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Nothing interesting, just a fan of the best college football program in the world.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sideline pass for 2006 OSU/UM game. Fenway in 07 beating the Indians in 7.
  • NFL TEAM: Chargers.
  • NBA TEAM: 90's Bulls.
  • MLB TEAM: Red Sox.

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Comment 7 hours ago

2000 rep club carried over to the season starter, no reason to burn the guys out early.

Comment 8 hours ago

Overboard was pretty bad, outside of a hot Goldie Hawn.

LOL probably my wifes favorite movie. She watches it all the time, I have no idea why. Probably the same reason I watch Wedding Crashers on a weekly basis.

Comment 11 hours ago

I also attended The Shack, that was a great place.  I lived in Redondo, so walking to OTR was easy, I got to know the bartenders, and the Buckeyes that did make it there were generally pretty cool. The Shack was fun when i felt like being social and getting after it. I was going through a nasty divorce that last season I was there, so less is more kind of thing at that point.

Nothing like a 9AM kick with an ocean view.

Comment 12 hours ago

I lived in LA, when we had our little two year flirtation with USC. In general people out there didnt really care. The ones that did were pretty cool. I actually got to a point where I would watch USC and took an interest in the program based on the intereaction I had with their fans and program.

The tailgating was amateur hour though, I think I've been to better high school tailgates in Ohio. Different culture I guess.

There was a huge following of Buckeyes out there, never had a hard time finding an Ohio State bar. No one is actually from LA, as I kind of found out, and everyone knows someone that went to Ohio State. On The Rocks in Redondo Beach was my favorite.

The fans would get in digs here and there, but nothing mean just old school shit talking. It was fun.

Comment 13 hours ago

He is one of the only players I really enjoy watching. He gives me that edge of your seat, oh shit whats he gonna do next feeling. As good as the Bucks were last year, that kind of play or potential to me felt absent. Forgive me if I place him too high, but its like when I would watch Troy Smith and Teddy G play, like watching Lebron play, or going even further back Jordan. He garners that same kind of excitement.

Comment 13 hours ago

Long story short, gonna be a lot of smiles watching Miller with the ball in his hands in space.

Long live #5, thats what Im really looking forward to this year. Its a different ballgame when he's playing.

Comment 13 hours ago

Far from pessimistic, unless we're talking about my Red Sox making the playoffs this year, but thats a whole other site and thread.

Generally, I think if you dont mind work, have fun at home, and have a great support structure its hard to be down on life. I consider myself lucky, most of the time the biggest worry on my mind outside of work is planning for the games, can I wash my truck, and what bottle of bourbon to buy.

Comment 14 hours ago

Nope not at alll, in life and football I try to be a realist, until the Bourbon and PBR start talkin then Im an eternal optimist and believe OSU cant lose. At that point the country accent starts to emerge from the shadows as well.

Comment 14 hours ago

'Mornin old friend, always a pleasure to see you out and about on the boards!

Comment 14 hours ago

Lost what little respect I had for him around the Tress/Tatoo problems. Sounds like sour grapes, and someone hanging onto what little bit of popularity he has left.

There are times, when I listen to local radio that I swear they are picking their stories from 11W and the Buckshots section. Too similar to not be the case.

Great work everyone, when they are hating and copying you know you are doing something right.

I know 97.1 gives credit on occassion, but Hooley is still a jackass.