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Comment 05 Dec 2014

My parents punished me when I was 11 and moved from Amherst, OH to a small town in west MI.  My best man and father in law both die hard MI fans. I got married two weeks after we won the championship toasted the Bucks during reception and got bood by 350 people. Its actually fun though. Get to live the rivalry every single day. Lots easier now than in the 90's

Comment 16 May 2013

First post after many nights reading.  Background is life long buckeye born in OH that had parents move to west michigan when I was 12.  Many long days wearing scarlet and grey where  I live.   1998 I finally (24 years old) was making first trip to see them play live and it was against you know who.  Bad part is I had to make the trip with two wolverine fans to save on gas.  Made it down with just a few bucks to our name and when we got to the gate and scanned ticket (at this point probably greatest feeling ever) only to have a beep go off and the lady yell counterfeit!! She ripped it up in my face and I walked away a broken man.  We had no cash to buy anything or even go to a bar so back to the car and am radio and a few cold beers we went. The guys that let us park there came out and offered to let us come in to watch so in we went.  They were super nice and it was cool to at least see the game.  That's when we started to notice how some of the guys were holding hands and such.  So ended up watching game with a different crowd than we originally had planned...to this day I still have not seen them live but still fly the flag in my front yard every Saturday in the fall. Turning 40 next year and have two boys now that are being raised to love the buckeyes and we have decided we will make the family trip down to finally see a game. I'll feel like Rudy's dad when that day arrives.  Just hope it goes better than the last trip!