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  • SPORTS MOMENT: '06 Ohio State/Michigan game
    '05 Ohio State/Illinois basketball
  • NFL TEAM: Browns? Nobody really.
  • NHL TEAM: Blue Jackets
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Comment 9 hours ago

Heck yeah.  And for those of us in Columbus for the music in the A.D.?? Not bad, Cbus, not bad at all.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Hopefully they don't meander 15 yards onto the field like they always have.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Mack Brown WMD is a dead page.  But it sounds consistent with what Matt Barkley had to say in his Reddit AMA.  Nothing quite like those '05 Texas and '09 USC games.  Sad to say that the recent slate of OOC games haven't quite built up the hype like those two.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

So....only Herbie's tweet (of the sampling here) goes straight back to on-field implications.  Everyone else is simply sad / supporting Braxton pretty much.  Good job Herbie.  (note the sarcasm on the last sentence)

Comment 18 Aug 2014

That is the proper way to do it - upgrading a TH before defenses and such are upgraded is dumb.  There is an article out there about the "loot multiplier" which is kind of long, but describes why you should wait to upgrade your TH as long as possible.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Don't know - think he mostly came here in a rage after MGoBlog booted him for being down on Hoke and such.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I'm at level 75 (TH8 -> upgrading to 9 this week at some point hopefully since I have nothing left to do with my elixir except I guess waste it on a bunch of spells and dragons/pekkas).

Considering our clan just went through a mutiny and splintered, yes I would switch.  I might even be able to bring a couple guys - they are OSU fans and the one who is a Michigan fan used to post here under "TheTeam...(pick some random number)."

Comment 15 Aug 2014

The Browns did "disappear" there in the mid to late '90's.

The Cleveland Barons (NHL) were around for a few seasons.

Add all that up, and I believe you have ~142 "sports seasons" since Cleveland's last title in any sport.  142.  (I may be off a couple one way or the other)

Comment 15 Aug 2014

Not only that, Waters received glowing reviews just a few months back in trying to curb the culture.  So he gets remarks (positively) on his review for trying to change some of the traditions and culture, then a few months later he gets canned for allowing the culture to exist.  WUT.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I get that Lebron is the Chosen One to restore glory

So many Epsiode III (Star Wars) references to be made.  Well, not references really.  Just imitations of the horrible acting at the end.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

I think that part is overblown.  With the story only coming out last month and more facts coming to light from current former band members, I think that it truly remains to be seen if band members are getting negative backlash for putting that on their resume.

But I agree with everything else in the article.