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Comment 23 Aug 2013

I don't understand why everyone seems to overlook Wisky.  The one area this year's team is likely to be inferior to last year's is stuffing the between-the-tackles run.  We have no Jonathon Hankins.  The rest of the line may be better at rushing the passer than last year, but to rush the passer, they must be passing, which means we have to stop the run. And then there are the LBs - for last year's game against the Badgers, Boren had settled in at linebacker, and Sabino was back from injury.  This year we'll have two untested LBs, still early in the season.  Yet run down-hill is what Wisky does best.  After subtracting negative yardage for sacks, the Badgers ran for 240 yards against LAST YEAR's front seven.

And finally, the offense.  The pre-"new-and-improved" offense last year managed only seven points in regulation, with the other two TDs coming via punt return and in OT.  This year, if the offense doesn't do a lot better in scoring early, allowing Wisky to play even or ahead, the Badgers can sit back and pound away up the middle, wearing down our defensive front seven.  That scares the hell out of me.

Does no one here share this concern?  I'm betting the coaches do.