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Comment 23 Mar 2015

This one from OldGregg in the Deadspin comments had me dying:

Commentators later added that Hayes has a flashy, naturally-gifted vocabulary, in contrast to his gritty libraryrat teammates.

Comment 15 Mar 2015

Pick every team with a 1, 2, 3, or 4 seed to win at least two games and reach the Sweet 16.  If upsets happen here, they are exceedingly rare and hard to predict. Advance those 1 seeds an additional round to the Elite 8.

Pick one 12 seed to upset a 5 seed, one 11 seed to upset a 6  seed , and at least one 10 seed to upset a 7 seed. Don't pick those teams to win more than two games though. They usually get bounced out in the Sweet 16 round.

Once things get to the Elite 8 and beyond, it is perfectly acceptable to pick some upsets (3 seeds and 4 seeds can and often do upset 1 seeds or 2 seeds). Don't put anyone below a 4 seed in the Final Four (unless it's Michigan State because Izzo is a fucking wizard).

Pick Kentucky to win it all. 

Comment 13 Mar 2015


Kaylee from Firefly. Mechanic. Fixes all our vehicle needs.
Elliot from Scrubs. Doctor. Every team needs a doctor.
Thirteen from House. Doctor. Everyone who has played Oregon Trail knows you need two doctors.
Lana from Archer. Spy/Guns. Can scout out and infiltrate other groups. Recruit them or steal from them.
Molly from Fargo. Deputy Sherriff. Keeps her cool in dangerous situations.


Omar from The Wire. Guns. He robs drug dealers. Think he's scared of anything?
Boyd Crowder from Justified. Explosives. Surely will come in handy.
Philip from The Americans. Spy/Guns. Can scout out and infiltrate other groups. Recruit them or steal from them.
Robert Irvine from FoodNetwork. Chef. I'll be damned if I'm eating bad food.
Castle from Castle. Entertainment. Lots of downtime. He's a writer and a joker.

Comment 13 Feb 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Fargo last season. It is in the discussion for my favorite season of any show. If you like dark comedies, you'll love Fargo. I hope they can retain the quality as they shift gears with the subject matter and cast next season.

Justified, True Detective, The Americans, and Luther are favorites of mine as well.

The Wire, Breaking Bad, and Game of Thrones don't need to be repeated by me, but they're all fantastic.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Do people continue using that photo of Hancock because they don't like him? There have to be better photos available of the guy.  I feel like you're trying to subliminally influence the audience by using this shot where he looks like he belongs next to Palpatine.

Give the 4-team setup a shot for a few years. We just won it all.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Let me tell you. If that son of a bitch did that to me (after doing it 3 times already this season), then I hope he brought his mouth guard because we are fighting.  I don't care about ejections/suspensions. This guy deserves to get his ass beat. You don't jeopardize a person's vision without any consequences.

Comment 07 Feb 2015

2 final fours since his hiring in 2004 and that horrible loss to Florida in 2007

Two Final Fours in 10 years is remarkable for any school not named Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, or UNC.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I know recruiting is all about massaging the egos of these teenagers, but I imagine they were trying to point out that the kid was being presented with a great opportunity to attend a highly rated university that, without football, he wouldn't have the grades to being accepted in to. That's no great flaw in him. The truth is the vast majority of high school seniors don't have the grades to be accepted.

Can't believe I'm defending TSUN on this one, but the kid seems like he doesn't really do a lot of honest self-evaluation (another common trait he shares with most high school seniors).

Still funny though.