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Comment 21 Jan 2015

I was at the Sugar Bowl and the section we were seated in was about 70% sitting (lame). somewhere around the 2nd quarter I became convinced that every OSU offensive play that I wasn't standing for was going badly.  I insisted in standing for every OSU snap from then out.  It really annoyed the extraordinarily polite older couple behind me who were Bama fans but it ended up working out for the best. They didnt need to see the collapse of their team

Comment 21 Jan 2015
Hailing from Texas, most people i know here werent too emotionally invested in the game one way or another. I have an Ohio State pennant hanging in my office right where everyone who walks by can see it and just today I had a guy stop and say congrats on the game and then ask "have you had that hanging up for long or did you just put it up since the game?" My immediate thought was Umm, I'm sorry if youve been misinformed but OSU breeds fanatical die hards, not fair weather fans. I informed him the pennant had been there since I moved into the office. Also, I have (had?) a not-quite-friend-with-benefits Baylor fan who hasn't talked to me since we made it into the playoffs. Meh, oh well.
Comment 08 Jan 2015

There's a giant buckeye tree smack in the middle of Penn State's campus.  None of the psu students know what it is and I have no idea how it got there but it produces a bumper crop of buckeyes every year

Comment 31 Dec 2014
Awe some read, as always, but thano especially for that link from '07, I had forgotten how completely insane that entire season was. Wow.
Comment 30 Dec 2014

Ive been thinking the same thing ever since the final rankings were announced.  There was a quote from an '06 article that I saved (masochist, yes)that keeps coming to mind.  something along the lines of "With over a month to prepare, Urban Meyer will be pulling out every trick play, fake punt, screen pass, and unused page of the playbook. Tressel's plan - get Troy Smith to the stadium."

...well, we all know how that game turned out.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

easy-peasy way to clear this up.  Is she indeed pregnant? Because (and I'm not trying to overly criticise her here but) women know that pregnancy is an instant sympathy card and ... if she happens to not be, that comment is all you need IMO that she was clearly trying to stir things up

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Barrett and his girlfriend, Alexandria Barrett-Clark, called police

huh? so who actually made the phone call? sounds like there were high tempers and minor aggression on both sides. I'm giving them all the benefit of the doubt for now but I'll be surprised if the media does the same.

For now, I blame whoever it was who watched each thing happen to this team and responded with "well it cant get any worse, can it" each time.  No more tempting fate!

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Dont even bother reading it, dont give the Lantern the click support for publishing such poorly written trolling.  Go read The Fake Lantern instead, far more truth there anyway.

Comment 09 Dec 2014

I would be willing to take an 80% of being crippled upon arrival in order to go back in time and replay the ending to that dodgeball game. That's how salty I am about a game that occurred eight years ago, and I'm just an some idiot with a rudimentary understanding of English and a WiFi connection.

So, I wouldn't be surprised if Urban Meyer thinks about those two losses every day of his life. I bet he still gets fired up thinking about every petty mistake he made. And that's before even taking into consideration Urban's track record as an underdog. (*Troy Smith nods wistfully in the distance*)

I also still remember minute of the most devestating loss of my short athletic career.  I would give just about anything, including being forced to redo all 4 years of HS, just to re-play that one game. Still makes me angry.

That said, all of this is making me strangely more and more confident in Urban Meyer going into this game.

Comment 02 Dec 2014
Michigan's attendance numbers for that list are based on their reported attendance for each game which has been famously exaggerated all season to keep it above their 100,000 attendance streak, to the point where I believe there were a couple games where the Michigan fans started boo-ing the announcers when the attendance numbers were announced. They got away with it because it counted tickets "sold" attendance, not butts in seats attendance.
Comment 28 Nov 2014
As far as I have heard, Mirror Lake had pretty much wound down by 2am so it seems strange that hr would have ended up there. Plus, as much as everyone has complained about the restrictions on mirror lake I doubt anything could happen there at the lake without someone noticing, even before the wristbands they were real good at getting help for the few people who ended up needing it. Grandview seems like a strange destination from E 7th unless he was possibly going to find someone who lived over there? Although I guess if he ended up on 5th heading west and just kept walking, Grandview is just about where he would end up after half an hour of casual walking, so that timing makes sense with the "taking a walk". All in all, this is a horrbile situation for his family and I'm praying that he just ended up somewhere unfamiliar with a dead phone but the longer there is no news, the scarier it gets.
Comment 14 Nov 2014

UC students really hate games at Paul Brown (which to be fair are a horrible logistical nightmare for any student coming from UC's campus) so i doubt there were as many of them there to begin with

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I get it can get cold in late November, but it's also cold for a third of the year in the Midwest, and yet... people still function fine.

tell that to the players during this Saturday's noon matchup at Minny. I guarantee if the weather is anything like the forecast they will be hoping for every ray of sunshine possible