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Comment 15 Feb 2014

At what point do recruits start to think about whether Urban might not be around for their 4-5 years?

Comment 04 Jan 2014

We have 4-5 star players and unlimited resource for salaries, why in the world would we have mediocre Coaches on the defensive side?

We can't let down he players!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Hard work and talent will not be enough for this defense to improve.  We need new D coaches.  Period.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

I don't think it will even be remotely close.

Urban's record in big / bowl games speaks for itself.

We can run on anyone - and that's one of Clemson's weaknesses.  

And this is El Guapo's real NFL tryout.

We have a QB who is looking to prove his value at the next level.  

And he lines up behind an amazing offensive line ...which has been insulted by Clemson.

This is Fickell's chance to show Urban what he can do as the de facto sole defensive coordinator.

This one is easy money.


Comment 03 Jan 2014

I live for days like today:

Alabama lost and The Big 10 is trending up in the bowls, more to come tonight

Brady's 5-year plan is entertaining. I hope he coaches them forever.

Huge game tonight.

Lattimore announces today, and then other chips will fall into place.

I'm not working!

Comment 02 Jan 2014

I mean no disrespect to Clemson and it's fans, especially because I think Dabo is a likeable guy, but it is time for us to put up style points!

We need a statement win.

In the Big 10, Clemson would be nothing more than middle-of-the-pack.

Style points ... let's get some momentum going into next year!

Comment 02 Jan 2014

If I was Urban, I would pay Ed Warriner whatever it takes to make him untouchable.  He is certainly worth more than Chad Morris at Clemson, and they locked him up for $1.3M.

He has repeatedly proven that he can develop offensive lineman, and once he starts working with the new recruits we are going to be unstoppable. 

We have the luxury at OSU of having more money than we need, so let's use our competitive advantage and pay our assistants better than anyone in the country. If they leave for head coaching jobs, good for them...but let's make sure we did everything we could to retain them. 

Retaining Warriner greatly enhances our chances to keep Braxton for another year. And Warriner's top notch Offensive line will help bring in the QB/RB recruits as well

Comment 02 Jan 2014

I think Braxton is staying.

My guess is that some fans' reaction to the end of our winning streak has made him feel unappreciated, and he is subconsciously looking for positive attention. 

After the Clemson game, Urban and Herman will sit down with him and do what they do best ... recruit him. 

Once he sees that two of the best coaches in the country want to work on HIS development every day for another year, he'll quickly come around.