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Comment 6 hours ago

My Uncle told me that he once told them------I've fulfilled my obligation to the military, and now they're going to fulfill their obligation to ME.  Great news!!  You EARNED the benefits----GET EM.

Comment 10 hours ago

Why can't you 'MAKE' her go see Kenny?  Grow a pair.  Why do you guys let women run your life?  You didn't marry your mother.  Wow.

Comment 11 hours ago

He'll be so damned tired, he won't be worth a shit on Friday evening.  At least he'll be able to feel the love.

Comment 23 hours ago

Most guys need to GROW A PAIR.  You get married on a frickin game day, leave for a honeymoon directly after-----and then miss the NEXT game, too?  WTF?  Who the hell lets the woman make all the damned rules , anyway?  NO weddings on Friday OR Saturday in the Fall------PERIOD.  Time to find a chick with her priorities straight, seems to me.

Comment 13 Jul 2014

We had Brian Baschnagel, Tim Fox, Pete Johnson, Doug France, Tom Skladany and Archie Griffin speak at one of my first Cub Scouts meetings, as a kid.  That was the day I became a Buckeye Fan.  What a day!!

Comment 12 Jul 2014

1)I will watch the same as I do now.  If I flip the channel to it, and I'm in the mood----I'll watch for a few minutes.  I do the same with curling, cricket, badminton,table tennis, foosball, etc.

2,3)  I will root for all teams that play for our country.  I do enjoy seeing athletes perform.  I am primarily a high school and college football fan, as well as college basketball.  All other sports, I keep my ear on, but don't live and die by them.  

Is that a good enough answer for you-----jack? 

Signed, The Rill Dill-----International Sports Blogger

Comment 11 Jul 2014

I can think of 3-4 hundred million reasons why the letter won't be a huge issue.  Letter, schmetter.