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Comment 16 minutes ago

A right-handed bat, a low level pitching prospect, a 3B or 1B prospect, an out fielding prospect, literally anything BUT a SS prospect that can't hit. This is literally the only thing we didn't need. I just don't get the thought behind this. 

Comment 19 minutes ago

Awful, awful trade. We get a shortstop that has a below average bat? We have Lindor AND Ramirez. Basically took a guy that will never see the field for the tribe. I'm starting to give up on the front office. 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

No doubt about that. I think he deserves to be mentioned with the all-time greats. His voice, phrasing, and riffs are unlike any other. 

Comment 26 Jul 2015

This is Newsted jamming with one of my favorite bands and guitarists/vocalists, Warren Haynes. This live album/concert was recorded as a completion of The Deep End project put together after the tragic death of Allen Woody, the bassist of Gov't Mule. This Gov't Mule record is by far my favorite, special guest after special guest filling in the bass slot (Victor Wooten, Jason Newsted, Roger Glover, Rob Wasserman, Les Claypool, to name a few) along with several other special guests. Not necessarily metal, but overall an excellent soulful rock/blues album with phenomenal musicians. 

Comment 11 Jul 2015

Graham crackers covered in peanut butter and a tall, cold glass of Welch's grape juice. 

Comment 30 Jun 2015
But in all seriousness, congrats to your grandpa for a wonderful career and now having the opportunity to continue to do what he loves. My grandpa was the best man I've ever known. Grandparents are the coolest. 
Comment 27 Jun 2015

If you can, watch that documentary. It's really good stuff. Especially for passionate music/metal fans. 

Comment 27 Jun 2015

Since we're in the East for this edition, I'd like to throw in this band - Accrassicauda. 'Heavy Metal in Baghdad' was the name of the documentary following these guys and their story. This documentary was pretty fantastic, and shed a lot of light on the unfortunate toll war has on the innocent youth. And not to mention, these guys are actually pretty good. Here is a link to one of their songs. They are definitely rooted in the classic metal era, but the unique hints of eastern music give it a pretty cool blend. Acrassicauda - Garden of Stones

Comment 21 Jun 2015

If we let JR, Miller, Haywood, Perkins, and Marion (already retired) go, and get much younger on the bench, I'm all about it. DWade will be very serviceable in the playoffs. 

Comment 16 Jun 2015

Enjoy your time, UT! You're a young dude and have soooo many awesome things to experience in your life that will broaden your horizons.  Live in the moment, enjoy each moment, and enjoy the fruitfulness of the future. I know too many people that can't let go of the past and it clouds their future.