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Comment 24 Oct 2013

I think about the recent scandals at schools like USC, OSU, Oregon, Penn St., UNC, and Miami and the only institution that seems to lack "institutional control" is the NCAA itself. Their system of determining punishment seems to defy any kind of reason or logic. My solution? The death penalty. 

Comment 02 Sep 2012

One thing you might want to remember, or maybe you aren't that familiar yet... Football is a team sport. Rarely - I would say never - is one player solely responsible for the outcome of a single play. Not sure what your beef is with Howard, but the guy played a good game.

Comment 02 Sep 2012

Most people would say that 2 INT's translates into a good game. There were coverage issues the entire day, and plenty of blame to go around. Singling out Howard after the performance of our entire secondary makes no justifiable sense.

Comment 18 Aug 2012

Put me firmly in the "haven't worried about an OSU defense in years" category. My guess is if not for the whole 'Howard Island' hype, nobody would be questioning his talent. As for the linebackers, let's not forget that guys like Hawk, Carpenter, Laurinaitis, and Freeman were sophomores at one time... That seemed to work out alright.

Comment 16 Aug 2012

I've only seen bits of the first episode so far, but I'm inclined to agree with Saint on this one... I appreciate the show for what it is, even if that means I don't have a clue who I'm looking at. The reality is, there aren't that many storylines surrounding a training camp. Position battles, injuries, learning curves, and in this case a new coaching staff. That in itself would be a task to cover within four or five 30-minute episodes. You're right - different strokes, but to me a realistic look at the Bucks in August is more enjoyable than conforming camp to "reality show" standards.

Go Bucks!

Comment 05 Jul 2012

If that's the only problem you had with my comment, I'll just assume you agree... Ash didn't affirm or deny, interpret that however you like.

Comment 03 Jul 2012

The only problem with your argument -not to say that it's a bad one- is that The Rose Bowl makes no attempts to "affect the landscape of college football." You heard it from Ash himself, they're willing to forfeit their stake in the playoffs to host more B1G vs. Pac-12 matchups. The history and tradition is more important to them than helping decide who the national champion is.

Comment 22 Jun 2012

No way Sandusky walks on this. Even if McQueary's testimony is thrown out, that's only one count. Could be that even more charges are dropped but we're talking about 48 counts at this point. The prosecution could lose a few and still put him away for life.

Comment 24 May 2012

I agree with your assesment. Shazier - while a fan favorite to Buckeye Nation, myself included - did play limited minutes last year. Roby on the other hand, was a difference maker from start to finish and far exceeded all expectations. No way there are six corners in the league better than Roby. I'm not sure how this one is even close...

Comment 09 Oct 2011

I'm definitely in agreement that the D was outplayed in the second half. But how much of the blame do they actually deserve? By the time they got back to the sidelines and took their helmets off, they had to turn around and take the field again. We abandoned the run game, and Bauserman isn't capable of completing a pass, let alone sustaining a drive.

Moeller is a great Buckeye, and I respect him for what he's been through, but this sounds like passing the buck to me. Heacock, Fickell, and Co. are not responsible for the gaping holes that we provided Nebraska. Nor the missed tackles. Let's not forget that it's the actual players that take the field.

I think our defense will keep us in just about all the games that we play, however, expecting them to keep teams out of the end zone when they're on the field the entire game is unreasonable.

Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Oct 2011

I'm going to stick to my previous statement, man. This is the typical reaction after a loss. For Buckeye fans who see the glass half-empty, the sky is always falling! Even the last decade of 10 win seasons and Big Ten Championships were met with criticism over Tressel's conservative play. Point is, we're a tough crowd to please.

Calling this team the worst ever with over half the season to play only illustrates my point further. And as for your challenge, I think I'll pass. You said yourself you won't agree, so I won't waste your time or mine. Hope your weekend improves after today!

Go Bucks!

Comment 01 Oct 2011

Disagree. Knee-jerk reaction. We lost, and it was ugly, but a ton of freshman and underclassmen are getting clock. The learning curve may be steeper this year than in previous years, but to say the future isn't bright is typical of Buckeye fans doom and gloom after a loss.