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Comment 28 Oct 2014

Nope. Everyong in the B1G gets extremely fired up when they play the Buckeyes.  Face it, other than MSU the last year or so we are the biggest conference game on anyone's schedule.  Of course they get fired up, that doesn't mean we need to reciprocate.

Purdue and Illinois show up and surprise us every couple years too and you dont see us making them a rival.

Comment 26 Oct 2014
The band and the heckler I have no problem with, it's a prime time B1G game, it's going to get heated. The 4 am wake-up call was completely unclassy and excessive. Rile the fans, band, coaches all you want but respect the away players, football games are played out on the field, let's keep it that way
Comment 23 Oct 2014

last year I actually had a Penn State friend ask me what OSU does for Penn State Week "you know, like M*ch*gan Week?"

my response was: "What's Penn State Week?"

Comment 23 Oct 2014

nah, i think we'd be lucky to get >10% in the stadium.  This is prob their biggest home game this year so i doubt many people are selling tickets second hand and PSU already makes it harder to resell on the secondary market than a lot of other schools, expecially student tickets. Plus they've put a lot of effort into making OSU games an absolutely acidic environment for away fans (something about a rivalry??) so i think there are fewer who travel there to begin with.

that said, 10% or so scarlet in a whiteout is still damn visible!

Comment 23 Oct 2014

When I TA'ed undergrad classes during grad school at Penn State I would wear my OSU gear every Friday in the fall and the whole week leading up to the OSU/PSU game.  The reactions were priceless!  Mostly my students were just shocked that I dare walk around campus like. It was so much fun.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

this thread makes me happy.  never would have thought I would get this many high quality reading recommendations from an OSU sports blog, cheers to the 11W community!

thank you all for making my friday at work extremely unproductive. my to-read list just tripled in size...i might have to expand my bookshelf soon.

Comment 17 Oct 2014

someone mentioned World War Z above and I second that recommendation.  Chillingly realistic. (the social and political commentary, not necessarily the zombie outbreak...yet)

obligatory Fourth and Long mention

Kurt Vonnegut's short stories.  I'm not as big a fan of most of his novels but his short stories are amazing.  Also, A Man Without a Country.

if you are up for mind-bendy not-quite-sci-fi try Phillip K Dick's short stories.  hard to describe, mind-bendy is the best description I can come up with but very very good.

Anything by Jonathon Safran Foer, especially Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and also Everything is Illuminated

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. Not at all what the title sounds like. Very literary. Heartbreaking.

The Book Thief.  whoever marketed that as YA fiction did it wrong.  Its some heavy stuff. Definitely made me cry at least once.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Good luck finding somewhere to stay, most hotels will be booked by now.  You can try out by the mall (east of town), there are a few out there that might have something.  Other than that, try for one of the small towns around (assuming you will have a car while there) - Bellefonte has a few and theres always Altoona, about 45 min away if you are really desperate. 
The tailgating set up there is pretty cool IMO, they have it all in the ag fields right by the stadium so its a nice setting and close to the game.  However, you have to get there ridiculously early to get a decent spot and not get stuck in traffic. Under absolutely no circumstances should you attempt to approach the stadium/tailgating in a car from the south or west anytime after 11am (yes even for an evening game).  Best way to get to tailgating/stadium is down Fox Hill Rd if coming from the airport or from the east along Park Ave or E College Ave.
Someone mentioned The Creamery, thats an abvious attraction but again, beware of lines because every single PSU alumni in town feels it is their sacred duty to eat Creamery ice cream while in town.  If you have a car and some time to roam, Meyer Dairy actually has better ice cream and prob shorter lines (a few miles S of campus along S Atherton). The whole campus is pretty nice for a wander, if you are stuck on foot

(BONUS there is a Buckeye tree in the middle of campus that no one knows about, along Pollack by Davey Lab. it might be a bit late for buckeyes at that point but you may be able to snag a few)

Food/bars - American Ale House (few miles north of campus) is the best restaurant around but again, is a big PSU alum draw so reserve/call ahead/be prepared to wait. All the campus bars are centralized between Beaver Ave and E College Ave along the SE edge of campus. The northeast end of that strip tends to be more frat-bro hangout, the SE end is a bit more aclectic. Kildare's is a good Irish pub, The Saloon is nice, if small, Bells' Greek Pizza sells late night pizza by the slice, Darkhorse Tavern is hard to find but has great wings, Rathskellar is another good bar/food hangout, avoid the Phyrst at all costs, Pickles is fun, a bit crazy, Zenos is a great dive bar with the best beer selection in town.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

NO, please no Texas A&M. You think M*ch*gan fan are entitled and elitist? You think Texas fans are obnoxious? You think PSU fans are morally blind? Texas A&M is all of those together with an unhealthy dose of fake southern hospitality lathered over top. Good gracious, they wear polo shirts and sundresses to football games! Please no

Comment 09 Oct 2014

I will take Texas in a heartbeat if only because B1G FOOTBALL LIVE WITHIN DRIVING DISTANCE AGAIN!!! Seriously, there are an absurd number of B1G fans in Houston area dying a slow death of midwestern withdrawal, if nothing else they would have no problem getting away fans at games.

Also, apart from the geographic downside of Texas being...well, in Texas, it really is a B1G school, by every other metric - athletics, academics, size, research $$, legacy, fan base, etc etc

Comment 07 Oct 2014

2 observations from the header picture:
1) pretty sure that stadium is about the size of some high school stadiums around here (here being SE Texas)
2) goalpost climbers => stadium security has not yet learned the hard way how to control field rushes => clearly a surprise win by a team unexpectedly on the rise from a level where big wins are not the norm.

enjoy the view from the goalposts while you can kids! next time there will be a perfectly isosceles triangle of cops guarding them...

Comment 02 Oct 2014

huh, its almost like its the exact opposite of when OSU plays overranked teams...

Comment 30 Sep 2014

I've been following the dumpster fire that is mgoblog for the past 2 days and the Shane Morris incident seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back when it comes to Brandon.  Basically, the students/fans blame Hoke for the on-field results and for not handling the Morris incident on the field well or correctly. They blame BRANDON for every other debacle over the past year or so that is ruining the atmosphere and program of Michigan football: lagging attendance and higher ticket prices, corporate sponsorship in the stadium, hushing the band in favor of piped in music, the Coke/ticket fiasco, public handling of the Gibbons issue, etc etc.  Basically, they are sick of being treated as customers instead of fans by a guy who knows how to make a profit but doesn't have a clue how historic and legacies institutions are different from a pizza business.  The cherry on top is the fact that he went underground for 72 hours following the Morris incident, let his hand picked head coach who he has defended to the last breath go in front of the media with an erroneous statement (who realized it was erroneous and who didnt and why he was allowed to lie/unknowingly state obvious falsehoods is another debate) and then reappeared at 1am to issue his own statement instead of the promised statement from medical personel that threw his treasured coach under the bus in an effort to make him and the department look better despite the fact that his account of events has a ton of holes in it.

Also, there is implication that it took so long for the AD to make an official statement because there was tension behind the scenes of wanting the medical personel to somehow temper or change their official report to exclude the word "concussion" and the medical guys wouldn't go for it so Brandon had to admit to the concussion after Hoke denied it.

Comment 24 Sep 2014

yea, undefeated against the likes of Miami (OH). Besides, confidence I have no problem with, I'm a bit scared for this game anyway. But the trash talk seems to be coming from people who have barely watched a full quarter of UC football and dont usually follow UC or OSU but all of a sudden come out of the woodwork with oooooo in state rival! trap game! oh no look out!

Comment 24 Sep 2014

why on earth would I have naked pictures of my sister in the first place? *shudder* thanks guys

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Hours? In probably high school I once had a Monopoly game that lasted an entire summer! We would play for a couple hours a week, leave it set up in a friend's basement, and come back when we got bored of the nothing that was going on in the neighborhood. There were SO many hidden cards, under the table deals, secret pacts made outside of playing time...thinking back, it was actually a lot of fun! Until it turned into a full contact version because someone wouldn't give up the rent they owed and got tackled...