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Comment 3 hours ago

I really hope it's not true...but I'll wait until it's officially reported by 11W.  No sense in getting worked up until we know for sure.  

Comment 6 hours ago

If I had a sister that scheduled her wedding on that day, I'd consider disowning her.

Comment 19 hours ago

Michigan fans always think they're going to beat Ohio State no matter how bad they are.  I live in Michigan and see their fans a lot...they are delusional, and they are setting up Harbaugh just like Rodriguez.  Jimmy better deliver and deliver big, because their unrealistic expectations still aren't coming down.  Many still can't accept/admit they're the 2nd best team in the state!    

Comment 19 hours ago

For those that argue for TCU; would they have won the tie breaker over Baylor?  Problem solved.

Comment 19 hours ago

Maybe they played their worst game, because they got beat by a better team...just sayin' its a possibility.