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Comment 29 Jan 2014

Hey staph! ha, well I actually live in Mexico and I can see that many of you don't have an idea of how it's down here, I've been many times in Mexico city (most recently to a Foo Fighters concert in december) and it's an amazing city, there is a Football fan base in this country, I'd say the 2nd largest in the world, I know Canada has many fans, i'm talking about the sheer size of the country, Canada has 20 millions habitants, Mexico City itself has as many, they broadcast NFL and NCAA games here through Fox Sports, 1,2 and 3 and ESPN 1, 2 and 3 too, heck you can even watch the Woman Football League... The Estadio Azteca was packed for a so so game between SF and Arizona, in 2005 neither team was particularly good. They haven't returned because of economics, not lack of fans, to sell 100k 60 buck tickets to an average mexican is kinda expensive.

There is violence, but must of it takes place in the northern cities near the border, Mexico city too me seems as safe as any city in the world, it also has the most parks and museums in the world. 

Having said that I agree that there isn't much logic in bringing a game here, but mark my words, if it happens the stadium will be packed, perhaps not if they do it all the time, but for a single game I have no doubt. There are a couple of national college leagues throughout the country and many, many amateur leagues too Mexico city itself has no less than 15 football leagues. 

Comment 26 Oct 2013

Well I used to play soccer in an indoor league or 7vs7 and I hated it when the referee was a woman, she did her job ok, just as any dude, but when you're playing things can get hot and we used to be very vocal about some calls and it just wasn't the same, you have to restrain yourself and try not to yell or be very offensive when arguing a call, with a male referee there was not such problem, you just speak your mind out and you get a yellow card whatever, it wasn't about the bookings, it was about, "how am I supposed to argue with her for being so blind?".

A teammate once couldn't hold it and argued intensely, she felt attacked and kicked him off the game... I just think you can't always be a gentleman while playing and having a woman there would make it awkward, Imagine Brian Kelly barking at one of them...