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Comment 12 hours ago

For the 17th time, those numbers will be what you get anywhere south of the border after a decade of ineptitude.  It's really not that hard to comprehend.

Comment 13 hours ago

Again, I have stated many reasons why you can't pick out just ONE season to frame your argument.  Attendance lags behind (it's just now catching on with folks weren't "hardcore" previously).  If next year it's at 80%, then yes I would say there's a problem.

There also have been very few teams to go 14 years with no postseason victories and NOT see a significant decline in attendance.  Maybe Toronto but that's about it.

Pointing to 81% as your "proof" about Cbus and hockey is why I called your post ignorant - it ignores the 14 years prior.  Building a consistent fanbase doesn't happen with a flick of a switch.  It's even harder when previous management derailed the franchise for many many years.

Comment 13 hours ago

Well if you're saying every city not named Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, or Winnipeg (sorry Ottawa and Edmonton) are "fair weather," what's the point in specifically calling out Columbus?  That's just dumb.  I guess 15 of the 16 cities hosting first round playoff games are #FAIRWEATHER.  Let's not only point out Cbus.

It's a common fact that fan attendance lags behind the on ice product unless you draft a superstar or something to that effect.

Guess we have no problem calling out the fair weather fans in Pittsburgh then?

Comment 14 hours ago

St. Louis let Chicago fans take over their the playoffs.  #notahockeytown?

Comment 14 hours ago



Columbus was not a traditional "hockey market" when the Blue Jackets were awarded to the city.  This wasn't Minnesota, a hockey-crazy state, getting a team back.  Sure, Cleveland had a team for two years, but it's more of just a great sports city than anything.

The trouble for the CBJ is that they are competing with OSU Football (more history, larger fanbase w/alumni, consistently elite almost every year, etc.) a bit in the fall and to some extent, OSU basketball (more history, better on court/ice results, cheaper ticket).  They have a fairly inexpensive ticket price compared to the rest of the NHL, but just a few miles up the road you can catch a high-level basketball game for 1/4 of the cost.

The biggest hindrance to building a fanbase (and SUSTAINING it) is the on-ice product.  Doug Maclean drove this franchise into the ground with his GM incompetence and horrendous drafting (seriously...look at 2003).  From inception to the first lockout, the team was averaging near sellouts or at least 90% capacity.  This is, mind you, with an absolute laughing stock of a team.  It was cool for awhile, but people don't want to shell $$$$ to watch a team flounder around 28th-30th place in the league every year.

It could be argued, that after the '11-'12 season, a dozen years of incompetence from mgmt, NO playoff wins, a lockout, etc. that the franchise should have driven MORE fans away.  An incredibly loyal core stayed with the team, though that core could not fill all 18,200 seats alone.  But this city loves to support a hard-working group.  It helps that they are FINALLY, FINALLY winning.  The best record in franchise history, first playoff win.

Tell me another market that could sustain FOURTEEN YEARS of horrible on-ice play, and no postseason wins.  Look at your own damn city and the Pens attendance in 2003 and 2004.  Heck, Chicago was awful getting people to the UC before drafting Toews, Kane, et al.  I love the "Columbus isn't a hockey market" argument from those two fan bases because they abandoned their own teams in droves just a decade or so ago.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

Um, he writes on Grantland about ALL of CBB.

I'm pretty sure everyone knew the stories in his book stretched "the truth."  I mean, if you couldn't tell that from his sarcastic style then I would question your reading ability.  It was all in good fun.  He was a walk-on, previously an AAU teammate of Conley, Oden, Josh McDaniels, etc.  Instead of letting his athletic abilities make his name (because at that point, his abilities couldn't do that for him anymore), he chose to go into blogging/writing about his experiences on the team and college basketball at large.  No need to hate on that.  Would you call all the former players-turned-commentators attention whores?  Not a whole lot different.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

Don't think all of the people shelling out $150+ (and surely $300-$400 if not more for the UM game) will create the "inferno" Urbz is looking for.  He can keep clamoring for a more hostile crowd, but all he has to do is look at the "average" fans who are getting priced out.  And sorry, if you're making $50K, you're probably not incorporating or itemizing enough deductions to warrant the use of Schedule A for your 1040 (unless perhaps you're single, with low health care costs, and almost no debt....then maybe, maybe).

Comment 17 Apr 2014

Thing is Pittsburgh didn't play great.  So while you can point to positives, you can also say that the Pens have a higher ceiling that they haven't reached yet.

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Comment 17 Apr 2014

They would have drawn them in the old format...

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Comment 15 Apr 2014

Too hot to hoot.


Never odd or even.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Vokoun is back up after a rehab stint - supposedly as a 3rd goalie, but do you think just having him there puts some undue pressure on MAF?  The guy who replaced him last year is now sitting in the wings should he collapse again, haha wouldn't that be hilarious.

Unfortunately, the forwards are just a mishmash right now for the Jackets with 3 of their top 5 (or 6?) forwards out.  Foligno should be back for game 2, no word on Umberger.  And with Horton done, that's a lot of playoff experience not playing.  This is the first playoff experience for Joey, Boone, Cam, Calvert, etc.  The only thing you can say is maybe they don't know any better?  But I doubt it.

They just have to piece together what the Flyers and Isles (last year) did, don't back down and get physical, and then try to rattle Flower.

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