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Comment 17 Apr 2014

Thing is Pittsburgh didn't play great.  So while you can point to positives, you can also say that the Pens have a higher ceiling that they haven't reached yet.

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Comment 17 Apr 2014

They would have drawn them in the old format...

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Comment 15 Apr 2014

Too hot to hoot.


Never odd or even.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

Vokoun is back up after a rehab stint - supposedly as a 3rd goalie, but do you think just having him there puts some undue pressure on MAF?  The guy who replaced him last year is now sitting in the wings should he collapse again, haha wouldn't that be hilarious.

Unfortunately, the forwards are just a mishmash right now for the Jackets with 3 of their top 5 (or 6?) forwards out.  Foligno should be back for game 2, no word on Umberger.  And with Horton done, that's a lot of playoff experience not playing.  This is the first playoff experience for Joey, Boone, Cam, Calvert, etc.  The only thing you can say is maybe they don't know any better?  But I doubt it.

They just have to piece together what the Flyers and Isles (last year) did, don't back down and get physical, and then try to rattle Flower.

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Comment 15 Apr 2014

The team website has upped its broadcasts of Morning Skates throughout the year - if you can watch/listen at 10 a.m. that is.  The Dispatch has a weekly podcast, though Porty is kind of a douche.

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Comment 14 Apr 2014

MAF has been the worst goalie in the league the last two postseasons.  That must continue for the CBJ to have a chance.  Otherwise, it will be tough to pull out a victory at all.

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Comment 14 Apr 2014

The problem will be clearing out the contracts of Wiz, Tyutin, and JJ - all of whom are locked in for at least a few more years (Tyuts and Wiz have NTCs).  Add in Murray who is on the verge of a franchise blue-liner, that only leaves you a couple open spots - I'd like to see Savard and Erixon, but who knows.

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Comment 14 Apr 2014

No, Cleveland is right in the middle of Columbus, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo.  Makes no sense.  Plus they are averaging 17K for the Cavs and 17K for the Indians (you can also throw in the fact that northeast Ohio is shedding population, not a good sign for a market to add a fourth pro sports team).  A hockey team would be lucky to draw 12K fans.  Add to that the imbalance of East/West teams and the NHL wouldn't look to add another team to the East.  The cities next for NHL teams are Seattle and Toronto or Quebec, though I think Bettman wants to fix this 16/14 split sooner rather than later.

If Fleury is in prototypical playoff form, this could be an interesting series.  If he's regular-season Fleury, it'll be Pens in 5.

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Comment 11 Apr 2014

Bishop has been said to be out a couple weeks - the Bolts coach said he could be back in the first round..."at some point."


It's a bit of a different feel than '09.  2009 it was, wow we finally made it in.  Cool.  Then promptly got swept.  Now it's, yeah we're building to something better in 2015-2016 and beyond (11 guys on the roster are 25 or younger).  But, I don't think anyone will be happy with a sweep.  At least make it competitive the first round, regardless of opponent.  If it's Boston - I just want one win.  If it's Pitt - can we pull off two W's?  And if it's NYR...all bets are off.

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Comment 10 Apr 2014

TB doesn't have Bishop so there goes that theory.  And until MAF shows he's not a mental midget I'll take my chances against the Penguins goalie.


CBJ have 7 guys with 15+ goals scored.  Not too dissimilar from Boston in their balanced approach on offense.

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Comment 10 Apr 2014

Woah,  Getting out of the first round will be a blessing.  If they pass Philly (unlikely), the Rangers are playing great.  Boston is Boston.  And the CBJ can't solve the Penguins, no matter how banged up they are.  I'm simply hoping for A win.


They still need help on the top 6.  Too many injuries right now with Foligno, Horton, Umberger all out.  Their blue line could stand to use an upgrade or two (JJ is not a top pair guy).  Plus, they're still so young.  I think they have maybe three guys over 29/30.

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Comment 04 Apr 2014

Big-time win in Philly.


Playoff race heating up with 6 to play.  Chicago in town tonight, and they're without Towes and Kane.

Comment 04 Apr 2014


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Comment 03 Apr 2014

Back in '06, the writers said they didn't want to be Friends with "Will they or won't they" being the underlying question throughout the whole show.  I'd imagine if you rewatched Seasons 1-9 knowing the ending, that's EXACTLY what they did.


I don't have a problem with him ending up with Robin if it was the end of season 4.  But they spent so much time on Barney & Robin - almost two seasons worth alone on an engagement and wedding - as well as showing Ted & Robin were never quite right for each other only to throw basically 9 seasons out the window in 10 minutes.  So they either needed to end it (with the ending they did) 4-5 seasons ago, or they needed to adapt.  I for one find it hard to believe that at age 52, and apparently seeing very little of "The Gang" in the last 15 or so years, that Ted would just show up at Robin's place unannounced with the blue french horn (which, if he still kept it all those years - was he ever fully into loving Tracy?) and they would both be like, "Yeah...this totally makes sense.  Let's give it our 5 billionth try after failing together for a decade in our 30's, not seeing much of each other in our 40's, and both having married previously."  I think the writers just refused to change/adapt and spent way too much time on a pointless wedding all of season 9.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

The problem is that for so long at the beginning (say seasons 1-3 or so) fans wanted Robin to be the mother, or for Ted to end up with her.  Then they spent FIVE TO SIX SEASONS showing us how they aren't good for each other, and introduced the Robin/Barney pairing.  That's why this ending only works if the show is roughly 3 or 4 seasons.  You can't invest that much time into "Ted and Robin don't work" (as well as the whole Barney and Robin marriage build up) and then reverse all that in 30 minutes in an attempt to tap into some old feelings from season 1.  Things changed as seasons kept getting renewed, but the writers didn't change with it.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

For a show that rewarded its audience with so many little details, the finale was just a big middle finger and turned 9 seasons upside down.

1) Ted and Robin.  So played out.  We were told from jump street that Robin is not The Mother.  They failed literally countless times in 9 seasons.  Even this season, Ted is on the beach physically letting go of Robin.  Ted gives up perhaps the greatest thing Robin was looking for - her locket - to Barney.  Robin rejects Ted and ends up with his best friend.  They spent 9 seasons convincing the audience that Robin and Ted wouldn't be together and shouldn't be together.  He wanted kids, she wanted to travel the world.  He wanted marriage, she didn't.

Future Ted/Future Aunt Robin would make sense if the show was about 3 seasons, and Ted and Robin hadn't been on again/off again 26 billion times through 9 seasons.  And Robin hadn't spent the better part of three (four? five?) seasons with Barney.  Or Kevin.

But the writers had "The Plan" and refused to deviate.  They so badly wanted to use the footage they shot in 2006 of the kids that they didn't realize how awful an ending "The Plan" would be after 9 seasons as opposed to say, just 4 seasons.  And Ted is 52 in 2030...I mean come on.

2) Ted is freaking married in the 2015 flash forward from season 7.  He has a ring.  He's the ultimate romantic, searching for "The One" and who so desperately wants marriage, and kids, etc.  So not only is this a terrible plot misstep (the wedding ring two seasons previous), it completely flies in the face of who he is at his core.  5 years and 2 kids before getting married?  No.  Not believable in the slightest.  (And cool, Ted and Tracy's wedding got about 8 seconds of air time)

3) Barney. the span of 10 minutes they completely reversed his character's arc over the last 4-5 seasons.  He goes back to being the ultimate playboy, at the age of ~40.  Robin completely changed him - He got rid of the playbook FOR HER.  Only to revive it a few years later.  Season 9 was quite a bit about him changing for her, and both of them realizing their fears about the marriage were going to be ok.  Poof - out the window.  And after all this "growing up" and "maturing" for Barney...he's making boner jokes.  Yeah, ok.

Not to mention...after how many hundreds of hookups, he forgets to use protection in his 40s?  Alright, sure.

4) Robin - we're supposed to believe that after 9 seasons of having a pretty good work/life balance that she gets consumed with work for a decade+ that she loses touch with "The Gang?"  Even with moving jobs and her often hectic career, she was there for her friends.  Then she just barely shows up in their lives anymore?  Oh but wait, we'll let the kids in 2030 say she's "always over for dinner."  No, you can't have it both ways.  Either the gang has moved on for 15 years and only see each other at reunions, weddings, etc.  OR they are still an integral part of each other's lives.  There is no way that after a decade plus of barely seeing each other that they would just magically still have feelings for each other when it was shown they saw each other maybe a couple times a year.


6) The entire underlying progression of the show (or maybe "Saget's narration" is a better way to say it) has been leading up to meeting the mother.  Look at the title for pete's sake.  Each season there were little hints about who she was, or what she did.  That's how they kept the audience coming back.  And in the span of 4 minutes that was wiped out.  For so long, it seemed that the show would end on how they met.  But the daughter said it best - that's not what this story was about.  At all.

I get the whole she died thing - there's no point for Future Ted to tell them this story when they're 15 and 13 (whatever the ages are) unless there was something big - like a death Ted has taken awhile to get over.  But then in 10 seconds, the writers tried to play "gotcha" and send Ted right back to Robin.  Because it was "The Plan."

Everything in the future was pretty much glossed over - Lily in Italy, another child, Barney's fatherhood with unknown one-night stand woman, Marshall's new jobs, etc.

Like most, I got caught up in the first few seasons, and then kept coming back because I wanted to see how he met The Mother.  So I sat through mostly terrible seasons to the end.  Oh well.

TL;DR - the writers original "plan" would have worked if the show was shorter, and then they refused to deviate as the show dragged on and ruined the finale because of it.

/end rant.  "Stinson out."