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Nothing interesting, just a fan of the best college football program in the world.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Sideline pass for 2006 OSU/UM game. Fenway in 07 beating the Indians in 7.
  • NFL TEAM: Chargers.
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Comment 7 hours ago

I didn't really take it that way, I think he is frustrated from a fans perspective. Who really knows if Urban has known all along? Maybe he has, but why not use it as a teaching and motivation tool.

I don't have a problem with his frustration, it felt more off the cuff than normal with him so I think he was speaking honestly.

Comment 10 hours ago

You aren't allowed to compliment anything remotely close to Michigan, you treasonous jerk!

Comment 11 hours ago

Careful I hear it sneaks up on ya

Comment 11 hours ago

Agreed on the root beer, its definitely not your fathers. It is a touch on the sweet side. I prefer a nice pumpkin spiced-avocado-apple-ginger-stout double IPA from Bojangles Beer Snob Brewery in New England. Beer Advocate give it a 100. You should try it.  

I kid I kid, Long Live PBR Damn It!

Comment 12 hours ago

First day of fall camp when I was a wide eyed freshman, I had a coach give us a sobering speech, ever since then the game lost that innocence. Went something like this:  Make no mistake men, the school tells you're here for a degree, you may get one, but the they don't care. This is a business, we are for profit, and you are not a commodity. You bust your ass for this team, for your coaches, and your family. If you are lucky enough to do well, they will love you, if not, you're just another side of beef at the auction.

Its a harsh truth, the sooner learned, the better a student-athlete can get an idea of the real world.

Comment 12 hours ago

Objectively speaking, Michigan will be fine under Harbaugh. He's a proven coach, that is a little whacky, but hes got a big mess to clean up. He's got to get his program installed, with his guys, and gain that valuable buy-in from everyone. I think they will be slightly better than average this year 7-9 wins depending how the wind blows. They will be ready come November.

Im not of the crowd that despises all things Michigan, their fans are douches that's the major problem, but so are a lot of Buckeye fans.

I want them to be undefeated every year heading into The Game, it makes for a better experience and then Ohio State gets to crush their dreams. Win-Win.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I have always liked him too, if you take him at face vaule and know sometimes hes just going to say stuff to say stuff, hes pretty good.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

What? Switching religion and manipulating a public personality is frowned upon these days?

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I can definitely see that with Lamp, I have a couple of their shirts, but they are more on the state pride side than the OSU side.

Im a tshirt junkie so I like to find new fresh companies and support them, much like beer. To me PBR is Homage, I really like it and I always know what Im going to get. The others are like the new local breweries, win some lose some.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

September 97ish, Study hall in the library, I think after lunch, but I cant recall that one.

The play by play guy was a sub teacher, we talked him up and told him about our new found beliefs. We convinced him to refer to me by that the next game he did.

That game came and passed, my mom asked me why Tom was referring to #84 as Shariff Abdul Shamgod. I laughed, told you, then we messed around in art class. Typical day.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I'll never forget when we got the local radio guy to call me that on air during a game.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

With his background, he doesn't need any Asian bride gifts from me,12w maybe, but hes got game with the ladies.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I don't really mind the mark up, local guy doing extremely well, cool company based here in town, so I chalk it up to giving back to cbus on some weird retail level.

In reality though, they are probably like the 3rd or 4th tshirt shop I go to for Ohio State/Cbus tees.

Lamp has cool stuff, so does Righteous Society, Orginalitess, GV artwork, to name a few. Of course dry goods as well...

Also if you time out the sales, you can them for much cheaper.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

Speedway is telling me I can get an size fountain drink for .69 cents, good show Speedway, I will see you shortly.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I used to "talk" to and "hang out" and "watch Netflix" with a couple Blue Jackets ice girls, hockey has Russian ties so...I can help any of you interested in the Russian bride section. Its all the same thing right???

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I'll be happy to get it for you as a graduation present, and since we gots some history together.

As soon as that's an option, I'll gift you a membership.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

I would have liked to see how long he could have gone if Tenn wouldn't have used him a sledgehammer all those years in a row.

Always feel like his time was cut short in the league as great of a career as he had.