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Comment 2 hours ago

TraSmith4, Thanks for sharing this great video.

From Lou Holtz's speech:

Ohio and (That State) are the only two states to actually go to war. They come out with munitions and blood was shed and it occurred in the year 1869, and it had to do with a boundary dispute over Toledo. Now history hasn't recorded who won that war, but I have to assume that we lost it because I can't assume the winner wanted Toledo.

Comment 3 hours ago

Rocket Man,
Congratulations kind sir! You now qualify with the double.  You have an outstanding UV percentage and UV to HS ratio. Your qualifying stats: .997 (1,867 UV to 6 DV) and 1 UV to every 1.78 HS (1,867 UV to 3,329 HS).

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Comment 7 hours ago

About a month ago. Nobody knew because the MOD badge had been disabled. It was nice being undercover while it lasted.

Thank you for the kind words. It is very humbling that you take the time to compliment these articles. Comments like yours (and others) are the reason why I continue writing these.

Comment 8 hours ago

Today's article is brought to you by pine trees and my old man:

Pine Trees
I had to recruit old man Remy to help me drop two pine trees at my house. The trees weren't as big as the one pictured, but it sure as hell felt like they were. A great feeling to get them down, cut and burned today. Thanks for the help dad.
Comment 15 hours ago
Lou Holtz and Urban Meyer

The night Lou Holtz spoke to us he was wearing a light blue sweater. Urban Meyer was fine with it. 

When I find my notes on his stories I will post them. It might be a week or two before I find them, but it will be worth the wait.

Comment 28 Mar 2015


Magic Conch Shell, Congratulations on your acceptance to Louisville. Wishing you the best during the greatest 4-6 years of your life.
Comment 28 Mar 2015

Buckeye Jack,
It is interesting how the 1974 and 2014 rushing stats are similar to each other.

Elliott is close, but his 6.9 yards per carry in 2014 is not an Ohio State single season record.

Single Season Yards Per Carry Leaders
Rank Year Player Yards YPC
1 1950 WALT KLEVAY 520 7.9
2 2013 CARLOS HYDE 1,521 7.3
3 2014 EZEKIEL ELLIOTT 1,878 6.9
4 1974 ARCHIE GRIFFIN 1,695 6.6
5 1980 CALVIN MURRAY 1,267 6.5

From the Ohio State 2014 Team Guide

Comment 27 Mar 2015

Oyster, Now I know I've made it. I'm humbled. Thank you for putting me in such great company. 

I think I found OSU Alum in his bathroom. I believe he is a toilet terrorist.

Toilet Terrorist