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Comment 27 Aug 2013

Beth Mowans is awful! 



mute and radio it is...

Comment 03 May 2013

I'm going to go ahead and assume "Xenia" was an "I can't find crap else that starts with an X, so I'll mention this crap hole of a town most people try and pass through at warp speed and try to sugar-coat it" type thing.

Comment 22 Mar 2013

Have you earned your buckeye today?

Audra has!   

This is awesome!

Comment 25 Feb 2013

Sorry.  Late to the AC accolade party.  

Comment 25 Feb 2013

Or because His turnover per possession ratio is ridiculous.  

Or his lateral quickness is absurd.

Or he ALREADY owns the OSU steals record.

Or he can solve a rubix cube in less than a minute.

Or his GPA is >3.8 in pre-med

Or he's arguably the best on-ball defender we've ever seen in the NCAA at his position.

Or all of the above...and more.


or he's white.  Smh.


Comment 19 Nov 2012

I'd bet the house that these helmets have at leasta few buckeye leaves on them similar to the way Oregons chrome helmets have wings in them.  Just a hunch. If so, it will be one badass hunch!