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Comment 03 Mar 2015

I'll be at several this year, just not this one. Should be a good year for the Tribe. Core players hitting their stride together, solid rotation, solid 'pen, added a big bat in Moss. They might take the division.

S'go Tribe!!

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Good for you, man. Got to see them in Reno, NV a couple years back. Warren Haynes is my favorite vocalist, the band is so damn good. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Man, the damned wallet pick snatcher gets me every couple of weeks. Little bastard strikes when I least expect it. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Finding a guitar pick in your pocket when you thought you lost the last one, the smell of spring rain, waking up to pee in the middle of the night and realizing you have 4 more hours of sleep, a smoothly writing pen or pencil...simple things, man, simple things. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

No lie, this pic made me choke on my Powerade. I never once thought she was pretty on The Walking Dead, but sheesh, she is gorgeous (at least in this picture)...and doesn't look too overly "made-up".

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Doood, fantastic list! There is something so special about the smack of a baseball glove catching a well thrown ball, the smack of a wooden bat hitting a ball on the sweet spot, coal oven pizza (although a wood fire baked pizza is my fav). 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I actually read if they can't trade Wallace, they might release him. Jarvis Landry had a really good year last year, but other than him they don't really have anything. They're not that far off from being a pretty decent team. It's kind of odd. 

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Stephen Ross (owner) is paying for it. I think he is getting some sort of property tax break in return? I can't fully remember, but I know he was going to put in a ton of money from his own pocket to pay for a new stadium, but it just didn't work out. 

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I really regret never being able to see Dime play live. Dude was the reason I started playing guitar 12+ years ago. I've known several people that have met him, he just sounded like an incredible guy that genuinely loved life. 

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Baylor for sure. After this season, I can't stand Briles. And probably Arkansas (not that there is even a remote chance they'll be there). It would be fantastic to smack Bert in one of his chins after he bolted to the almighty SEC. 

Comment 24 Feb 2015

Arrested Develooment is great. Workaholics is probably my favorite current comedy show on TV right now. Tom Segura's stand ups are absolutely hilarious (especially Completely Normal) IMO. If you've never heard him, definitely give it a listen. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Doc, that was one of my fondest Tribe memories. I was watching it in the basement with my best buddy and his brother (die hard Tribe fans). I don't think we slept that night. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

DB, I feel you. I keep reading it as he has nothing. And his game is offensive to others. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

Indians had one of the best trades of the last decade when they traded Bartolo Colon for Brandon Phillips (although it didn't work out in Cleveland), Grady Sizemore, and Cliff Lee. 

Comment 21 Feb 2015

I feel your pain ASUOSU, I posted on here a few weeks ago about that exact Perkins/Mosgov exchange. I loved how Mosgov didn't back down from his bullshit. I hate how Perkins is always mean muggin, but is usually not intimidating anybody. I love the Cavs, but damn I can't root for this guy. That being said, good depth move. Griffin has made some really nice moves this year. Glad they kept him around. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

You sure your friends play guitar? I get not enjoying Creed or Alter Bridge, or even Tremonti's style, but he is an excellent guitarist, there is no denying that regardless of your musical taste. 

Comment 09 Feb 2015

I clicked on this forum to say jalapeño and pineapple is where it's at. I get flack everytime I request it when we're ordering pizza, yet everytime someone actually tries it, they're very pleasantly surprised. 

Comment 02 Feb 2015

Loctite commercial was my favorite for sure.