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Nothing interesting, just a fan of the best college football program in the world. Became an even bigger fan, when my old OC became a coach at Ohio State.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sideline pass for 2006 OSU/UM game.
    Fenway in 07 beating the Indians in 7.
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Comment 26 Sep 2014

The dude screwed the pooch by trying to be a bad ass his first week there. Its turned around to bite him in the balls.

What a mess!

EDIT for clarification: Dude = Drake. I think what they did to Waters is a joke, go get em Jon.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Cool, thanks! See everyone there, Im a white guy in my mid 30's I'll be wearing a Buckeyes Tshirt and jeans. Wont be able to miss me.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

All sarcasm from this Red Sox fan aside, it looked a little suspect. Guy seems to be a class act, and a whore at the sametime. Impressive how private he kept is life outside of baseball. Also, because I have to F the Yankees!

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Im not pugging my ears at all, and certainly not pretending this team is something its not. I try to be a realist when it comes to the 2014 version of the Buckeyes. The constant buzz of how great UC is, has just grown tiresome to me. I understand sand bagging, I really do, I just dont know why it has been taken to another level this week.

I get it VT beat that ass, but I saw a young team, trying to figure things out that night. One that got no help from play calling and Oline play. That of course is over. The present is a UC team, that hasnt played a rough shot schedule and was tested by a BAD Miami team. One that is not VT on the defensive side of the ball, and hasnt played in the Shoe at night, against top tier athletes.

Im not disagreeing with your comment at all, but from a completely different stand point from anything to do with Ohio State and their success or lack of, the amount of smoke being blown up asses about UC is astounding. Thats what I was getting at.

Comment 24 Sep 2014

I didnt know people wore button downs to tailgates. Cool shirts, I see your hustle, cant knock it, or at least thats what a buddy told me once.

Comment 23 Sep 2014

I assumed it was scarlet, seems thats the trend for night games now. I still stand by my idea of making the stadium into one big helmet stripe.

Comment 23 Sep 2014

For some reason I feel like the coaches and players are sand baggin' a little bit this week. That maybe they dont really think Cincy is all the great but they are going to blow them up to be worls beaters. Maybe I'm wrong, but they are gushing over this team, and I know I dont know as much as them, but I dont see it.

Comment 22 Sep 2014

Adidas has become the fat girl that hangs out with all the cute girls at parties. She knows damn well, she's not going to get the best of the best, but she will get some decent table scraps, no matter how ridiculous or drunk she gets.

Go home fat adidas, youre drunk.

Comment 22 Sep 2014

I grew up in Old Washington, moved to Cambridge in High School, but still went to Buckeye Trail. My dad worked in ST. C.  so between Cambridge and the Valley, I have been to so many places to eat that are all amazing down there.

Kennedys is a staple when I head down that way, I love some adornettos too! I have been east of Guernsey county for a few years.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

So my question is, when JT struggles, which he will this season, are all of these people telling Braxton to move on, going to jump on the Cardale bandwagon or jump back on the Braxton train saying wait til next season? And are these the same people that were calling for Braxtons job last year after Smooth Jazz had a great stretch? Most popular guy on campus is always the back-up.

I mean seriously, I know the kid has talent and everyone loves new shiney things, but what if god forbid he doesnt get it done?

Everyone is so ready to annoint the second coming that they dont want to look at things realistically. Yes, Braxton is injuried, but he also had one of the best Doctors in country the perform, the correct surgery. Is now rehabbing at the one of the best Universities in the world. Id say his come back could be a real thing.  It's a little early to send him out with the wash. Time will tell.

I'm not against JT, I want the kid to be amazing, not the next anyone, the first JT. I also look at it from the stand point of, this is a huge task and there will be bumps in the road. Again time will tell.

Thinking that any of us know what is going on in the locker room, rehab, or practices is crazy.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Heard the same interview, but didnt come away thinking that at all. Two sides of the same coin I guess.

Also, remember Urban mentioning 4th and 5th year guys being a rarity, but mentioning Braxton by name, so there that as well.

I would tend to believe that Braxton is a little heart broken, and would love to be out there, maybe thats standing in the way of him "helping" as much as some would like.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Is that an NCAA rule or just a B1G rule? There are other routes to play ball for another year even if the NCAA frowns upon you. NAIA, CFL, JUCO (not sure the rules around that one).

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I think thats pretty tame, compared to some of the things that are said on the field, on the line, in the huddle, bottom of the pile, etc.

And its pretty damn funny.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

So I saw a couple other websites calling this resume a joke, amateur, and hilarious. I didnt see that at all, sure its not great, but what do you expect from a college athlete with minimal experience outside of football?

Aside from a couple of errors and lay-out issues, it doesnt look to much different than a ton of fresh college grad resumes I have seen.

I think its interesting to see that he was preparing for life outside of football.

Comment 18 Sep 2014

I believe Spence would need to keep his hands to himself.