcha Hoke would change positions in a heart beat with RR

Well, technically speaking, RR is a Michigan Man now...and since UM fans have seizures when anything other than one is mentioned for the job, theoretically it could happen.  Just not sure RR would stoop that low now.

Comment 8 hours ago

No doubt bro, Hyde at that very moment knew the UM defense at that point had quit.  Probably many minutes earlier actually.  They were mentally beaten.  Badly.

Comment 8 hours ago

Of course they can.  Even with the losses you've laid out, it's the little details in public perception that can kill them, i.e.; a meh VT program losing each week, after beating the Buckeyes in their own house for the home opener.  That hurts no matter how we frame it.

Comment 8 hours ago

It pissed off fans of the Sun and Blue, trust me.  Not all of them.  But a lot.  And that's what the guy was doing, trolling those that gave a flip.  I actually laughed loud out when I saw it. 

Comment 8 hours ago

He's mocking them.  Utah just scored.  Michigan fans are silenced.  Mimicking their icon moment, "in their face".  Pretty freaking obvious to me.

Sort of like my man C. Hyde in 2012, looking at over at Denard, and mimicking his pretend spoon, with his pretend bowl while he pretend eats. 

Comment 11 hours ago

Even if he couldn't be there, since when has Winston let a little thing like rules/law get in the way?

EDIT: Typo on tablet while driving (from passenger seat)

Comment 11 hours ago

Yeah, plus Utah fans didn't have any problem returning after the rains.

Comment 12 hours ago

I'm embarrassed by the uncalled for witch-hunt in this thread.  Because the guy -- who's been a civilian for 25 YEARS -- said "sir".

"I'm giving you one more chance because I'm kind"  lol?  Or what, exactly?

I'll check back to see if you have changed your profile later tonight.  Hopefully you will.

Good God.  Don't change your profile.  Let him sulk, then apologize.  But do not change your profile.  You've earned everything on it as far as I can tell.

Comment 13 hours ago

This is the time of the year when Michigan fans start convincing themselves that the Harbaughs are both sitting and pining for the UM job.  Oh, and Miles.  

Comment 13 hours ago

I absolutely love this.  You think he'd sign a 16X20 of it next time he has one his autograph sessions in Columbus?  Priceless.

Comment 13 hours ago