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Comment 2 hours ago

Down 21-6 only made the Sugar Bowl and it's tradition, history and the fact our opponent was Alabama, that much more meaningful.  Doesn't mean the NCG was any less meaningful, but the Sugar Bowl performance exercised long-standing demons and squarely inserted our foot up the doubter's asses that claimed OSU "didn't belong".

Comment 20 hours ago

Best show, 1992 Metallica/GNR in Indianapolis Hoosier Dome . 

I 'dated' one of Slash's ex-girlfriends for exactly one weekend in Chicago a couple of years ago.  I honestly don't believe we left the hotel room except for smoke breaks (and I don't even smoke).  I spent the following week in traction. 

Comment 25 Mar 2015

Just a guess, but something tells me that no matter what he said, some of you guys would still shit on it.  Not defending him, but some people just come up with whatever reason to hate the guy.

He's a wolver-weenie.  That's all the reason in the world if you're a Buckeye.  Anyone who believes a Buckeye needs more reason than that doesn't get the rivalry. 

Comment 24 Mar 2015

My experience with them this winter/spring is 3-4 weeks is about the norm.  Quite a bit longer if you had the misfortune of ordering during CNY.  I ordered a few blank Cleveland Indian jerseys for example (figuring they've had warehouses full of them since the jersey hasn't changed in a few years now) and rec'd them at or around three weeks.  Maybe a day or two less.

Both my scarlet and white national championship & Sugar Bowl jerseys, on the other hand, took a bit longer -- could just be coincidence.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Bill Gates didn't need one. Steve Jobs didn't need one.


I can't believe someone over the age of 15 actually said this and presumably meant it as a reasonable argument.  Tell that to the 109,631,000 American households on some form of U.S govn't welfare benefits.  While some of those households have a holder of a real, U.S. degree, 97%+ do not.  Some just don't want to work.  Some are ill.  Some are physically unable.  Most have no marketable skill.  Just like Gates and Jobs.

But you do bring up a sweet point. Vesna Vullovic survived a 10,000 meter free fall from a plane without a parachute.   No one else should need one then either.

Derp, derp.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Incidentally, I ordered a few extra to cover variations in size and whatnot.  As a result, I've an extra Cardale Jones (pic'd above) with precision patchwork, jock tags and swooshes if anyone  is interested.  It's an XL. If you've wanted one and didn't feel like waiting around 3-5 weeks, I'll sell to you at my exact cost.  $27.00 and I won't make a single penny.  Shoot me your email and we'll make arrangements.

EDIT: sold

Comment 15 Mar 2015

You can withdraw from a Roth for a first time home buyer if the accounts been open 5 years.  Or at least you once could.  And it can only be contributions, not your earnings (assuming there was any).  Oddly enough, you could have owned 10 houses/homes, or even 100, yet the only entity in the world that would define a "first time home buyer" as one who hasn't owned one in the last three years, is the good old Internal Revenue Service.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

False - you can withdraw the contributions at any time. It's just the earnings that you have to wait.

That's a good point. You've already paid your taxes on those contributions. Their yours.

Comment 15 Mar 2015
So many different ways to skin a cat (no offense to the cat lovers), just depends on how you wanna approach and accomplish it.

Btw, I don't do commodities or even have the funds for that kind of risk.  It was more to illustrate the various personalities out there in regards to their money.

This is a great thread with so many informed people.  I plan on looking at this later tonight to read more of what Buckeye nation is doing in this regard.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

True.  And my advice is a CFP is absolutely, unequivocally the way to go.  A truly, good CFP will know more about you than your spouse does.

An unbiased, third party interviewing you and understanding your investment goals.  Do you want to retire at 45?  or 60?  Are you making 35K?  or 350K?  Did you feel queasy when the markets burp, or do you truly understand the nature of the markets (i.e. if it rains tomorrow in Brazil, my own personal commodities portfolio will fund a trip for 4 to Cabo for a week and a half).  What are your hobbies?  Are they expensive (I invest in large tracts of undeveloped acerage so I can whitetail archery hunt. But I also timber the trees, negotiate mineral rights and eventually parcel and sell off). How much do you have in common stock/preferred stock/t-notes/treasury bills/bonds now?  Foreign or domestic equities?  Do you pay child support?  Do you have a side job/career?  Are you in a career that's considered stable and growing with upward growth or one that could be phased out in 10 years.  Are you going back to graduate school? Married/single?  Are they covered if something happens?  Annuities fixed returns?  Life insurance?  Group term vs whole life? Trust fund for family and estate?  Intend to send kids to public, private or stem school?

Full disclosure:  Both my parents were mutual fund wholesalers for an extremely large investment firm (one of which nearly every other American owns shares in one capacity or another).  So while my career path is nowhere near theirs, they homeschooled the finer money strategies and principles in me throughout my life.  Everyone in my opinion needs to see a CFP.  Again, not one whose only interest is what they can sell you, but one that can at the very least give one a life-outline based on age, goals, income, etc that is sound investment doctrine and principle and not the latest trend.

Online advice from ppl who don't know you from Adam is financial suicide.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

The problem with other people telling you your perfect investment allocations is they're telling you their investment strategies.  While some of what has been quoted in that regard is certainly cookie cutter, they don't know your investment tolerances.  They don't know how you stomach losses on paper one month and then the next.  They don't know your long and short term goals.  They don't know if you're paying off student loans with tax deductible interest, renting, buying a home, paying off rental properties or your marital status.

See a professional.  And not one that charges you commissions "to invest", but one that charges a flat fee for the counseling.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

Yeah, these two dudes are fairly educated fans of the game and have respect for it and other programs.  Guy on our left always does 90% of talking while the other guy usually sits and enjoys a good buzz.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

Absolutely, agree.  As a proud alumnus, I value the Block O's reputation as well as the rep of those associated with it. I've tried to go out of my way to applaud Oregon Duckers and their successes on other forums I'm a part of.  I reserve that venom for those paste-eating, shit birds donning Sun and Blue.

Comment 14 Mar 2015

I always just assumed they all came from the same shop.  Maybe they still do, and just have lousy quality control (shocking, I know).  I know it's only a $20 or $25 dollar deal, but if it's still under the Purchase Protection you could opt for an exchange/return.  Granted, I've no idea what the costs are in shipping an item to China, but my guess is it wouldn't be worth the time or effort.