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Comment 18 Sep 2011
Not even a question or option in my mind. The common "sky is falling" mentality is a little over the top. I'm just as disgusted but Braxton is the future and has the most promise - he'll learn. And he'll be probably be great. He just needs time to do so just like the rest of the young team has to grow into their roles.
Comment 17 Sep 2011
23-17 Buckeyes. I'm banking on Hall being the X factor since he's versatile.
Comment 31 Aug 2011
Not you - he was referring to some of the others comments (I'm assuming) that were of creeper nature. Bring a lady in and all hell breaks loose...
Comment 31 Aug 2011
That's a great article and I think this will be very cool going forward. I don't love to hear such deflated answers but it is reality. I just can't wait to hear some of the rivals give me even more ammunition to get fired up...if thats possible. Plus, I like knowing more about our opponents so this is going to be really cool. And thanks again, Elika for the heads up at D&B's...I was getting nervous I wouldn't find a place and that BTN2GO isn't out yet. Not to mention that you saved me from pestering a lot of people who couldn't care less...
Comment 19 Aug 2011
Ha, well I appreciate the input and do agree. You claim the pedestal you're on, you deal with what follows. I'm not trashing SportsbyBrooks even though I view him the same in terms of content because he's not at that level. And I hope he never is. I really didn't spend more than 15 minutes on this. Just pent up frustration that flew off my fingertips...right or wrong. Call it venting.
Comment 19 Aug 2011
I don't watch espn outside of games either but there's no way you can deny how their reports bleed into everything about sports. You don't have to agree with the rant but there's no way you can dispute that fact. Look at draft picks. They rise and fall based on nothing but pure speculation when games haven't been played for months. Literally. Bottom line is they have a huge influence in sports and hate our teams (Cleveland included).
Comment 11 Jul 2011

I'm kinda mixed on this. I obviously despise ESPN, but I think that being so petty with something like this would like actually turn people who love them, against them. Maybe LRMR is representing ESPN now too. This isn't just a "homer" thing now. And it really hasn't been. But the more that they try to create stories and dig for stuff that isnt' there, the more childish they'll look. 

At least I hope so. 

Comment 25 Jun 2011

When you sport grammar of a 6th grader, your whole opinion is thrown out the window. You might as well have sat on your keyboard and clicked "save".

Comment 31 May 2011

I O!

What a great f*cking column. I honestly can't remember the last time I read something so perfectly put. I'm almost speechless, so that's an even bigger kudos.

Thanks for sharing what so many felt but didn't have the words or story.

Comment 13 May 2011

Thanks. No, it won't happen. I see it the opposite way though - I'm Sicilian/Itallian and get called a greasy wop/dago and laugh with whomever said it. I don't believe it's just the word, it's the intent within which it was said. It is what it is. Our viewpoints are different and both could be right.

Comment 13 May 2011

Actually, conversations like these are the problem. It was a harmless quote from an incredibly popular movie and having to tip-toe around a quality joke with no malicious intent is a bit ridiculous.

Comment 07 May 2011

First off, our fan base isn't exactly "screaming" over this either. There are 23 comments. I think we're all reacting very much like we did over the list you have above, plus some more for obvious reasons. But if you think that there is nothing to this article and there's no smoke or fire, I'm speechless. If this information came out when 8 months ago when things looked to be clear, I'd agree with you. But we're in the heart of the the biggest scandal in tOSU's history, so we're no longer granted the innocent until proven guilty or the "smoke" that some schools might.

There's a big difference between a dealership allowing a customer to drive something home for the weekend and marking it "$0" as a purchase price.

Comment 07 May 2011

"Nothing is f*cked here, Dude. Nothing is f*cked. They're a bunch of f*cking amateurs!"

Comment 07 May 2011

Unfortunately, I don't see this as nitpicking when a school is in the midst of sanctions like these. Once the first pieces were revealed, you had to know that more was coming. If it wasn't done by OSU, it was going to be done by the NCAA.

Yes, it happens everywhere. But until the NCAA finds their reasons to investigate others further, it will go as just "assumed" like it has in the past. If there is any silver lining to this, it's that OSU is the first to take a fall like this. I have ZERO facts to support this, but I feel that the NCAA will be going after schools much, much harder and others will experience the same. They might try to button things up now, but the NCAA does more digging than archaeologists and will get what they want.

Again, I have nothing to support this whatsoever - it's half speculation and half hope.

Comment 09 Apr 2011

I see it differently - yes being too cautious with a variety of things can be enraging at times, but saying it's been holding back Ohio State isn't fair or accurate with 7 B1G championships and 5-3 in BCS games.

And we've seen a ton of big named recruits not pan out, and vice versa. Truth is, neither of us have an idea if he's good but I think this is the time to give him a shot and at least see.

Comment 09 Apr 2011

Completely agree with you. Personally, I'd like to see what Guiton has. No sense in having Braxton learn the hard way considering the position this team is in all around.

Comment 02 Apr 2011

Echoing RBUCK, he couldn't wait til anyone was near the rim. There were 3 seconds left, he had a good look and if he missed (we know he did) it would still give some chance for a quick put-back. It is easy to look at this in a freeze frame but he sprinted down the court to get that look. Could he have passed? Probably, but what he has there is a clean look.

Comment 02 Apr 2011

He's taking too much heat for this. I agree that off nights happen, but sometimes players have to shoot through them. Let's not forget that behind Sully's high percentage buckets, WB was had the highest shooting percentage on the team and helped get this team to where it was.

Taking the last shot wasn't a great idea. But let's keep it in context. Had he made that shot, all is obviously forgotten and Buckeye Nation is begging him to stay one more year. And rightfully so since he had the second most points on the team behind Sully. Fact is, he didn't make that shot and everyone needs a person to point to. There's no denying that he had an atrocious game, but let's not act like he's not an important piece to this puzzle and an even bigger piece to Sully developing into what he needs to be.

Comment 26 Mar 2011

Soon enough, I'm sure. If he doesn't bleed scarlet and gray on TV, he must be a fake Buckeye. It can't possibly be that he's just doing his job as an analyst...

Comment 26 Mar 2011

It sounds like Buford and Sully are serious, but I've fallen for that before. You're spot on though - if they do come back, this is going to be awesome.

I'm surprised DT even had announce it. He has a huge upside but clearly needs more time here. Along with learning how to pass. I think he averages -2.5 assists per game.