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Comment 16 Jul 2014

I had grown to love Ohio more after leaving than I probably would have had I never left.

I dont know what it is about Ohio that makes this so true but pretty much every Ohio native I know would agree.  I've transplanted to Texas and the form that state pride takes down here is completely different than what I know from home. Most of the Texas state pride I've seen takes the form of "this is the absolute greatest place in the world and you're crazy if you would ever want to live anywhere else EVER", to the point where they can be downright rude when finding out other people's backgrounds/origins. (I've gotten a lot of "oh I bet you're glad to be down here now!" and "welcome to the heart of southern hospitality, I bet its a refreshing change from back home" when they find out I'm from the "northeast"). Interestingly, the most fanatical devotion seems to come from a majority of people who have never left the state of Texas (yes, there are a lot of those).

On the other hand, growing up in Ohio, most of the people I went to school with couldnt wait to leave the state and get away.  And a lot of them did, whether for school, or later, for jobs.  But now a lot of them are back or trying to get back.  It helps that Cincinnati and now Columbus have started to catch up with the urban revitilization trend thats been rebuilding urban communities across the country.  But even before the Short North expansion or Over the Rhine rebuilding, Ohio has been drawing people home. I would be back in a heartbeat, if only my career choice existed somewhere in the state.

Comment 25 Jun 2014

Bravo to the B1G presidents for taking a logical and well thought-out approach to the whole issue.  But I have the same question as LWitters above - which of their suggestions is specifically restricted by the NCAA? 4-year scholarship guarantees seem to be allowes. I dont know enough about NCAA regulations to know the details of amount of scholarship or health care restrictions. Couldn't they start implementing these things as a conference? I'm also wondering if the presidents and Delany are completely on the  same page here, given his recent testimony.

I think guaranteed scholarships based on true cost of attendence would quiet a lot of the pay-for-play debate, with some sort of logical ruling in the O'Bannon case allowing some personal profit off of personal likenesses solving the rest of it.  There will always be a handful of athletes who think they are worth more than they are getting, even if all these changes are implemented (ditto for all people everywhere, not just student athletes) but that problem is brought on by the NBA/NFL's use of college sports as development leagues and that, honestly, is not the universities' fault nor their responsibility to fix.

Comment 23 Jun 2014

Social media is about a lot more than "selfies" and the desire for wifi is about alot more than social media.  And the people who are going to facebook instead of watching the game are already not watching the game, they are yelling drunkenly at someone 3 rows behind them or reposting a tweet 5 times to try to get it to work over spotty cell coverage.  Plus with so many unecessary commercial breaks, etc there is plenty of time at the game spent not watching the game and being able to check in on the wider world would be amazingly convenient.

Plus I absolutely cannot wait for someone to get a good enough seat and good enough data/wifi connection to livestream a TBDBITL halftime performance onto the internet somewhere so I can switch the talking heads off in favor of that.



Comment 18 Jun 2014

I actually love about 40% of the state of Michigan. Specifically anywhere within about 15 miles of any Great Lakes shoreline. Its beautiful.

I didnt buy football season tickets my freshman year for no apparent reason and then had to watch the '06, Game of the Century version of The Game on a TV in the dorm lobby with my weird roommates becasue everyone else was at the game.  I have never forgiven myself.

I was on Penn State's campus for the whole Sandusky/Paterno everything and now refuse to discuss the events with anyone except for 3 specific friends because I saw both sides of it (Joe-bots and anti) up close and pretty much everyone's take on it pisses me off.

I think Gordon Gee was the best thing to happen to OSU in decades and I will defend him to the end.  I think OSU made a HUGE mistake getting rid of him like they did.




Comment 13 Jun 2014

the crowd was (is) already fueled with beer ... and whiskey and rum and vodka and anything else that can be snuck in with a flask/waterbottle stuck in a waistband

Comment 02 May 2014

These proactive efforts are different from complaint-driven investigations included on the list, as Ohio State is not under investigation for any Title IX complaints about sexual harassment or assault.

This whole sentence is confusing and I'm trying to figure out exactly what they are saying.  I get that they are separating the protocols and resources currently in place from direct complaints about specific cases (I think?).  Then it seems to indicate that the list is based on complaint-driven investigations. Ok.

So these schools listed are ones where someone made a complaint and, as a result, DOE is investigating that complaint. But then "Ohio State is not under investigation for any Title IX complaints about sexual harassment..." So are they under investigation for a complaint about sexual harassment/assault that does not fall under Title IX? Or are they under investigation for a Title IX complaint that is not related to sexual harassment? (which could be any number of things involving availability of equal opportunity) Or am I missing it completely?



Comment 22 Jan 2014

The reactions to Sherman's rant sound a lot like the clutch-your-pearls horror that erupted over Hall's exiting salute from the Michigan game. The spectators and media demand class and composure but the game demands passion and confidence and at least a bit of anger and you're not always going to keep that perfectly boxed into actions of the field. The emotion is part of why we love the game but its not always going to be pretty.

Comment 09 Dec 2013

oh it hurts all right. but couch fires and riots happen after wins. after losses everyone just goes and sits at home and drinks their troubles away. The quietest saturday nights I ever saw on campus were after losses.  After the 07 Illinois game I walked from Gateway to Lane an hour after the game and saw maybe a dozen people.

Comment 06 Dec 2013

DJ, I have to apologize, I just went through this entire skull session and realized I hadn't taken in a single sentence outside of Boom Herron's tweet, thats how anxious I am for the game tomorrow. Going to have to go sit in a quiet room and calm down a bit sometime before kickoff or I might collapse during the first drive!

Going back to reread the SS for real this time...

Comment 24 Nov 2013

I dont have an official source for this other that a friend who was on campus over the summer but apparently someone drowned in Mirror Lake in August, giving them more justification/motivation for trying to restrict the event. However, depending on how they are planning to fence off the area and enforce the official entrance, it could prove to be very ineffective. I cant image many would have a problem hopping temporary fences or tramping through shrubbery to get to Mirror Lake. 

Comment 06 Nov 2013
When I started reading this I couldnt quite tell where it was heading and by he end of the article I still wasnt sure where it had ended up...but it is one of the best pieces of internet writing I have read in a long time
Comment 05 Nov 2013

“My older son’s middle name is Danger so he could grow up and tell people his middle name is Danger and when they call him out on it pull out his I.D. and actually confirm that,”

...parenting award of the year right there

Comment 30 Oct 2013
Going into each game, I expected Wisconsin to be a slug-fest, Northwestern to give us trouble, and Penn State to be a good game. But this week...Purdue terrifies me. "I trust in Urban Meyer" is my mantra this weekend
Comment 28 Oct 2013
My 86 year old grandmother sent me a very excited email this morning after she saw the clip on the Today Show. Of course I immediately sent her the full video back so it is now making its rounds of the northern michigan retirement community as well...
Comment 20 Sep 2013
Which Block O were you in though? I've sat in both north and south Block O and there was a huge difference in the attitude/attention to the game in each.
Comment 16 Sep 2013
A little bit of googling came up with some interesting numbers, comparing the freshman class of 2012 at both schools: Cal OSU # new freshmen. ~5, 000 ~7, 000 Median SAT scores* 1220-1490 1170-1320 *So middle 50% of incoming students had scores in this range. Also these are based on old school grading with only reading and math so 1600=perfect. I realize way more goes into admissions but SAT is the easiest across the board standard to compare So yea, they can claim better academics, but not by much. Also our numbers are based on 2, 000 more students. Id be interested to see how osu's top students compare to their top students, just out of curiosity.
Comment 15 Sep 2013

I'm convinced we can go undefeated but I have a horrible dread of us going to the NC coming down to if/how Oregon beats Stanford. I know its still early in the season and it wouldn't be college football without surprise upsets...thats just my dreaded scenario right now.  


But thats worry for a tuesday.  For a saturday night: GO BUCKS!!!

Comment 04 Sep 2013
It wasnt so much that they came up short of my scoring expectations or the less than hoped for input from our untested superstars. What had (note past tense) had me worried Saturday was that if we are going to play fluff games and win, I want to WIN. All we have heard all offseason from the rest of football world is how weak our schedule is. I just have a horrible vision in my mind of us running the table In the regular season along with, say ...oregon (or take your pick) along with a 1-loss Alabama and not getting to the NC because we "struggled against teams we shouldnt have struggled against and got lucky in some big games." And you know that would be the narrative. ...however, after a few beers and a few hours I calmed down and am once again ready to give UFM the benefit of the doubt and trust in him to lead this team where It should go