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Comment 10 Apr 2016

As an Indians fan, I'm just jealous Reds fans have been able to see 6 whole games already! 

Comment 22 Mar 2016

My initial thought was boredom. Then I thought, "this is Lebron freaking James, he's not allowed to get bored!" Then I thought, "This is Lebron freaking James, as much as I love his game and what he's done for the Cavs, he is a bit of an attention whore!"

Comment 22 Mar 2016

I wonder if it's a method of motivation directed at his teammates due to the obvious lack of chemistry for this Cavs squad. Either way, I think his ominous social media game is fairly annoying. He gets annoyed with the interrogation from reporters, but he knows exactly how things are nowadays. For him to intentionally go unfollow the Cavs makes zero sense and is obviously going to cause some "controversy", warranted or not. I'm over it all tbh. I love the Cavs, but if he leaves, so be it. The Lebron years in Cleveland gave this team relevance and tons of winning for many years. If they never win a title...well, welcome to Cleveland sports, let's not act surprised. 

Comment 20 Mar 2016

Need a leader...something/someone to invoke energy and relentless effort. Watching these lower seeded tourney teams, I'd take their lower talent and higher energy/effort over this seasons Buckeye team any day of the week. I've never watched a team just waltz through the motions as often as we saw this team do this year. 

Comment 18 Mar 2016

I think the Dolphins will give him a serious look at #13. Their secondary was historically terrible last season and they cut Brent Grimes. Also, I think the Fins will give Zeke serious consideration at #13 if he is still there since they cut Miller and missed out on CJ Anderson. I'm liking my chances to land a stud Buckeye in the draft!  

Comment 17 Mar 2016

No doubt. There is literally no other creature/object in existence that has no judgements or grudges. They simply WANT to be your best friend and love on you as long as they're alive. They're truly incredible beings. 

Comment 16 Mar 2016

Not too bad of a lineup. Still think I'll head to the Nelsonville Music Festival instead: Gary Clark Jr., Son Little, All Them Witches, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, Charles Bradley, etc. That (to me at least) is the best music fest in Ohio this year. Although I am excited to see how Promwest Fest does this year, hopefully it's a success and becomes another annual fest for music lovers in Ohio to attend. 

Comment 10 Mar 2016

Good god...7 3-pointers already for PSU. Every single team this year shoots lights out beyond the arc against the Bucks. It's infuriating. 

Comment 19 Feb 2016

Whooooooooo!!! The Tribe's FO knows how to get the fans excited. We go into the offseason with one of the best rotations in baseball (championship worthy), along with a solid, young core, and lacking solid power in the they do what the Tribe FO always does and signs out of prime veterans to one year deals...solid

Comment 16 Feb 2016

Man, I'm with you. I turned it off. I'm following online. That angle causes so much of the game to be missed. Absolutely mind-blowing someone that gets paid made a decision to show a game like this