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Comment 6 hours ago

It really comes down to either Clemson or Alabama losing.  Oklahoma/Oklahoma St and Iowa/MSU are play in games.  Probably our best shot is the most controversial...UNC win the ACC but would they jump us.  Right now they're 14 and will probably jump up to 9 or 10.  Does the committee jump them up to 4?

Comment 9 hours ago

One thing is for sure, MSU is a great team when healthy and focused.  If the Big 12, SEC and ACC have all 1 loss or less teams win out we can't complain...but we should be the at large to jump in if they're not.

Comment 12 hours ago

Our team has nobody to blame but themselves.  We had an MSU team without their star QB, at home, in weather that was advantageous to our style and we decided to play cute instead of hammering them.  We're a top 4 team for sure but we won't get the chance this year. 

Comment 12 hours ago

If Alabama, ND loses we might have a shot at the playoff

Comment 15 hours ago

After they were booing Raekwon for being hurt I am having trouble finding sympathy...that said I'll be the better person and cheer when he gets up.

Comment 15 hours ago

Can we even attempt to blitz?  We can't play with their receivers man for man...blitz and make him uncomfortable.  

Comment 16 hours ago

Hopefully something gets setup downfield in the second half.  Michigan will be adjusting to attack the run more and we will have to get something downfield on them to make them respect it.

Comment 16 hours ago

The third downs have been awful...we have to stop giving up 3rd and long.  I don't understand how we've been so bad at that.

Comment 17 hours ago

HAVE to get away from the end zone.  Michigan lives and dies by field position...if they get 3 and out we'll give them a short field and they start taking more chances.