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Comment 02 Oct 2014

Why is it when I read the part of Wunderboy I thought about making it in to a DirecTV commercial...

When there is nothing on TV, you drink with Buddies.

Then you and your buddies decide to go to the OSU Game.

Before the game you and your buddies make a bet for you to run on the field during the game.

When you run onto the field you get slammed by an OSU linebacker alum, aka Strength Staff, you get embarrassed and loose your scholarship

Don't run on the field and get slammed by an EX OSU Linebacker on national television and loose your Scholarship, order DirectTV.

Comment 04 Sep 2014

Hopefully he does not need to pass a drug test prior to employment...  I can see the Advert now...

In the weeds on your current car?  We can help, we can get you out of the old car and into a new with our special dealer financing.  Our sales are at an all time high.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

Glad our D-line got out of there with no injuries, or any that I have heard of.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I am now on board with the gray area on the depth chart after reading this.  Young players on the big stage for the first time you never know how they are going to do.  If they have someone that is even with them for playing time for 1 spot, there is a higher probability for complete focus, intensity but also pressure.  Nothing like putting the youngins in the pressure cooker early to get them ready for some Nat'l Championship runs.

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I think I read this about 3x and laughed every time.  DJ I do not think you get enough credit for your self deprecating rants...

"On Sunday, as I'm sitting shirtless (and soulless) in my kitchen eating peppered scrambled eggs off a napkin, I'm cancelling CBS Sports. It won't take a long time either because I don't take guff on the phone, especially from the payroll of Lucifer."


Anyone else getting a Belichick feel out of Meyer?  The depth chart, injuries and throwing out things he is going to use or they have been working on (Diamond formation) and then we never see it, just to get the other coaches to try to think of something other than their own game plan.  I like the mental warfare but as a fan I feel torn in a million different directions...

Queue Will Ferrell glass box of emotion .gif...

Comment 30 Jul 2014

Was it hand A or B that had it, just trying to figure out which hand would be considered his 2nd...

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I vote Keep Wiggins.

Love will be expensive and strap us cap wise for the next 3-4 years where Wiggins is CHEAP.  Love also has missed 20+ games 3 of his years in the league and only played 18 games one year.  He is a defensive liability, him and Kyrie on the court will drive James nuts trying to defend...

While Wiggins is young, he has an NBA pedigree and his dad taught him DEFENSE first.  With Lebron and Kyrie there is no need for him to be an offensive phenom.  He plays good defense, has sick athletic ability, can get to the rim and the line, as proof from last nights game. 

Love is a proven top 10 player, but there are also negatives he has proved, like his ability to play defense and his contract price.  If they do trade Wiggins for Love, this has GM Lebron all over it IMO.

Comment 02 Jul 2014

That is what I thought as well, they REALLY like his physical and aggressive play at safety.  Big hitter for his size.

Comment 18 Jun 2014

Like finding a mini hidden 11w article in the comments...  Thanks for posting!!!



Comment 13 Jun 2014

The first thing that struck me on this was on 3rd down Hauerman missed his block...  Then you go back to him with his block being the key to spring Brax to the edge?  I understand Hauerman is really good and I enjoy watching him play but I would be wary of going back to the guy the very next play being a huge cog for us to get the yardage needed.  Hauerman is a great TE but sometimes these kids can be tired, or maybe the pressure was getting to him a little, why not take some of it off and not run behind him the next play.

Comment 22 May 2014

Not sure if this has been said but I think by the 4th quarter he is running on fumes and sometimes banged up.  He takes allot of hits and he runs allot, more than he needed to last year with our line and RBs.

Comment 21 May 2014

I normally feel there are better games on other than whats on the Big Ten Network a majority of the time.  Outside of an OSU game I will venture to other networks to find a better game unless it happens to be on BTN which in my experience it is not very often.

Comment 02 May 2014

I think it was more of a tool to keep him involved and focused at what the offense was doing.  If there is a chance the coaches do look at it I doubt he wants to be seen messing around with fellow players on the sideline when he could be involved. 

Comment 01 May 2014

It is hard to explain because even though someone may try you will not understand until you see it...  My advice, just show up head for the noise of music playing and you will soon find out what I mean when you see which appears to be a never ending sea of scarlet and gray getting tipsy...  Little help with area, Varsity Club...  That should be your starting point, which could also be your ending point.

I would suggest grabbing some Hound Dogs pizza and ordering a Smoking Joe Spicy...  The sauce has an amazing spice to it, or you can get the Three degree sauce which is even hotter.