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Nothing interesting, just a fan of the best college football program in the world.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sideline pass for 2006 OSU/UM game. Fenway in 07 beating the Indians in 7.
  • NFL TEAM: Chargers.
  • NBA TEAM: 90's Bulls.
  • MLB TEAM: Red Sox.

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Comment 4 hours ago

Homage has a long sleeve with the second image, one of my favorites from them. Not sure if they have it in a kids size.

Comment 6 hours ago

east of the Bridge huh? That puts you in pretty familiar settings where I grew up. BT - Barnesville - Union Local?

Comment 30 Jun 2015

Wally's Pizza Cambridge, Ohio.

Any steak from any of my friends farms from down home. Fresh and wrapped in deli paper the best steaks anwyhere. Although, I prefer a good angus over any of them.

Now if I could bring food back to Ohio from Cali, it would be the fish tacos from Lupitas in Redondo Beach. Nothing in the mid west can come close to tacos out there.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

Wow...I dont know what else to say, Im sure this happens more than people know, but to see it reported is not a good thing for UM at all.

What a prick.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

I played ball in college with a kid from the UP, went up to visit one time. Great hunting, nice people, just weird up there, like a completely different country.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

There are alot of things up there you just cant explain.

Comment 25 Jun 2015

So youre saying when it comes to draining balls, nobody does better than a Michigan man?

Comment 25 Jun 2015

When the ex wife and I were in the throws of our beautiful divorce, she thought shed get cute and say I could keep my new car, which I had done a bucnh of work on, or I could keep my dog. I told her to enjoy the car, I would be taking my pup and heading back to Cbus.

Good riddance, a car can be replaced, a wife can be replaced, but a mans dog ----  that's something you just cant mess with.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Im sorry I dont recall the events of said night. My response to the previous NC games before Oregon.

Comment 24 Jun 2015

My #1 rule as a PM in IT, makes friends with Developers and Admins, your life and project hinge on their happiness. You can also get access to better things than the normal associates.