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Comment 08 Jan 2017

We will probably not catch Alabama and may even slip another notch or two. The reason is not talent it is numbers, no one is even close to us in the talent evaluation average. We are over 95 Alabama is at around 93 bujujjt they have commitments from 23 players already( that school up North has 27-28 but average is only around 91)  The official ratings take into count and ratings so since we will have a much smaller class it is hard to overcome other schools with a lot more recruits.  I don't see a way we can topalabama because of size of class. But in my opinion our class will probably set record for highest average ever!!!

Comment 12 Feb 2016

I spent a week with my wife in Aruba and we both loved it, beautiful water, casinos, great beaches and not really too crowded.

Comment 21 Jan 2016

well for me the best approach was to remember that when I thought an argument might be brewing to let her know how beautiful she was and that she was always the one for me. We were married for 53 years until she passed away! No matter what anyone says the warm love is much better then the hor angry fighting! Nothing but good memories and I can't remember any time I regretted keeping my mouth shut!

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Total agreement! I think DJ is a little butt hurt that Cardale has regressed this year after DJ put all his marbles on him! Why call deep passes when Cardale either holds it too long or under throws. Look I love what Cardale did last year but let's be honest he was third string for a reason. 

Comment 07 Oct 2015

I just want us to win! It's Urbans job to pick the players not mine.lets remember it is the Buckeyes! A Team not a player. I love JT for every thing he stands for! Don't hate on either QB, there is a reason Cardale is our QB so we as fans need to stop adding problems. Yes, I believe DJ adds to the fire and as a writer on here should not be slanting his daily reports to try to make Cardale look better then he is. In the beginning it was funny and hilarious to see how much DJ idolized Dodale, and all the nicknames he gave him. But now we are in the league schedule and I did not like to see him degrading JTs results from last year. Everyone please remember it took the whole team to get us the title. Both JT and Cardale were needed last year., they both got rings the same size! Cardale has a personality you must appreciate but at the same time the Team made the quiet one, JT a captain! Love them both ,just as a true Buckeye loves all the members of the team? Sorry for the soft rant! Go Buckeyes and -ichigan still sucks!

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Hate to bring this up but I think Cardales tweet last night gives us some insight why he was starting! Barrett has the team first attitude and could handle not starting but I'm not sure Cardales can? I think Meyer saw that and went with what was a close call hoping it would work out. Barrett is a captain for a reason! He is a leader! I love Cardales but I'm afraid he is still somewhat immature and not a leader. He might be flashier, stronger and more engaging but like his tweet said not ready to handle adversity very well. Love him, very grateful for his leading the Buckeyes to the Title but now we need to think of this year and move forward! JT needs to be our QB! 

Comment 01 Aug 2015

I'll pray for you but my longest prayers will be for your son! An adult with the tight background, love of the Scarlet and Grey, but a mere child! First you must enroll him in the charter school that is somewhere near that's colors are Scarlet and Gray! It is a charter school that teaches fitness and regular education! I can't think of the name of it but if it is within an hour of you you must send him there! Fly the Flag, you and him must wear the colors! Now we must all come together and pray she is not a ----------- fan! Ichigan State is ok but hopefully she's a nerd who doesn't care one way or the other. I'm sorry if she doesn't agree on the child's education and future, it is time for a divorce with sole custody to you! I think a judge would agree with that considering the alternative! Good luck, stay strong and Go Bucks!

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Ok, I've been reading all of your comments and I guess I have to stick my two cents in! First ,I do not like the Patriots, I do not like Tom Brady ( after all he played for - ichigan, has a beautiful wife, is very rich) But the whole thing is ridiculous, come on! 4 games for under inflated balls? What we have is God, Roger badall trying to prove how stupid and powerful he is, a union that gave him God like powers over them, he is the policeman, prosecutor, and judge! Then if you appeal he is the Supreme Court who decides if he was right before! Ridiculous! Then we have have prince Brady, the untouchable man! How dare the NFL want to punish him! From what I have read almost every QB likes there footballs differently and even when caught ( frozen footballs, heated balls) admit it and get a 25k fine! But Tom wouldn't admit it so it went from a minor issue to a major scandal!,! Goodall doesn't realize how ridiculous he looks by suspending the crime of inflation of footballs with DUIs, abuse etc! I'm tired of the whole thing but for many of you to argue that because Brady is a Patriot, and they cut corners ( which every team does)  and you hate them that this penalty is okay!!! It does Nothing but hurt The NFL! I'm a big fan but this whole episode has me less of a fan !

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Bought a Subaru Legacy two months ago! Love it great gas mileage on highway , around 34 to 36 depending on speed! Your right they don't deal will well at the dealership!

Comment 25 Apr 2015

I like a starting give of Harris, Lyle, Thompson, Mitchell and ? . I really don't ( explosion) expect  Loving to be on the team next year! I have no insight to that just a gut feeling! Something's not right there! I don't what it is but ever since the episode last year Loving has been completely out of sync!  I could see Grandstaff playing ( just like our favorite shooter Dieber) playing the three! Just think of the shooters out there! I also really like Gliddens!  Not trying to cause trouble but just saying.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Well OhioScott, my worse mistake by far was hanging onto a stock that was getting ready to split! Stock had been great and I kept adding to it because insiders all were sure about the split! We were at ,I think around $ 85 and everybody knew it would split again aroun $90! To make matters worse my wife said time to diversify and move some of that, I said I will when it splits!!! Needless to sayMarket Crash! Stock LU! Lost quite a bit because even after crash I held on a little longer knowing it was coming back! Still waiting !