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Comment 12 Aug 2015

having lived in both, I'm not too surprised that room&board is higher for Penn State.  There is a much lower supply:demand ration for near campus housing in state college and most students live in large apartment complexes which tend to demand higher rent.  I'd like to see how Penn State's COA numbers break down, which category (or categories) they hiked up to justify almost double COA to the rest of the B1G because that gap is a little ridiculous

Comment 12 Aug 2015

interesting notes from the USAToday article linked at the beginning (bold mine):

The key, Hostetter said, is that each school must determine athletes' cost of attendance under the same policies it uses to determine the cost of attendance for all its students. That has raised concerns in the higher-education world about pressure that could be brought to bear on schools' financial aid officers, who also have the authority under U.S. Department of Education guidelines to use what is termed "professional judgment" to adjust students' cost of attendance on a case-by-case basis, although such variances must be documented.

The autonomy schools and athlete representatives on Saturday voted against a proposal from the SEC that would have required schools to regularly file a report to the NCAA about any unusual expenses they may be covering for any athlete.

I know this is an athletics site but I'm curious, what else are these COA numbers used for by the university? Financial aid was mentioned, does it go directly into FAFSA or is it used more as a guideline? I wonder how inflating these numbers for athletes will end up affecting the rest of the general student body.  Depending on what the numbers are used for, that could end up backfiring.

Also, there is really zero oversight to how these numbers are calculated?? I'm kinda surprised that even before they went into athletic scholarships there were no in place standards for COA.

Comment 23 Jul 2015

I think you should reread your first post before further derailing your own argument

Still don't know how these kids afford all this ink

A handful of different people stepped in to offer examples of exactly how "these kids" could afford "all that ink" given their situation but you just want to stick to your judgmental doomsday attitude. enjoy yourself 

EDIT: admittedly, using Cardale and Braxton as examples wasn't the best rhetoric since you are talking about players in general BUT my main point still stands (*regarding ALL college athletes): College students pay good money for tattoos every day, and they manage to come up with the money just fine without $100-handshakes, why do we doubt that athletes can do the same? 

Comment 23 Jul 2015

Dude, Cardale's isn't a sleeve.  You can see the bandage in the photo.  Also, there have been a handful of other players' new tattoos posted here and elsewhere ever since the National Championship and, while some are surely complicated, none of those were full sleeves either (or even complete half-sleeves, if my memory serves me right). Braxton has what looks like a full sleeve in the photo but its not new, been paid for and done with for a while, along with Cardale's forearm tattoo. Its not like they went out and got a full sleeve all at once with their winnings off betting on the Championship.

Large shoulder tattoo like Cardale's, maybe $500-$800 depending on complexity? For a college student on a full-ride, that's not that absurd.  College students pay good money for tattoos every day, and they manage to come up with the money just fine without $100-handshakes, why do we doubt that athletes can do the same? 

Comment 22 Jul 2015

Maybe its wishful thinking but I have a feeling that could be Urban.  Because, among other things, he has already quit coaching once not quite on his own terms (yes I know he chose to leave but the reasons behind it were, I assume, not how he would have liked to go out as a coach).  If anyone has the experience to recognize when the job is becoming too much and if anyone is self-aware enough and confident enough to say "enough is enough, I'm happy with where I've gotten, its time to move on" I would hope that it would be Urban Meyer.
I have a mental image of him, 10+ years from now, coming off another Championship season, maybe with a grandchild on the way and/or an empty vacation home waiting for him, saying "this is it, its finally time to settle down". Maybe it wont happen that way, OSU doesn't have a great track record of coaches leaving amicably, but if anyone deserves it, Meyer does.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

I cut the cord last fall after the B1G Championship Game (was going to be at the playoffs in person so I didn't need it for those) and signed up for SlingTV the first month it was available. I stream it through my Roku and the navigation is a little slow and buggy, doesn't do a great job of showing what is playing on each channel live (they just have the show title icon, cant tell episode or where it is in the show without actually switching to that channel) and the channel selection has a lag of a few seconds so its not great for browsing/channel flipping BUT if you know what you are looking for (ie ESPN) none of that is an issue.  And for ESPN its stellar! Have only used it for a bit of basketball and baseball so far but I am definitely looking forward to football season!

*caveat: Because Comcast is the devil, cutting cable from my plan and keeping only internet only saved me $10 off my Comcast bill because of their bundled savings, so by adding Sling I am actually paying a bit more.  I decided the extra $10/month for adding SlingTV was worth it for now just to watch Comcast crawling around after me begging me to come back to their cable plan while I search for an alternative for my internet so I can finally get away from them completely.

Comment 22 May 2015

I live in Houston and have been following Herman's arrival and settling in here with interest and I can tell you, there has already been some chatter among the OSU alumni about hitting up a UH home game or 2 during the season. Our scarlet Buckeye gear will blend in nicely with UH's red and with cbus so far away and both Herman and Guiton on the sidelines it honestly sounds like a great way to spend an OSU bye week!

Comment 19 May 2015

YES! Amazing place.  DH Day campground is the best by far, right on the lake, but it doesn't take reservations.  There are a few other nice campgrounds in the Glen Arbor/Empire/Leeland area.

Also, as much as we rag on Michigan as a state, any campground you find up there along the shores of any of the Great Lakes is pretty much guaranteed to be great.  Just avoid getting too far south towards Chicago or Detroit and you are good. But wait until at least mid June to go, it takes a while for them to get into actual summer

Comment 18 May 2015

+1 for Firefly! Last I checked its still on Netflix. Also, if you're a fan of Joss Whedon's work I'd highly recommend Dollhouse.  One of his lesser known series, only 2 season, on Netflix last I checked. Its pretty weird, gets a bit dark here and there, but is really really good.

Comment 11 May 2015

given that the QB competition is one of if not THE most followed off-season stories this year I highly doubt Cardale is not doing absolutely everything in his power to be the absolute best QB he can be. And taking 5-10 seconds to send out a tweet of his latest Chipotle excursion isn't going to detract from that.  Plus, he of ALL the guys on the team knows exactly what crossing the line on twitter will get you.  He has grown up immeasurably since then and is not about to make that mistake again, knowing there is no way he would get another chance to redeem himself (especially since it seems some people still haven't forgiven him for being a hot-headed 19-yr old)

Comment 08 May 2015

Not only that but, (and I cant find the link at the moment, USNWP, maybe?) there was a study of recent graduates a year or so ago that listed petroleum engineering as the major with the lowest unemployment among recent graduates.  Not only that, but the actual unemployment rate for recent graduates with petroleum engineering degrees was less than 1%. Granted that was during the $120/barrel oil prices so it might be different this year, but damn that's a good backup plan to NFL.

Comment 06 May 2015

Putting it all together, if the Buckeyes want to repeat as national champions they'll have to peak for five consecutive games to end the season

well that's just terrifying. I'm going to keep riding the UNDISPUTED National Champions high until the start of fall camp, If I get worked up about the gauntlet of this season this early I wont even make it to November!

Comment 04 May 2015

ah but there is where you are missing the point of don't go to Chipotle when you want Mexican food (or Tex-mex or Americanized Mexican), you go to Chipotle because you want Chipotle.  I would never say "I'm craving Mexican food" and end up at Chipotle, just like I would never say "I'm craving Chipotle" and end up at a Mexican restaurant. Even though all the ingredients are the same, its just a different category

Comment 24 Apr 2015

OMG yes, I think it was the favorite mom hangout

Comment 23 Apr 2015


Grad school and then work took me out of Ohio after undergrad but wouldn't mind ending up back in Cincy area at some point in life, I definitely appreciate the area more now that I'm gone.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Hey, I'm a northern Cincy, OSU class of '10 kid too!

We probably know each other, there were only 500+ northern Cincy kids in our OSU graduating class!

seriously though, small world.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

my major problem with it was all the times that the supposed scientists/engineers decided to behave inherently unlike scientists purely to further the drama (oh, strange water world that I don't know anything about, lets wade out as far as possible into uncharted waters in a heavy space suit and then wait until the last second to send the robot in to save the day, makes perfect sense!) I get that characters making bad choices furthers the plot of just about every movie ever but the writers spent a lot of time contradicting their own characterization.
Also too many unexplained plot holes for a 3 hour movie.

the black hole, on the other hand, was very well explained and well done

Comment 22 Apr 2015

I made the mistake of watching this video once. cant do it again.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Ok, that makes the end make more sense.  I figured Brand was on the last planet where Wolf was but I missed that she was burying him. It just seemed strange that they had gotten all the way to the wormhole and obviously been there long enough to make the space station a pretty permanent settlement and yet hadn't done anything else. But I guess the planets they sent explorers to to begin with didn't really work out anyway so I can see how they would have just opted to stay there.

Why spit Cooper back out that far in the future though? why not right after humanity gets off earth? or right when he left? It just had too much of a "poof, magic!" feeling for the end of a movie that put so much effort into the science.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

it didn't have to be the wave, they could have been on a shelf with a sudden drop off (how well can they swim in a space suit?) or strange currents or any number of things. giant indestructible robot would be the first thing you send into the unknown, especially since it can move through the water like 10x faster and they were kind of on a time crunch. Also they discussed in detail the relativity effects on time passing if they went down there but when they were deciding which planet to go to not one of them thought to consider that it meant the original explorer had only been there for about an hour and a half therefore initial data may not be reliable.
It doesn't detract from the movie's entertainment value really, it's just a pet peeve of mine because its seen in so many movies that are trying to be serious science, they write a character with "genius scientist" as a defining part of their personality and then make them act completely unlike a scientist purely to fabricate a dramatic sequence.

The plot holes may disappear with a re-watch but I did not at all understand the connections in the last 10 minutes [spoiler alert] so they got all the people off earth and onto this terraformed space station over 50+years but hadn't gone through the wormhole yet? or hadn't followed the original explorers to any of the planets? except for Brand who apparently hadn't aged and was setting up a station on another planet? by herself? 
Also not only how he got out of the black hole but also back through the wormhole and 50 yrs in the future? And communication with TARS while in the black hole after all the concert about being cut off from everything once you enter?