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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching Ken Dorsey get flung down as the football fell to the ground.

  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Current Buckeyes: Carlos Hyde, Braxton Miller, Ryan Shazier.
  • NFL TEAM: Seattle Seahawks
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Comment 12 Sep 2014

Thanks Horvath22 and Turd_Bucket. The Rundown will be posted Tuesday night or Wednesday night each week. After the blog version disappears to "blog heaven" I will write a forum edition.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

This is one of my favorites because of the imagery. I also like the spelling and grammar errors.


I wish my eyes could errase what my eyes have seen"! Felt like I got kicked in the nuts with a fuzzy slipper.....still hurts no matter what your wearing.

Pink fuzzy slippers to the nuts.
Comment 07 Sep 2014

Congrats to Virginia Tech on the victory. Ohio State had many chances last night, but could not make the plays that were needed. Missed field goals, dropped passes and not scoring touchdowns inside the red zone.

This game slipped through the Buckeyes' hands:

What could have been.
Comment 06 Sep 2014

I've been a Seattle fan since I was five (1981). Steve Largent, Curt Warner, Dave Craig and Easley were my favorite players as a kid. I flew to Seattle in 1988 and watched Seattle play the Bills in the Kingdome for a pre-season game.

The woman who took me to the game used to date Dave Craig (yes, she was very attractive). I was able to meet most of the players and Coach Knox after the game. I met Jim Kelly that night as well. I will never forget that experience.

A couple weeks after the game I received a 1988 Seattle Seahawks team ball signed by every player and Coach Knox. Brian Bosworth* was the only player not to sign the ball. Largent's signature is in the just below the Seahawks logo and just above "1988 Seattle Seahawks". He couldn't have signed the ball in a better place. I still have the ball today and have it on display.

*Bosworth came out with bandages on his hands so he wouldn't have to sign autographs after the game. I saw him ride by in his limo drinking a Sprite and smiling with his "injured" hands. Douche. 

Comment 06 Sep 2014


BuckeyeTrappedInSouth, thanks for asking this question. Cut blocks are called differently at every level. Below is a good explanation of legal and illegal cut blocks at the college level:


There are several different ways that offensive football players may attempt to put a block on a defensive guy. 
One of the less famous ways for the defense to be blocked is with a technique called the cut or chop block.

The cut block is when an offensive football player attempts to get a defensive player to the ground by diving at his feet and ankles rather than his upper body. This technique, however, borders the thin line between making a good block and maybe injuring someone. 

Lehigh University offensive lineman coach John Powers has had several years of first hand experience with the cut block. 

"A cut block is an illegal block that is used to hurt players," he said. "And the cut block has become less and less popular because in some instances you can get a penalty called. So, we use it sparingly when we try to get our head across the inside of the defense attacker's body in order to get him down on the ground."

Cut blocks are legal mainly in the open field. This allows the defensive player an opportunity to avoid or hurdle the block. The main area in which a cut block is not legal is in the trenches. The trenches are considered the area where offensive and defensive linemen square off against one another at the line of scrimmage. 

Now, it's obviously very easy for an offensive lineman to make a block on a defensive lineman by chopping him at the line of scrimmage. But with the amount of injuries that have occurred over the years from cut blocks, rules have changed making the cut block at the line of scrimmage illegal and will result in a penalty. 

Cut blocks are also illegal to perform against a player that is already engaged in a block with another player. Meaning, if I'm a wide receiver or offensive lineman or running back and I'm looking to make a block for someone on my team, I can not intentionally go at the feet of a defender who is already being blocked. 

A former offensive lineman at Columbia University, Powers said that he understands why rules for cut blocks have been altered over the last few years. 

"If you're cutting the guy who is engaged with another defender that's illegal," he said. "If you come from the outside and cut the outside leg of the guy that's illegal as well and I've seen kids get hurt that way."

The cut block penalty has also been revamped to protect the offensive team as well. Let's say a player is running down the football field with a blocker in front of him. 
Also, let's say the only thing standing between the ball carrier and the end zone are two defenders. In times past, the first defender would cut block the first blocker as to clear the way for the second defender to make the tackle. 
Now, again with the concern solely on injuries, the first defender must engage the blocker above the waist.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

“Once the ball leaves the tackle box, that 6 [yards] by 10 area that’s defined, then the defense can’t cut block. So, it’s a huge learning curve for the coaches to teach the players and equally a huge learning curve for the officials.”


Comment 06 Sep 2014

Seattle Linga, 
Took the kids there in July after visiting the zoo. We lucked out that there was a lacrosse camp in the stadium. 

As you can see from the second picture the South Stands addition was still under construction.

I'm expecting the fans in Ohio Stadium to make an impact against a young Virginia Tech team. Hopefully Ohio State will get the victory like our Seahawks did Thursday night.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Since it is on ESPN during primetime my guess is Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge and Holly Rowe.

If it is deemed the ABC game of the week because of the NASCAR bump the announcing team would be Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Heather Cox.

Either way it should be a decent call.