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Comment 20 hours ago

You are both talking about a few minutes of an entire game.  Pay attention to some SEC games.  The shit hits the fan for four quarters, regardless of opponent.

Comment 22 hours ago

Fred Pagac left the building a long time ago.

Comment 22 hours ago

Nothing quite cranks a crowd up, like-------





Comment 29 Sep 2014

Yes, I agree it was 'rookie' mistake.....BUT, that technique is taught at age 8 to biddy league players.  Roby was also very bad on this in his freshman year.  It has to be coached, every day.  The coverage was there.  The ballhawking, not so much.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Yes.  It is lackluster, except for OBVIOUS cheering scenarios-----3rd and long, big plays, etc.  It has ALWAYS been this way.  The same goes for basketball.  I always hear how The'Shoe is a nightmare for other teams to play in, especially at night.  I just roll my eyes.  There have been very few exceptions to this rule.  Just the way it is-----pretty lame, in general.  

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Wait a minute.  Cincinnati is UNRANKED.  How 'very good', can they really be?  The 3 plays you mentioned, were worth TWENTY ONE (18) points.  That is REAL.  Was there marked improvement in several areas-----YES.  Was this a BIG win, in a BIG game-----NO.  I'm not bashing the team, but facts can not be overlooked, either.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

I've had that same feeling in my gut for the past three seasons.  BUT, we did manage to get some 'key' stops last night.  I  see  improvement overall, but just not in all areas.  We can't take the three BIG plays off the board, as they are most definitely part of the game, but improvement is there---nonetheless.  Strap in, it may be bumpy.  I think the defensive 'style' that most of us want to see, and miss greatly, is becoming a thing of the past.  NO team has a stellar defense, any more.  I know-----that shouldn't mean that WE can't, but I can't see it in the near future.  

I HATE spread offenses.  They are nothing more than 'flag football' BS, to me.  BUT, they ARE here to stay.  For how long, who knows?  Since this is what we are going to face on a VERY regular basis, we absolutely HAVE to learn to defend it.  The 'spread' was innovative when it began.  Now, it's time to be the team that was 'innovative' in stopping it.  I hate these offenses, but that doesn't negate the fact that 95% of today's teams run it (or some hybrid of it).

Comment 27 Sep 2014

I think Evan Spencer can fill that order, if used more often.