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Comment 13 Feb 2012

Buckeye fans shouldn't complain about the officials especially when for every point made from the floor, the Buckeyes made 0.6 of a point at the line. The Spartans only got 0.4 of a point for each point scored from the field and much of that was from purposely given fouls at the end of the game. The Spartan put on a clinic in bumping and tapping the ball and causing the offensive player to either mishandle it or take a shot without good control of the ball. 

Comment 14 Nov 2011

How about replacing the Paterno tarnish with the name of Biggie Munn. Biggie is an alumn of Minnesota, an assistant at the hated team in AA, and the only Big Ten Coach to lead his team in their first eligible season to the Big Ten Crown and WIN the Rose Bowl.  The conference owes him for the three seasons his teams had to spend waiting without being able to go to a bowl because the conference rules insisting on only sending the champion to the Rose Bowl game; his three teams were once defeated #9 ranked; undefeated #2 (one polls #1); and undefeated national champions.  MSU's ice hockey arena is named after him (after his first and only Big Ten season at MSU he was promoted to AD).