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Comment 10 Sep 2013

I agree with quite a bit about what you have pointed out.  However, there are other factors:

consider California is the Death Valley of available energy; rolling brown outs, traffic jams that look like the Rose bowl parade only year round.  & lets not forget taxes: incredibly high & I just heard last year they passed a retro active income tax!!!  People & businesses are leaving CA in droves these days; I think they know what they're doing.

Comment 08 Sep 2013

To Hall's defense:  Kenny G's hand clap signals were different than Miller's. 

Also, did you see the close up of that hit on Miller!!?  two helmet to helmets at the same time, one on each side of his head!  all down low where the officials couldn't possibly see it.  No wonder his helmet popped off.  At the time, the knee was the least of his concerns.


And the Michigan Notre Dame Game!  man, the Michigan quarterback is everything we hoped Braxton would morph into.  His passes are crisp & right on; his receivers snatch the ball out of the air & explode up the field; and he has good, ground eating speed.  We will have our hands full in the Big House.  O, and I am always delighted to see Brian Kelly enraged on the sideline. 

Comment 05 Sep 2013

Anybody, including Roby, will have trouble with a 6'3", long armed, experienced & accomplished  receiver;  it takes a lot of technique to stop a high reception & even more to break it up once it's in the receiver's hands.   Time will teach.

Comment 02 Sep 2013

The situation with Reeves is not uncommon:  a very tall, long-armed wide receiver vs. a less than 6ft defender.  All they ever need do is get the receiver behind the defender, toss the ball high & bank the reception.  It's no wonder they picked on Armani all day.  Ditto the soft coverage early on for the same tall, good-hands, wide receiver:  easy 7-8 yards every time.  This is a strategic mismatch every team will look for.  The question is how to defend against it?  I know our defense is complicated, but I wonder if we might have a taller defender to simply play man on man for just this sort of receiver?  The problem will recur.