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Comment 18 hours ago

It looks like we didn't snap the ball in time, but the MSU players were blatantly laying down and stalling the game.  Its wrong for sure regardless of what the rules were then.

With a first down, that much time left and no timeouts, that was an awful play call.  Your pretty much choosing 1 play over a possible two if you call a roll out pass or something similar on first down.  

Comment 22 Jul 2016

In my opinion that was the biggest play in that years game.  Michigan had stole the momentum and Troy Smith was down on himself.  Then Pittman burst through the Michigan defense like a cannon ball.  It was a thing of beauty!

Comment 22 Jul 2016

I used this one because everyone else already added my favorites!

Comment 21 Jul 2016

I honestly can't argue with any of these picks.  They all make sense. 

I could suggest alternatives...Adolphus Washington at DT, Doran Grant at CB (thought he was awesome as a senior), but they make no more sense than the others.

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I still think MSU game will be the decider of the East and eventual B1G champ.  It may not be tougher than Oklahoma, but it'll be tougher than Wisconsin and Penn State and by quite a bit.  A talented team on the road with a roster and staff that takes playing us incredibly personal.  How 11W has them at #4 is puzzling to me.  

Comment 19 Jul 2016

I don't know the details, but it looks like he couldn't get out of his own way despite many opportunities.  If the allegations are true (and it sounds like they are) he should be gone and other players should take note that this is the end result.  Hopefully he can learn from this and change his behavior in the future.

Comment 18 Jul 2016

I was actually thinking the same thing.  He should miss the USC game, but I'll curious to see if he does!

Comment 17 Jul 2016

It's pretty rampant in all track and field...but the Russians have a pretty long track record of going a step further than everyone else, so it's not a shock to anyone who follows athletics.  In this instance the national governing body did a very poor job of even trying to stop it.  Who knows how many medals went to PED using athletes over the last few world championships.