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Comment 21 Jun 2017

I honestly believe this is a good decision by both parties. Dane committed to OSU extremely young and has not experienced the recruiting process. He should look around and see what options are out there prior to making a decision of this magnitude. It always feels good to be wanted and woo'd. This will give him the opportunity to see who REALLY wants him. Likewise, Holtmann and staff probably never recruited Goodwin or spoke to him while at Butler bc Dane was firm to tOSU. Now they've been kind of forced together with no relationship having been developed to this point. Let things play out and mutually mature through a normal recruitment process and see where things fall out. I truly believe if the new staff wants Goodwin -> then he will be a Buckeye bc that's where Goodwin's heart is at and has been. 

Comment 05 Jun 2017

Announcing his retirement in 2018. This will be Matta's last season/farewell tour. 

Comment 17 May 2017

I do not want to hijack the Lyle thread about who potentially fills his spot but saw interesting development on twitter tonight w a former Ohio kid Parker Stewart. Stewart is a 6'4 SG who has apparently asked for release from his signed LOI w Ole Miss. His dad was an assistant coach at Ohio University and currentHead Coach at Middle Tenn State. If he truly gets released I have to imagine tOSU would be a possibility. Stewart played his freshman season at Pickerington Central. 

Comment 09 May 2017

The transfer to Montverde puts tOSU in the driver seat. It sounds counterintuitive since he is farther away from Cbus but just see examples of Micah Potter, CJ Jackson and Deangolo Russell. Also worth noting Montverde tried to persuade Jae'Sean Tate to Florida his senior year. Montverde and tOSU are heavily connected.

Mitchell had a disappointing season at Gahanna. Team was .500 record. Averaged probably 10ppg. I expected him to carry his squad more than he did but his upside is still tremendous. His length and talent is undeniable. Here is to hoping we land him and Francis in the 2019 class. Would be a great duo. 

Comment 08 May 2017

Agree. Good points. Also worth noting Goodwin and Jordan Mitchell run w/ All Ohio Red. Goodwin obviously already committed and I'd consider us a heavy favorite for Mitchell. It's interesting Francis decided to go away from All Ohio this season, not sure what that means for his future decision but you can't like it if your tOSU when the best pg in the state plays for neighboring Indiana squad whose state school just hired the guy a lot of folks wanted to supplant Thad. 

Comment 08 May 2017

I'd like to see Hunter go to OSU but a couple of things tell me it's going to be tougher than people might think. He seems to enjoy being the "big fish" in a small pond. He continues to play on a subpar AAU program and on the Adidas Bronze circuit, which is not the highest level of competition, even for Adidas. The best kids in Ohio typically play for All Ohio Red which tOSU has a much better relationship with - ie Marc Loving, Jae'Sean Tate, Kaleb Wesson, etc. He seems very tied to his AAU coach Andreas James who seems adamant on twitter about him going to the right fit, not the supposed biggest offer. I really see Butler, Xavier and Pitt as the sure fire favorites at this point in his recruitment but things could definitely change. Lastly, if there isn't a sign from the Athletic Department that they are either committed to Thad and current staff or are for sure moving in a new direction soon these kids are going to have a hard time committing to tOSU w uncertainty around who they will ultimately play for. Kids oftentimes commit to a staff and relationship w coaches over the school nowadays. 

Comment 08 Apr 2017

Kentucky just offered. That along w Michigan State, Nebraska, Illinois, Indiana, Butler, etc. you can officially can our chances here. Hopefully we can land the grad transfer from Pitt

Comment 08 Apr 2017

Francis showing some improved athleticism in a new video posted by 270 Hoops today of local Columbus sophomores ...


Saw reports on twitter that Butler was in to visit today and UNC is showing interests. Mom is from North Carolina. He is playing AAU for Indiana Elite instead of All Ohio this summer which I'm sure means Archie will be in on him soon. And Bob Huggins was in the gym for a playoff game at Ohio Dominican just hours after WVU's opening weekend tourney games. Things are going to get interesting. 

Hard to be mad at a local kid if he chooses to play for a team that won or at least makes the tournament instead of your local team who can't, lol. 


Comment 08 Apr 2017

Good luck to Mr. Bell. Sad to see him leave. Always seemed to give good energy and positive impact in limited minutes. That being said I don't think it makes or breaks this tOSU team going into next season. It frees up a scholarship, so let's see what the staff does with it. 

As others have stated already, I never understood why Funderburke redshirted. I was fortunate enough to see a practice this season and his talent is undeniable. Has arguably the highest ceiling than anyone on the team. 6'10 w seemingly guard like skills and post moves. His talent would have definitely bolstered the bench. Unlike Andre Wesson, Funderburke actually showed the ability to make individual plays; whereas Wesson is strictly a limited role player. Not that role players aren't needed it's just I saw a sizable talent gap between the two and I think it's unlikely you keep Funderburke on campus for 5 years. 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Wesson is definitely the more polished post player at the moment but Manley's upside is through the roof. The dunk Manley finished over the Westerville South defender to seal the game is why he will excel as an ACC post. Give him 3 years to develop and add the right body mass to his long frame and he has NBA potential. Appeared to have 3 inches over Wesson. It was two really contrasting styles and Kaleb showed why, in my opinion, he will be just fine in the BigTen. Big body banger who seals well around the paint but plays below the rim. It's too bad tOSU didn't take both. 

Comment 20 Oct 2016

As a fan of high school sports in Ohio I am not a fan of pushing commitments towards prep. It could damage relationships w high school coaches when you push their best player to prep school. Let kids be kids and play for their local teams w friends and fans that love and support them. It's bad enough high school coaches have to fight w AAU but now have to fight w prep schools. If this trend continues we can do away w high school sports as we know it. 

Comment 12 Oct 2016

"Come. On. Man."

Calm down, take a drink of water, re-read your profanity laced posts and then take your meds before hitting submit next time ...

Since you mentioned UNC, I will just mention that they came in our backyard and offered a 6'11 kid our staff hadn't even bothered to keep tabs on until it was too effin late ... it's the same story over and over and it's getting old

Comment 11 Oct 2016

Can't say I'm sold based off the offer list, not saying that's all we should go off of but it's a copy cat League and none of the other big boys were in on him. Stealing recruits away from Miami of Ohio doesn't sound like a recipe for competing w Mich State or contending for BigTen titles. The Craft comparisons are automatic - both undersized white boys, lol. Here's to hoping he is half as good as Craft was for us. These past few recruiting cycles just suck.  Can't belie we didn't land a Markell Johnson or Dwayne Cohill and haven't offered a legacy kid like Jeremiah Francis yet. I'm afraid PG play is going to be this years team Achilles heel bc still not sold Lyle is a PG. He likes to create for himself and score first. He is more of a 2.

Oh well ... in Thad we trust ... I think