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Comment 08 Aug 2012

Trey Lyles visited OSU unofficially just prior to his commitment to IU in Sept. 2010 (the fall of his freshman year of high school - B.J. Mullens has to be the only guy in history to keep a verbal for 4 years). So yeah, Thad will be calling. That is, if you subscribe to the theory that recruiting is innocent and pure and that no coaches had been in touch him with him already, prior to opening things up.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled football chatter.

Comment 22 Jul 2012

Looks like Chris Walker popped for Florida. Billy D just landed a stud.

Comment 18 Jul 2012

Ha, what is this - the New York subway? FWIW, there is an open seat at the bottom-right corner of the picture.

Comment 18 Jul 2012

So Buford is excited for a second chance, but has yet to get into a game in either of Minnesota's first two Summer League games. What's that about?

But maybe the bigger question from Minnesota and Charlotte's game last night is what's the deal with Byron Mullens? 33 points. Seriously.

I remember when OSU played at IU my junior year and was given a run for their money behind Matt Roth's 9 threes. I recally Mullens, the #1 recruit in the nation, sitting on the bench the entire second half while Buford shined as a freshman (turns out Mullens 0 points in 11 mins, Buford 24 - http://espn.go.com/ncb/boxscore?gameId=290310084).

Comment 01 Jul 2012

Not trying to argue, but playing devil's (too soon?) advocate/picking your brain a bit...

If Thad is "arguably the best pure recruiter out there," has your opinion changed after striking out on every major target this year and only bringing in one under the radar guy? I do think Thad should bring in a good class this coming year, but what about this year? He lost all his major recruiting battles this spring, despite having a perennial Top 10 team and good facilities. And what does "pure" recruiter mean anyway?

Again, just seeking your opinion.

Comment 26 Jun 2012


Sure Duke got bounced by Lehigh and OSU making the Final 4 (and smacking the crap out of the Dookies in November), but it’s Duke. If you don’t believe that, ask certain Buckeye football players why they chose OSU over another good program.

Also, I think the LaQuinton Ross angle is getting overplayed, just as it has been with other teammates, friends, etc. in various past recruitments. If they were that close and wanted to play together that badly, Ross would have gone to Mississippi State. If Trey Burke and Jared Sullinger were that close, Burke could have ended up at Ohio State. If Mark Titus and Greg Oden were that close, why was Titus trying to play for Harvard (kidding).

It’s what is best for Hood, which may or may not be OSU. But it’s simply hard to turn down Duke and Coach K. That being said, if Hood ends up in Columbus, he will be a factor in two years for sure.

Comment 19 Jun 2012

I agree that he'll need to become a better passer. At OSU, he was a focal point of the offense and scored a bunch, but he'll need to adjust to not being the best player on his team -- which he was at OSU and probably has been all his life. As a rookie I can see him as a top option off the bench (especially if his draft stock truly does slip), but don't see him as an exteremely dynamic player in the NBA. It will be interesting to see him develop and try to make a name for himself in "the league," like The Villain has done this year with the Sixers.