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Comment 02 Dec 2015

Ramzy, everything you wrote here needed to be said, so thank you for writing it
...I just kind of wish I hadn't read it because now I'm angry, frustrated, and sad all over again.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

If you're curious about the science behind that Mirror Lake test question, it is based on actual research a group of OSU students did in 2008/2009 which, yes, did include elbowing through crowds of drunk half naked undergrads to take water samples every half hour. Here's a Dispatch article about it:

even better, the research was later published in a peer-review journal and presented at an national geology conference

Comment 16 Nov 2015

for years I actually assumed backpack-sized weren't allowed only because I had never tried to take one into a game and never saw anyone with one in the student section around me. how much do you need that wont fit in pockets? and if you say flask, may I suggest the hood of a hiding spot to get past pat-downs

Comment 11 Nov 2015

I want that except Clemson over ND. Florida and Clemson revenge games in the same playoff?! yes please!!!

Comment 10 Nov 2015

can we, uhh, not harp on this comparison too much? I'd prefer to not pound this into my head until after The Game when we can all look back and say "wow, I'm sure glad this weekend didn't end up resembling this other oddly similar situation 50 years ago!"

Comment 23 Oct 2015

I still vividly remember that week. Teams were dropping like bowling pins. I am hoping for a bit of #chaos this week, just not enough that it affects OSU

Comment 21 Oct 2015

no matter how blind the living room coaches think Meyer is, he knows his team better than any of us, and because of that, I'm not worried. People seem to forget that the team who stomped Oregon and 'Bama was also the team that played within a score of Indiana (INDIANA!) and needed 2OT to beat Penn State.  That was the same team as the National Champions. This now is a different team. And we are still doing fine.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

I still think anything after 6pm is too late for November.  At that point its getting dark by 5 and with games going longer and longer 8pm games aren't over until midnight. Yea its nice to have a night game when watching from home but when it comes to keeping everyone in the stadium through the whole game and then getting everyone out of town after the game, 8pm is just too late.  I don't know if they showed it on TV at all but the C deck north end zone was pretty darn empty a few minutes into the 4th quarter.  between the cold and the fact that it was 11:15pm, even A deck fans were streaming out of the stadium with over 7 minutes to play. The stadium was barely half full by the end of the game.  But the TV audience loves 8pm games and that's where the money comes from so, unfortunately, that will carry more weight.

Comment 15 Oct 2015

This is precisely why I'm not thrilled about the blackout for this game. The black jerseys are fine and I understand why they picked this game but trying to blackout the stadium is going to fail (or at least, not work completely). Now any other game and its just a "meh, whatever" but WHY OH WHY did they try to do this for the PENN STATE game?!?! The Penn State whiteout is by far their most successful ongoing football tradition and they are very very good at it. I would argue that spectator color themes are the single thing that they beat us at as a team/fanbase and you know what, I'll give them that win, whatever. Our fan base isn't good at color themes for games, for a whole host of understandable reasons that I wont bother getting into, and that's fine. But for the love of Brutus do NOT try to beat PSU at the ONE thing they are clinging to bragging rights on! A one-off blackout isn't going to beat the saturation of their longstanding whiteout tradition (especially when there's so many conflicting strong opinions on the black uniforms to begin with) and it just gives them something to hold over us, obnoxiously and unnecessarily.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

Cardale is still putting up with the aftermath of his 'didn't come to play school' tweet right along with generic, incessant noise from the OSU 'sky is falling' fans, the 'Barrett is our Savior' fans, general SEC trolls, and the ever present 'stop being a real person and win us another championship' fans...I'm pretty sure he is capable of ignoring the addition of some pearl-clutching and calls for Barrett after every less than perfect play.

For all those complaining about how switching quarterbacks may hurt team morale or divide the team into camps or otherwise affect the team chemistry or pit the quarterbacks against each other unnecessarily...what team have you been watching? There is so little personal drama on this team that you are inventing it for excitement...

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Here's the BEST Graff Hopped Cider recipe:

My homebrewing mentor has made this half a dozen times and its all turned out great.  I just made my first batch about a month ago and it is AMAZING. Its also super easy, single stage fermentation, small volume boil because you don't boil with the apple juice, just dump it straight in.

I know the recipe comments say to go easy on the hops but I think that's a matter of taste. Its a hopped cider to begin with so the hops are supposed to cut the cider sweetness. I accidentally put 1/2oz of hops in mine instead of the called for 1/4oz but I really like how it turned out.  The apple is pretty subtle and it would definitely classify as a dry cider but I don't like super sweet ciders anyway so its perfect.  Although, it did taste a bit off straight out of fermentation but once it was carbonated and cold and had aged in the fridge for about 2 weeks after carbonating it turned out just about perfect.

Good luck! Enjoy!

Comment 16 Sep 2015

Oh man, so many memories!

And in the end, I LOVED those games! only after the fact, once we had won, but still! THAT's college football 90% of the time

Comment 16 Sep 2015

guilty as charged :-/

I had a conversation Saturday night that started this realization for me
(non-OSU-fan)friend: Hey, how'd your team do today?
me: well, we were playing Hawaii, ended up being a shutout
friend: that's awesome!
me: meh, it was kinda a nightmare to watch, honestly
friend: wait...did you just say "meh" to a shutout?
me: .......

Comment 14 Sep 2015

What's up with the disrespectful remarks? 

because wanna-be-rival, "we might beat OSU if you weren't too scared to play us", trash talking UC is perpetuating a twitter flame war with hockey-school Miami over the stats of their athletic department video staff (not students, note) instead of, you know, their football team or something...

Comment 02 Sep 2015

I was just looking for some more pre-season hype to go along with my lunch break and instead you managed to hand down yet another of your lessons in family, love, and following your dreams, all along with another reminder of just why we all love football so much - because it brings people together.  It was an enjoyable yet heart-wrenching lesson and I thank you once again for surpassing all my expectations regarding quality sports writing.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

having lived in both, I'm not too surprised that room&board is higher for Penn State.  There is a much lower supply:demand ration for near campus housing in state college and most students live in large apartment complexes which tend to demand higher rent.  I'd like to see how Penn State's COA numbers break down, which category (or categories) they hiked up to justify almost double COA to the rest of the B1G because that gap is a little ridiculous